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Why Headache Continues Till Many Days

Why do I get headaches all the time?

I get headaches all the time in the same spot. I get them on the top part of my head on the right side constanty. They come and go throughout the day, but I've been getting them for over a month straight. They really hurt, it feels good when I bang my hand on my head LOL.

Are headaches that last for 4 days bad?

Before asking if you should go to the doctor, you should evaluate what you have done for this headache. Pain is your body's way to telling you something is wrong. Try to figure out what your body is telling you. Have you been especially stressed lately? Do you have a lot of tension? Both are common causes of headaches. Is your area experiencing weather changes? High and low pressure fronts moving in cause many people headaches. Have you recently changed your diet or activity level? Both can cause headaches.What have you done to try and make the headache go away? Over the counter pain medications, such as Excedrin, Aleve, or ibuprofen work for many people. Fresh air and exercise are also good remedies. Don't do anything too extreme, but a walk in the fresh air can help your headache as well as give you a chance to relax and reduce your stress and tension. Make sure you are getting plenty of water to drink, and are eating healthy, lots of fruits and veggies will help your body and give you needed nutrients. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest. Lack of sleep can also cause headaches.If all else fails and you still have the headache, talk to your doctor. It never hurts to get checked out. I do not, however, recommend going to the emergency room. A simple headache is not appropriate for the emergency room and you are taking time away from the doctors and nurses that could be helping emergent patients. Unless this came on suddenly, or is so bad you cannot function, chances are you do not have a tumor. In fact, you are more likely to get in a car accident on the way to the doctor's office then to have a tumor. If you are stressing over the idea that you have a tumor, you may very well be exacerbating the situation with the added stress you are giving yourself. Just relax!I hope you feel better soon!

I have a sinus headache every single day?

I know sinus pain and trouble. I have dealt with it for 30 years. (my whole life).

It does sound like it is in the sinus cavities, yet you should be waking up to symptoms and not just experiencing it in the afternoon onward. I can only think the supinated position changes your sinus drainage.

At any rate -- simply because you have used Pseudoephedrine, "migraine medicine", and a general steroid (flonase) doesn't mean you are out of options.

You need to see an ENT,.. everyone uses the no insurance excuse,.. but health problems that interfere with your life come before anything else. You can, with the help of friends and family, save a few hundred dollars to see an ENT. Maybe not tomorrow, but in the future. You can see your regular doctor, a GP/PCP,.. but you need to see a specialist to save you money in the long run. A GP/PCP would only be able to prescribe based on rhinitis.. which is likely to be expensive and not thorough.

You need a specialist to see where in the cavities the activity is,.. and if there are any other pathologies.

In the mean time, go to your pharmacy and get a Neti-pot nasal irrigation system (they are cheap). Use it, use it 2-3 times a day if you need to, as directed.

You will be surprised at the effectiveness if you stick with it.

The ENT should take some imaging and perform various testing to isolate the sinuses and it may be that you need a round of some longer term antibiotics to clear up what has turned out to be a chronic infection. Many chronic sinus infections won't go away with 10-14 day antibiotic treatment.

Sudafed is a nasal decongestant -- it only helps specific cavities, but it won't reach all of the sinus cavities and symptoms. If it doesn't help, don't continue taking it. Also don't continue any pain medication if it doesn't help. You will experience rebound symptoms/pain which will just make things worse.

The irrigation will do the most for helping to resolve issues.

Good luck,

Bursting headache due to coughing?

whenever i cough i get bursting headache. the headache is so severe that the skull may burst. as soon as the coughing is over the headache will cease. recent x_ray report shows i am having sinusitis. does sinusitis cause bursting headache? the cough continues till some mucus is raised in the throat. it the flow of mucus is easy there is no headache. is it a case to be tackled by an E.N.T doctor? any easy medicines that can cure the headache? kindly suggest please! i am also suffering chronic cold and blocking of ears. should i go for a C.T scan? can allergy cause such cough?

If I don't drink coffee, I get a headache, what should I do?

Caffeine Withdrawal This is called caffeine withdrawal and it typically happens 12-24 hours after your last coffee, peaks at about 3 days, and can affect you for up to 9 days (Study).Why Caffeine constricts your blood vessels and when you become accustomed to this, withdrawal from caffeine is proven to increase cerebral blood flow (wider pipes in the brain) and trigger headaches (study)."What's happening on a molecular level in my head?"Science is not there yet. Increased blood flow may activate pain sensors in the meninges surrounding the brain. This is a common side effect in vasodilator (bigger veins) supplements such as Nitrous Oxide or medications like Viagra. Why this happens is still somewhat of a mystery.What happens when I drink coffee? Drinking coffee can release dopamine in the frontal lobe, increase energy metabolism (meaning you think faster), and temporarily block inflammation in the brain (study 1, 2).What might happen when I stop? We know for sure that we can build a tolerance to caffeine and blood flow increases from caffeine withdrawal. This most likely means that dopamine release will be low, brain metabolism will be low, and inflammation will be released because that's what happens when blood vessels widen. When we constrict blood vessels, various inflammatory sources that hurt the human body are blocked, but after the constriction goes away, they might come back in full force. Think of it as closing your house door with a few zombies outside, and then opening the door wide open when there are a lot of zombies outside.Other factorsSome studies have found that over consuming caffeine will increase cortisol and stress throughout the day. One study found that one coffee per day can double your risk of withdrawal headaches, but others have found that coffee may decrease headache risk. You will find a positive study for every negative study on caffeine and the research is divided.What to do Small amounts of caffeine have successfully prevented rebound headaches and this will help you slowly taper off caffeine (i.e. full cup, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, etc...). After 3 days, it becomes much easier to withdrawal from caffeine. You can also try green tea to taper off coffee.

What to do to avoid headaches while studying?

Avoid fluorescent lighting. Have adequate natural or incandescent or LED lights. Avoid glare. Refocus your eyes and take eye breaks. On really difficult material give yourself time to absorb. That often means taking an extended moment to think how new material fits with what you understand. Drink water. Put away your phone. Take your headphones off unless you're listening to piano … seriously. Don't do your intense study late at night - that is ok for easy practice or reading but not the hard stuff.

This is my second day of meditation and I have a terrible headache and I feel like my head is going to explode. Is it normal? What does it mean?

Is it normal? No. Could it be a sign that you are about to make a critical breakthrough? YES.Should you proceed? Maybe, if you feel ready to face the unknown. However, I would make sure that my emotional support network was in good shape before I did so, assuming that is an option for you.What you have experienced with meditation is similar to what I went through when I first started meditating. I started off with a lot of pain in my body, and meditating did not help at first. After years of doing Aikido, I finally got to a point where I was ready to listen to the severe pain in my body and what it was telling me.In my case, it was a legacy of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse from incest. I have seen many other people go through similar things. For example, the love of my life used to get shooting pains in her legs and feet for many years before I met her. I pointed out to her that she had had a club foot when she was born, and that they had broken it and reset it many times without anesthesia when she was very young. (In fact, her father still had her last cast from childhood.) She had been flashing back to that pain without being consciously aware of what it was.Speaking as someone who has had Dissociative Identity Disorder in the past, headaches, and headaches from meditation in particular, were a warning sign for me that told me that issues from my past were surfacing. Others who had DID also got headaches as part of their recovery process. For lack of a better term, I call them “integration headaches.”Does this mean that this is what is happening to you? No, not necessarily. However, it is a possibility that is not often considered in meditation circles. For this reason, I thought I would share my perspective.Best of luck to you.

Is it safe to take Disprin for a headache?

Today, I was experiencing serious Headache torment and have begun scanning numerous locales for data in view of employment and advantages or outcomes of Disprin and discovered some astonishing and learned actualities.I have taken 1 tablet of Disprin and it gave me mind unwinding on a moment premise only for time being, however, an ideal method for curing Headache is finding the correct reason and take a correct discussion from your Doctor.It would be ideal if you read a few purposes of Using Disprin. Underneath Contents are removed from Online Information accessible in different locales so a unique demand to contact your Doctors and take their interview first before utilizing any of data beneath;Basic symptoms Gastrointestinal dissensions (stomach annoy, dyspepsia, indigestion, little blood misfortune). To help stay away from these issues, it is suggested that headache medicine is taken at or after dinners. Undetected blood misfortune may prompt hypochromic pallor. Serious gastrointestinal grievances (net draining as well as ulceration), requiring cessation and prompt treatment. Patients getting high measurements as well as long haul treatment ought to get gastric assurance with high-dose acid neutralizers, ranitidine or omeprazole.Every now and again, focal impacts (discombobulation, tinnitus, hearing misfortune, vertigo, halfway interceded vision unsettling influences, and cerebral pains). The higher the day by day dosage is, the more probable it is that focal sensory system reactions will happen. Sweating, seen with high dosages, free from antipyretic activity Long-term treatment with high measurements (joint pain and rheumatic fever): regularly expanded liver catalysts without indications, once in a while reversible liver harm. The conceivably lethal Reye's disorder may happen if given to pediatric patients with fever and different indications of contaminations. The disorder is because of greasy degeneration of liver cells. Up to 30 percent of those beset will inevitably bite the dust. Provoke clinic treatment might be life-sparing. Interminable nephritis with long-haul utilizes, more often than not if utilized as a part of the blend with certain different painkillers. This condition may prompt constant renal disappointment.Medical Malpractice