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Why Hitler Who Had A Jewish Mother And Married A Jew Wanted To Exterminate All Jews

Why did Hitler want to get rid of the Jews?

He had total disgust for them because 1st of their looks, then of their demeanor, also he blamed the jews for many of Germany's issues. He was not happy all those jews were in Germany and jews had to go and go they did. Just so you know it was also others as well including German citizens. But the jews were the worst in his mind. He did save one jew from being exterminated and that was a doctor that was a jew that saved Adolf Hitler's mother when he was younger. He admired him because of the good care he showed Hitler's mom year after year. He wouldn't kill him if he had to. He was there for them when they were in need. I studied Hitler way back in high school and was fascinated how a homeless man with a crappy education, both parents dead by the time he was 18 or 19 yrs of age and a non-citizen became the leader of a country. Also how he wasn't above the law and got arrested, put in jail and while there he wrote a book called "My Struggle" When he came out he made not hundreds but millions of people little by little, day by day follow him. Yes a once homeless man had this power. President Obama, Clinton, George Bush, Carter, any US President has never had this kind of power, respect or honor from their citizens. So he was cool in my book until I found out about the concentration camps. Then I was like man I liked this guy and now he goes and kills people for no reason, including kids, mothers just because the orders were to get rid of so many people that were not the Arian race. Now I'm thinking what a piece of **** this guy was. But I realized as bad of a person he was, God allowed this to happen for a reason. They say, everything happens for a reason. Perhaps it was pay back for the jews killing Jesus, but no one really knows. That is just a guess at best. The world changed because of this one man, this one homeless loser that couldn't even become a simple painter. Yes, he ****** up millions of people's lives and forever changed the FACE of the earth. How could this be? I still don't get how he pulled it off.

Why did Hitler want the jews dead?

WWI ended in an armistice. German troops were still in France when the Armistice was signed and how the Great Germany war machine was defeated was a mystery to most Germans. The Germans felt a huge since of betrayal to there political leaders, When the effects of the Treaty of Versailles, combined with the world depression, started to sink in, this impression of betrayal became acute.

At the same time a number of books became popular in which the depression and the German defeat was the result of a secret conspiracy of wealthy Jews. The theory was that the a secret society of wealthy Jews existed and had orchestrated the great depression, the overthrow of the German Kaiser, WW1, had infiltrated key leadership positions in, banking, industry, medicine, education, and politics, in order to control the world.

Such books and theories as those portrayed in Dolchstosslegende, Blut und Boden, Germanenorden, from a biological reading of Friedrich Nietzsche's thoughts on "breeding upwards" toward the goal of an Übermensch (Superhuman).

Due to the belief that the Jews would one day return to Israel, the idea fostered that the Jews had no allegiance to Germany and were simple "bleeding Germany dry". The Jews became the scapegoat of the Nazi party, along with all the other non-German influences.

It is believed that Hitlers hatred of the Jews was shaped by his experience in Austria as a struggling painter.

Why did Hitler want to exterminate the Jewish race?

No one is truly sure. There are theories that he held the Jews resposible for death of his mother but as he saved his mothers doctor from death, it seems unlikely.
We do know that he said at one time that there were two races of "super" people. Germans and Jews. He felt Germans were the superior of the two strong races. He also felt that there could only be one strong race in the world and therefore the Jews had to go. That seems odd too as he was very anti-Semitic at a younger age.
The most likely, at least in my thinking, is that Hitler came back from WW1 and felt cheated like all Germans did. They blamed the communists and the Jews (hence both groups of people were slaughtered in WW2). The mood in the country before WW1 was anti-Jewish and after WW1 was wildly anti-Jewish. He took advantage of the mindset of the people. He rearmed his army and began to make the downtrodden German people who were over punished by the treaty of Versailles, feel better about themselves. By moving his anti-Jewish policy out in the open, he united the German people behind a feeling and action that made them feel like a superpower and WW1 was all but forogtten.

The people who mention Hitler as being half Jewish are wrong but have a gist of history. Hitlers father was born out of wedlock and it is rumored that his grandparents on his fathers side were a wealthy Jewish couple the grandmother worked for and she was made pregnant by the couples son. There does seem to have been some maoney that changed hands but there are no records that the grandfather was Jewish. It was probably a concern for Hitler and he did have his pedigree altered but probably for no reason. The people of the village where the wealthy family lived with their son (and thus the townspeople knew the rumors) was destroyed in WW2. There is nothing left of it but a sign where the village sat. The local barman who regaled people in gossip that Hitler was Jewish because of this union was arrested and executed. It is rumored that a friend from childhood who was aware of this and told some people, was also executed but all of that is unprovable. It is more likely the village was destroyed at Hitlers request because it was a link to his hated father.

Why did Adolf Hitler feel the need exterminate Jews?

First, ant-Semitism has to begin someplace. Traditionally, Jews had been marginalized in Europe for centuries. That they had been labeled "Christ-killers" because it was the Jews that desired Jesus prosecuted as a crook in opposition to the Jewish faith. He dedicated the best blasphemy as far as they were concerned. Hitler's hatred used to be, in part, magnified by using some literature he had read by Alfred Rosenberg. Or else his anti-Semitism from the times of his adolescence was once ordinarily no longer greatly higher than his fellow Austrians and Germans. Rosenberg's literature influenced his considering, so his anti-Semitism became extra extreme. Add to this, that (1) Hitler entered politics at a time when Germany existed in desperation (2) Hitler infrequently proposal all of these things up himself. He had support--feel me. For those who learn William Shirer's "rise and Fall of the third Reich", you're going to see that that is so. (three) Hitler used to be an awfully in poor health person, however he had charisma in politics. He managed to get the German people all labored up over the motives of their problems, and so it developed into a very orchestrated effort to seek out a scapegoat. The Jews were the ideal goal.

Why did Hitler hate the Jews?

There is no logical answer to your question, as prejudice is not logical. Hate and prejudice are nothing novel. Because of this, the question can be asked, "Why does *anyone* hate any group of people?" Perceived differences between the "ingroup" and the "outgroup" are the stuff of wars--usually with one group vying to exterminate/conquer the other. Generally speaking, anti-Semitism began with the founding of Judaism. However, it became more widespread during the Crusades. Because of this anti-Judaic legacy, prejudice against Jews spread throughout Europe (and the places Europeans colonized). "Jews" were seen by some Germans to be the reason Germany lost the Great War. During the Great Depression, "Jews" were seen as the reason non-Jewish Germans could not find work or did not have money. This same mentality can be seen in other European nations during this time. To these anti-Semitic Germans (and others throughout Europe and the U.S.), "Jews" fit a specific stereotype. Of course, this is absurd because Judaism is a religion, which means literally *anyone* could be a Jew (there are no physical characteristics that define a "Jew"). Like I said before, though, prejudice is not logical. There could be any number of reasons why Hitler hated Jews. One of the arguments of the Brown Cult (a Nazi perversion of Christianity in which Hitler was considered a messiah) was that, as Jews supposedly killed Yeshua, it was "justified" to kill Jews. However, this does not mean that Hitler himself believed this--especially since he was not the founder of the Cult. There is no way to know what Hitler truly believed. You can't even really go by "Mein Kampf", as it's content is highly suspect and gives no true insight into Hitler's mind (just his general ideology). Any theories on what he truly believed is pure speculation. It must also be noted that Hitler (and Nazism in general) did not only hate Jews. Any group that was considered "impure" or "non-Aryan" were potential victims of the Third Reich.

Did Hitler ever publicly say he wanted to kill all the Jews?

No.He said just Germany needs to get rid of Jews in order to keep German blood pure and build Germany as greater nation.Before winning elections he said Jews should be expelled from Germany.When he won he started kill to his political enemies,Jews,Gypsies.Adolf Hitler had many Jews as friends even his in his Nazi Party,his driver had Jewish ancestors which was revealed by Henrich Himmler to Hitler,but he accepted many Nazis who had Jewish origin as honorary Aryans.Even many Japanese were considered as honorary Aryans.Which is absurd even according to the Nazi rules of racial purity.Just awarding honorary title of Aryan doesn't changes the genetical identity of anyone.Adolf Hitler himself was not a pure German,because his grandfather was a unknown Jew.According to the genetic test conducted on his relatives he had Y-DNA e1b1 which shows his genetic origin from North Africa and Jews.There is no pure German race.Absurd ideology of Nazis created much fuss around world.Nazis befooled Germany by claiming to be socialist,yet they were against Communism which was friendly to socialism.Adolf Hitler had mad ideology,he liked Britain because he considsed it as pure Germanic race which is false.England is not racially pure and royal family had many lineages from Jews from extramarital relations.He never tried to conquer Britain after bombing London,he invaded Russia which was a ally. Hitler killed Gypsies,poor Jews and allowed many Jews to stay with him.Hitler's hate against Jews is absurd matter because he was mad.You can't figure out his intentions.Its seems devil possessed him.Ghengis Khan also did many crimes against people and said that If anyone suffers from his violent invasions,it is because he sent by God to punish them.Jews are too selfish people,Jews did many revolutions around world by shedding blood.They created Communism,Capitalism and Nazism too.

Bloch was Hitler’s family doctor and had treated his mother when she was dying of breast cancer. Because of poor economic conditions of the Hitler family, Bloch charged reduced prices or sometimes nothing at all. His mother did not survive but Hitler always felt a sense of gratitude towards Bloch and expressed it, by sending a postcard, handmade gifts and a wall painting (which, according to Bloch’s daughter, was lost in the course of time). Even in 1937 (almost 30 years after his mother’s death), Hitler inquired about Bloch and called him a “noble Jew”.After Germany’s annexation of Austria, Bloch wrote a letter to Hitler asking for help and as a consequence of which, was put under special protection by the Gestapo. He lived with his wife undisturbed until his emigration formalities (for the Unites States) were completed. He was also able to sell his possessions at market value, which was highly unusual for that time, and was allowed to take 16 Reichsmark out of the country, when the usual amount allowed for Jews was only 10. Apparently, it was Hitler’s everlasting gratitude for Bloch and for what Bloch did for his mother, that made him enjoy a rather luxurious privelege.In 1941 and 1943, Bloch was interviewed by the CIA, and was reported saying- “ Klara Hitler would turn in her grave if she knew what became of him.”But, Bloch wasn’t the only Jew to be saved by Hitler during the Second World War. Hitler also made a personal dramatic intervention, to protect his former friend and old company commander (from the First World War), Ernst Hess. He was granted "the relief and the protection as per the Fuhrer's wishes" by Himmler and eventually fled to Italy.

Scholars conjecture that Hitler's hatred of Jews sprang from his experience during his time served in WWI. He was fanatically patriotic. When the armistice was called Hitler was a messenger at the front lines. He felt that he found his calling, was finally a part of something. He wasn't aware of the real failure of the German war machine with its massive supply problems. All he knew was they were winning on the battlefield and then inexplicably surrendered    This is the basis for his "stab in the back" theory. He assumed the Germans lost the war because of some back room deal and he saw the Jews as the culprits. Therefore Germany's humiliation was the Jews fault and they had to payPrior to the war Hitler had Jewish friends. He had no evident quarrel with them. At some point he even roomed with a Jewish guy. It was his fanatical patriotism that turned his head

There were various reasons.About 2.3 million Jews lived in the unoccupied USSR and Great Britain. They were always beyond Hitler's reach.300,000 Polish Jews fled to the USSR and 200,000 of them survived the war there as displaced people, mostly in Siberia or Central Asia. They escaped beyond the zone of Nazi control.Sweden accepted the 8,000 Danish Jews and the 1,000 Norwegian Jews. So they were safe during the war.About 550,000 Jews avoided deportation in Romania, France, Bulgaria. Many Jews in these countries were in fact deported or killed, but due to various factors, the murder process was not completed there. A majority of the Jews survived.In Hungary, in the last year of the war, the 450,000 Jews of the provinces were sent to Auschwitz and almost all were killed. But many of the 150,000 Jews in Budapest survived due to the intervention of the American War Rescue Board, which acted through Raoul Wallenberg, and the intervention of the neutral embassies: Swedish, Swiss, Spanish, Portuguese.There were Jewish individuals with false papers, and Jews in hiding with Gentiles. These few individuals survived by being invisible, so to speak.There were Jewish individuals who joined armed partisan groups and survived in the woods of Poland and Belarus. They survived by fighting back.About 150,000 Jews barely survived while doing hard labor in concentration camps. Many died in the first month after liberation. It might be more accurate to say that about 100,000 survived.But none of these people were "spared" by Hitler. They stayed out of his evil grasp. Or by miracle, survived unbearable conditions in the camps.The only Jews "spared" by Hitler were some quarter-Jews, half-Jews, and some Jews married to Germans. And Im convinced that they would have been killed too, if the Nazis had won the war.