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Why Error Show When Down Load

Why my nokia shows an error invalid application after downloading?/?/?/?.,...?

it maybe caused because of te file extension, make sure that the file extension is either sis (or sisx) or jar . Or maybe u have an older, cracked version of the app. Make sure to delete the plder version before installing the new version , or maybe the app itself wasn't intended for ur device , make sure that ur phone type is compatible with the file, if not , download ur device's version of the app , hope that helped!!!!

When i download league of legends it shows a feature transfer error at around 25% till completion?

Make sure you take off your firewall and try downloading hotspot shield. It's what I use to make sure that patches download completely. Here's a link, hope this helped out.

Error occurred while downloading?

I just installed windows 10 a few weeks ago. I'm not able to open my PDF attachments. It give me "error occurred while downloading". I can see them on a preview on the right hand side of my screen but can not fully open them or save them

IDM a crc error occurred while downloading?

Hey guys I'm downloading a file size of 1.37 Gb. IDM complete this download but whenever IDM trying building all in one the the error occurs "a crc error occurred while downloading" and then download cancelled. I'm trying to resume it again and again but it still happening. I check for error checking and bat sectors on that drive but nothing happens. Can you tell me the solution please!!!!!!!!!

How do I fix the "Downloading Metadata" error on UTorrent?

Close uTorrent.
Then go to Start>Run.
Type in %appdata%\utorrent and press Enter.
Delete dht.dat and dht.dat.old.
These are two files that you'll find in this folder.
Then open uTorrent again and you'll see that it has started downloading.

I guess this is a sort of a glitch in the latest version that happens when you download magnet links (from piratebay etc.). Hope they fix it soon.

Error 504 message received when trying to download email attachments?

I have an apple computer with the operating system Mac OSX 10.4 and am using Firefox 3.0.3.When I receive an email with an attachment it shows up in 2 locations, under the To: heading and in the body of the email. The attachment in the body of the email also includes a thumbnail of the photo. When I click on either to download after about 1 minute I get the following message on a blank window. Failed to connect to web-server/proxy-server for bypass transactions (error 504).

My Nokia Lumia phone shows an 805a8011 error and doesn't allow me to download apps in the Windows App Store. How can I solve it?

Here are four methods to fix or solve error code 805a8011 in Windows phones. Check these methods one-by-one and apply them until the problem gets solved.Method 1: This Problem is mostly caused by “LOW STORAGE” space on your phone.Delete some Photos, Music or Videos to make some space.For OS to work properly, it need some free space. So what you have to do is to free some space by deleting Photos, Music and other stuff. By this you can successfully fixed error code 805a8011 in Windows Phones. Atleast make 100MB or more of free space on your phone. If the problem is not resolved follow the next method.Method 2:Try to manually synchronize your Microsoft account:Go to “Settings”.Tap on “email + accounts”.Tap and hold on “Microsoft account“.Tap on “Synchronize“.After Synchronizing error code 805a8011 in Windows Phones will be solved. Also, Check if “date and time” setting are correct and change them for manual. If the problem is not resolved follow the next method.Method 3:At first, connect you windows mobile device to a Wi-Fi or internet data.Go to Sign In and create a new Microsoft Live account.Now, open “Settings“. Tap on “Emails + Accounts“.Now, Tap on Add “email“.Now, select Microsoft account and type your Microsoft account’s credentials (Username and Password).This will fix error code 805a8011 in Windows Phones. You can now install or update the apps on your Windows Phone easily. If the problem is not resolved follow the next method.Method 4:Reset the phoneFor Windows Phone 8.1:Go to “Settings”.Tap on “About”.Tap on “Reset your Phone”.Now, two warning would prompt on your screen. Just tap “Yes” and move forward.You have successfully “Reset your Phone”.Now, error code 805a8011 in Windows Phones has also been solved. You can now install or update the apps on your Windows Phone easily.For Windows Phone 8:Switch off your Windows Phone device.Now, press and hold the Volume down key and plug-in your charger. Now, your phone would start showing an Exclamatory Sign (!) on your screen.Now, press the keys as shown below in the given order.Volume UpVolume DownPowerVolume DownNow, your Windows Phone will restart.Your have successfully “Reset your Phone”.Reset Windows PhoneNow, error code 805a8011 in Windows Phones has been solved. You can now install or update the apps on your Windows Phone easily.

How can I download movies and TV shows on Terrarium TV without the unsuccessful download error?

Follow this guide step by step: How To Download media From Terrarium Tv to External SD Card?Hope you are like it.