Why Does Pope Fransis

Has Pope Francis used the red shoes?

The red shoes are an affectation of imperial grandeur, and have nothing to do with martyrdom. Though, there is local evidence of red as a shoe color choice for nobility as far back as 500 BC with the Etruscans.Neither Pope Francis nor John Paul II wore them generally, and the tradition only clearly goes back as far as that of the pope’s white cassock - to the time of the Council of Trent (c. 1560s)

Why did Pope Francis send our cats to hell?

Saint Francis of Assisi would not have said that! Jorge Mario Bergoglio AKA Pope Francis is a heretic!

Does Pope Francis speak English?

He studied English in Ireland for 3 months but it was a tough. He says that because he's tone deaf, he struggles with the pronunciation. Here's a little history of Pope Francis and English, as well as his 2015 speech to Congress. Frankly, his English seems no worse than that of the previous two popes.

Why do Catholics hate Pope Francis?

Catholics do not hate the pope.In fact, the vast majority of Catholics are more than happy with Pope Francis.For your typical, faithful Catholic, he is finally moving the Church in the right direction, addressing long-neglected abuses and failures in the system of leadership.However modestly, he is doing so humbly and honesty, and there is little people appreciate more than an honest and humble leader who really seems to listen, and be able to name the failures both of his own self and of his own institution.For example, though clericalism has long been the cardinal sin of the Church, the root cause of the cover up of the sex abuse scandal, the financial scandals, and many others, Francis is the first pope in decades to face it head on.The relatively few Catholics who do not like Francis are disproportionately represented in the clergy - a matter of self-selection in the last three decades, where mainstream Catholics have been turned off of many seminaries courting of neoconservativism and traditionalism.One part of this is clericalism, especially the latter. Another is simple cafeteria Catholicism. You cannot be faithful to the gospel and to the Republican party, both. (Same for the Democrats, but nobody really believes that, as is the case on the other end).Now that those who for a generation were in ascendancy are returned to their normal place in the fold - neither privileged nor ostracized - it feels to many that they are being neglected. So they complain, loudly.But all the talk of “confusion” and “heresy” are red herrings. This pope has made no great changes, and offered nothing anywhere close to heresy. His quite modest efforts at reform were opposed by this disgruntled few from the outset. And he is the clearest speaker and teacher as bishop of Rome in my lifetime.Bottom line: Good Catholics respect the pope. Most Catholics love this pope. People who have a hard time with this pope have based their faith on something other than the gospel, for that is all he preaches.

How did Pope Francis become pope?

I call myself a catholic but I've been kind of distancing myself from the church. In the small picture, at my own church and community, I love the nuns and the priests. They are just... old and really nice and I love being around them. But I hated what the Catholic church promotes all the time in the BIG picture. So I kind of strayed away from the church and just believed in God in my own way.

But it makes me wonder, How did a person like Pope Francis become a pope? I mean there hasn't been a pope like him since.. ever. Is becoming a pope kind of like politics? You have to appeal to all those bishops or archbishops or whatever that are voting?
It just kind of comes to me as a surprise.