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Why I Feel He Doesn

He says he doesn't feel the same way?

so I have liked this guy since the beggining of the school year. I'm a freshman and he's a junior. We started talking 4 months ago. We would always text and FaceTime and when we saw eachother at school we would hang out. The thing is we would make out and grab eachother and do things.. it felt wierd but I loved it because I really like him. He never asked me out which got me thinking because all he really ever wants to do is just kiss and hug and other things and I just want a relationship with him. I want something serious with him but I don't think he wants that. I've talked to him about it before but he takes everything as a joke. He says he loves me and tells me that I don't kno how he feels. But I feel like he's just using me to not feel lonley.. I can't leave him tho, I've tried and I keep going back bc I'm in love with this guy.. what should I do? :/

Why do I feel like my boyfriend doesn't love me as much as I love him?

In psychology there is a concept called egocentric bias. It means that you keep better count of your efforts into something than those of others. For example you may feel like you are doing more chores around the house, not thinking that your roommate took out the trash, did the dishes, and mopped the floors.With this in mind, try evaluating how much your boyfriend does for you by journaling every day. I myself have a problem in my relationship feeling like I love him more than he loves me, and when I feel this way it really hurts. But keeping track of the ways your boyfriend expresses his love will make you realize that he does love you. I found that my boyfriend shows his love to me by surprising me with snacks throughout the day and cuddling me when I sleep, for example. It wasn't until I was paying attention to my boyfriend's efforts did I notice them. So, make an effort to do this and it will help a lot.It may also be worth your while to have a discussion about love languages. The way you want to be loved may not be the way your boyfriend knows how to love. My major language is words of affirmation and his is acts of service. So, he has to work on complimenting me and I work on doing more things to help him out. By noticing your boyfriend’s efforts and communicating how you need to be loved, you will feel less that the love is uneven.

Why do I feel like he likes me back and sometimes I feel like he doesn’t like me back?

Ah yes, the classic “mixed signals” problem. Most usually the reason why this is happening is someone within the relationship doesn’t want to commit.Here’s my suggestion to you: Ask him if he likes you. When it comes to your personal relationships, especially romantic ones, you to know exactly where you stand with someone. So ask him straight up. Don’t beat around the bush, just be straight up and ask “Look, I like you and want to know if you like me too”.If there has been some previous clear indication that he may be into you, such as physical intimacy (Which can be everything from holding hands to sex) or if you’ve gone on a date with him or anything like that, you are completely justified in asking him to make his intentions clear. “I need to know if you are serious about me, because I don’t want to waste my time.”At the end of the day though, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. If you’re still worrying about it a guy likes you or not, you probably have a lot to learn about dating. A guy who is worthy of you will make it abundantly clear how he feels about you.Hope this helps!

I feel like my boyfriend doesn't like me as much as he used to?

Don't panic. All this means is that the "honeymoon phase" has ended. It happens in just about every relationship. He's gotten comfortable enough with you that he feels he can essentially relax & not dote as much. As women, we prefer the constant attention, but it rarely lasts! If you feel like his feelings for you have changed for the worse or you feel like you don't know him anymore, just talk to him & let him know how you feel.

When a guy says he doesn't feel chemistry between the two of us what exactly does that mean?

We are in our mid twenties.
Dating over 2 months.
Seemed to have some common interests.
Conversations would flow well, no random quietness (although I hadn't really opened up to him too much with personal stuff yet, too early for me).
He was always was interested in the physical stuff between the two of us. (We hadn't had sex yet, but everything else was great.)

Could it be that i hadn't opened up much to him yet? What do I do now?