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Why Doesnt My Leopard Gecko Eat

Why won't my leopard gecko eat?

What are the temperatures? How do you heat the tank? Do his limbs look "soft"? Substrate? What is the humidity?

Proper temperatures must be maintained. The warm side should be 88-95F while the cooler side should be 75-80F. Without them the gecko cannot digest food properly. Some heat sources are better than others for leopard geckos. UTH (heat pads) work best as they heat the geckos belly. Heat lamps can be used but are not as good. They heat the geckos back and not its belly which helps them digest food. Heat rocks should never be used! They only heat one spot and not the tank but they also tend to over heat and can incur if not kill the gecko.

You said he limps. That could be a result of metabolic bone disease. Its similar to osteoporosis in humans as it causes the bones to become brittle from lack of calcium.

What substate are you using and what was Petco? Loose substates (sand, bark, ground walnut shells, etc) are dangerous and can kill the gecko especially a baby. It builds up in the digestive system and blocks it. It can cause the geckos legs to shake as it walks, to reguritate when it eats, and a lumpy hard stomach. If you look at the geckos stomach is it blue or black?

If the humidity is too high it can cause mouth rot which would cause the gecko pain while eating.

It sounds like the gecko will requre attention by a vet or will die. Have you tried ? Go there and find your state and it will show a list of vets who treat reptiles. If that doesn't help try to find a Herpetological Society. They may be able to help or put you in touch with a vet.

Why won't my leopard gecko eat crickets?

well leopard geckos are lazy @$$es my leopard gecko who is perfectly healthy would rather go after the slower superworms then the quick hopping crickets their tactic for hunting is sit and wait and if none of the crickets come near her she wont even bother plus mealworms are almost as good as crickets for it so i woudnt worry your leo is fine

p.s. unlike what the previous answerer said waxworms are bad for you gecko and leos get hooked on them they are almost like twinkies(high in fat) plus leo geckos know how to eat mealworms/superworms it you watch them they will attack the head so it will kill the worm before it is digested. sand is a bad substrate they can be impacted and die and the less humidity the better too much humidity can lead to breathing problems with your leo you only need a moist hide and thats it but im sure you already knew that

Can Leopard Geckos eat lettuce?

No, she won't eat lettuce, but don't worry - a couple of days without food will not harm her, as long as you get her her livefood within the next few days.

Edit to add:

No - she is carnivorous.

Make it your absolute priority to go out and buy her some livefood, as soon as possible. You don't have any alternative.

In future, have you considered using one of the many online livefood suppliers? They're far cheaper than buying crickets from petstores, and much more convenient.

Edit again:

Hmmmm... Let me see... Is bread an insect?? I think you already know the answer. (Sorry - I just re-read that and it's way too sarcastic, sorry.) But NO - do not feed her bread. Her gastro-intestinal tract has evolved to eat insects, not grains. You could cause her all sorts of colic type problems if she would even try it - which I think is highly unlikely. A period with no food would do her less harm than feeding such totally inappropriate foods.

What's stopping you from getting her crickets anyway?

Edit (yet again :o))

When you get her the crickets, get some waxworms, too, to use as a treat. They're gecko-junkfood. Full of fat and not very good for them, but they love them, and they're high in calories. Just watch that the gecko doesn't start ignoring the staple food (e.g. crickets) in favour of the "treat" food.

Does anyone know if male or female leopard geckos eat each other.?

Did you remove everything from teh tank looking for it? Did she/he bury themself in the substrate? That is odd but I dont think they would eat each other. How much difference was there in size? was the one that is missing much smaller then the other? Wierd. well maybe it found a way out.... did you look around your home? Do you have a cat? Could anybody have gotten into your house and stolen it? Sorry its missing. Hope you figured out what happened

My leopard gecko doesn't really notice his food.?

leopard geckos don't notice their food unless their jumping or squirming around
and you really shouldn't be feeding him wax worms on a normal basis.
Replace wax worms with meal worms. you can still feed him a couple wax worms (but as treats).
With the worms, hold them by their head so that way he sees them squirm, and try and do the same with the crickets.

I've had my leopard gecko for about 5 days now, and she won't eat anything but one small cricket a day. Should I be worried?

Lizards are desert animals. They are used to eating and drinking infrequently. If your gecko is not large, compare the size of one cricket to the size of what their stomach might be.I had a neighbor who kept moderately large bearded dragons, and often there would be 2–3 live crickets living in the terrarium as well because the animal wasn’t hungry for them yet.