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Why Does The Us Govt Purposely Want Chaos Disorder In The Us School System Prison System

How can you tell if someone is a narcissist, a psychopath or a sociopath?

I think the easiest thing to do is determine if they are one of the three. Telling the difference between them is harder. But, it’s only really important if they are trying to mess with you. It really doesn’t matter that the grocery store bagger is a sociopath. It does matter that your aunt is a narcissist and is controlling your family.The biggest indicator is if they use constantly manipulation and do things like gaslighting - I mean things that require elaborate plans, not things you can accidentally do because you’re mad. You can accidentally throw a video game controller at another person. You can’t accidentally take the controller, place it in the freezer, and then claim your significant other placed it there and that he/she is crazy.If you can show they are intentionally using elaborate manipulation, that is a very strong indicator they are one of the three.A good easy indicator is to bring up if they hurt you and gauge their reaction. If you bring up that they hurt you, and you do it in a good manner (like “I felt hurt when you said…”), then a narcissist/psychopath/sociopath may respond with feigned confusion in a manner that makes you feel you are crazy, intimidation, denial that any event like you’re describing ever happened, a very long and unrelated speech to distract you and make you stop caring, and an otherwise completely awful reaction.Anger is not one of those reaction. People have egos. Intimidation, like responding by standing, puffing out his/her chest, screaming, etc, is different.Confusion is different. I don’t mean confusion as in they respond “I’m confused; would you clarify”. I mean, them changing their body language and facial expressions to an exaggerated state of confusion, disgust, and perhaps sympathy. And then they respond with things like “are you okay?” or “you��ve had a hard day. I can understand your craziness” and otherwise shifting blame without discussion.A normal person who cares about you will not respond like this.A normal person who doesn’t care about you will not care and won’t care. They may dismiss it, end the conversation, say they don’t care, and so on. They won’t scream at you and try to insult you. They won’t claim you should be grateful, that you’re crazy, etc.A sociopath or psychopath could feign an apology - usually a highly exaggerated apology, but that’s why you try it again when they start acting abusive again. Eventually, it will come out or you will realize they are lying because they keep doing it.

Does the Sicilian Mafia exist?

For all intents and purposes there is no Mafia.
In Sicily the hierarchy is such that those that have help out those in need. Thereafter, the needy then owe allegiance to their benefactors. This concept creates a well organized, close knit "Family" type community.

Absolutely nothing like the ever elusive weapons you mention.