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Why Does The Outside Flaps On My Bathroom Extractor Fan Not Fully Open

Does keeping the bedroom door open affect the A/C?

No it doesn't affect the AC but bedroom will not cool soon. Your electricity bill will be high. But you can let outside air in while your air conditioner is running, leaving doors and windows open is a great way to reduce operating efficiency and undermine your HVAC system's ability to bring your home to a comfortable temperature. Whether you're letting hot air into your home during the day or bringing in cool air at night, your air conditioner has to fight even harder to pull the humidity out of the air and cool you down. When the air conditioning is on, keep all windows and doors closed.A closely related mistake is using exhaust fans in the kitchen or bathroom. These fans can push conditioned air out of your house, which needlessly increases the strain on your air conditioner. During the cooling season, use these fans as sparingly as possible.

Why is my bathroom vent fan making weird noises when it's off?

So i walked into my bathroom and i heard a strange noise, like a tapping or small animal walking. i turned the vent on to see if it would stop and it did, then started again. It kind of sounds like when a bug is "tapping" on your window and it'll stop then do it again. And there is also water dripping very occasionally. Does anyone know what's going on? and do i need to call someone?

Do American people really throw up in the toilet as shown in the movies when they feel sick? Isn’t that kind of gross? Why not use the kitchen sink?

We put our face above the toilet seat and puke into the bowl. We do not put our faces into the bowl!Puking into the bathroom or kitchen sink runs the risk of clogging the sink, especially for a bathroom sink.Puking standing up runs the risk of missing or only partially hitting the bowl, and having to clean up the mess from the floor. It’s hard to be accurate when you are heaving your guts up.Who has time to run to the kitchen sink when you are going to hurl any second?I don’t know anyone who has ever puked into a toilet bowl that still had . . . other stuff . . . in it. The other stuff gets flushed so the only thing sitting in the bowl is water.If we are sick in bed and think we may not make it to the bathroom, we keep a large bowl near us so we can spew into it. This is common practice when younger kids are sick, as they can’t always tell when they are going to vomit until the last second.You can always vomit outside too!

I stay on the top floor. It's summer. Due to the heat, the roof gets heated, and at night it's too hot to sleep. What home remedies can I do to cool it down so that I can at least sleep calmly?

I worked out a home remedy for this and got through the summer quite peacefully. The process requires some preparation.Here goes:1. Cool the RoofYou need access to the terrace. An hour before you go to bed, water the terrace floor. If water is scarce, try and identify the area right above your bedroom (or where you sleep) and water it. This helps a bitYou could do some modifications to the roof, like painting it with reflective paint OR cover it with coconut leaves, but this would require permission of the landlord. If this isn't an issue, get some coconut leaves and put it on the roof. This could attract a lot of insects and vermin. So be prepared for that.2. Air circulationDo away wit the ceiling fan. Hot air tends to raise up and the ceiling fan will bring it back down. Use a table fan instead. 3. Sleep on the FloorTry sleeping on the floor. Mattresses can heat up during summer. Keep the heat out by sleeping on a straw mat. You will get used it a day.4. Low Cost ACI followed some instructions I found online and made a small AC that helped when it was getting too hot. I got copper tube for Rs. 200, an aquarium pump for Rs. 400 and 4 plastic bottles lying around. I would make sure 2 bottles are always in the freezer at any given time.Every night I would put two bottles in to the bucket and sleep with the cool wind blowing on my face.5. ExtrasHit the bed when you are fully tired. This will make sure you go to sleep soon enough.If you have mosquito problem (I assume you have to keep windows open), invest in a mosquito net. Lastly, drink some buttermilk. I have no idea if there is any scientific merit to this, but it made me feel cool.Hope that helps!

Can I exhaust 2 different bathroom exhaust fans to the same roof vent?

I have 2 bathrooms on our 2nd floor that exhaust directly into the attic. The idiots that installed them did not vent them to the outside. I have asked a roofer to install flashing for one 3" vent pipe. Can I run both exhaust fans to this vent or will it just exhaust into the other bathroom? I was thinking of whying the 2 ducts to the roof vent.

Smoke rolls out on wood stove when the door is opened.?

My dad has a stove and if he just opens the door that will happen. Usually he opens the door just a crack at first. I think this give it enough time to equalize so that when he opens the door all of the way it does not smoke.

I know when the bathroom exhaust fan or the kitchen exhaust fan are running we will get smoke back into our house when I open the door on the front of our fire place. Could that be whats causing the problem?

Can you run out of oxygen in a small room with the door closed?

Even if the door is closed the room, (any common room) is not vacuum tight, so some air keeps getting into the room.However even if we were to design a vacuum tight room, the more imminent danger is the suffocation from CO2 ( which will come way before the decrease in Oxygen level is crtical).The Atmposphere contains about 78% N2 ( Nitrogen) 21% O2, 0.04% CO2 and very small amounts of some other gases.When we breath we obviously breath a gas mixture with 21%O2. However the air we exhale contains about 5% CO2 ( signifcant increase) and 16% O2. So taking an average human breath rate as 8 breaths per minute, and assuming a room size of 3*3*3 m we can calculate the time lapse for the CO2 concentration becomes critical.It turns out that this "critical time" is about 2 -3 days (depnding on what we set as a critical concentration of CO2 in the room beyond which suffocation occurs).Even befor suffocation some unpleasant effects will happen. For example at CO2 concentration of about 4000 ppm ( 0.4%) a feeling of dizzyness wil begin.