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Why Is Amanda Bynes So Dumb And Nuts When She Was A Smart And Confident Child Actress.

Is amanda bynes good actress?

She was , when she was on Nickelodeon . The role was made for her talents . Now , she is a " wanna be " , and honestly , not very funny

Who is "Amanda Bynes" and why is this person always involved in bizarre acts?

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No, intelligence is strongly hereditary. The other answers may be what you’d like to hear, but they’re based on wishful thinking rather than evidence.Studies of the heritability of intelligence, as measured by the intelligence quotient (IQ) test have shown a high level of correlation between parents and offspring, around 0.45 for children increasing to around 0.75 in adulthood. Environment is less important, with the exception of prenatal problems, malnutrition and disease during childhood, which can have negative effects on the development of intelligence.Heritability of IQEven adopted siblings who grew up in different home environments turned out to have similar levels of intelligence to each other and their biological parents, because individuals seek out experiences and environments commensurate with their intelligence, rather than the other way around. This explains why the correlation is higher as individuals approach adulthood.

Why did Amanda Bynes really retire?

she may be finding it difficult to get work...or people may be expecting her to sleep with them for roles & she doesn't realize that when you get older you have to sell your soul a little bit to get by in hollywood..who knows. a lot of people don't seem that concerned either. The fact that few people care about her career could maybe make her want to give up. It's funny you ask i had a dream last night of really good movie and amanda bynes was in the staring role

What is wrong with Amanda Bynes?

As she has been appearing because she became into ten, she became into robbed of her early life and now that she is in her 20's she now has the time to locate herself. She has ignored all the traditional issues that toddlers do through the teenager years. This all sound like somebody who's 17 no longer 27. She basically needs to advance up a lot. the version between Amanda Bynes and something human beings is that she is prevalent and no matter what she does it is going to be in the morning paper. the place as whilst something human beings do some thing it fairly is going to pass un observed. Is she loopy.....far from it for my area

Why is everybody so interested in Amanda Bynes?

I think it's just a a shock at what happened to her. She had a good head on her shoulders when she was younger. She didn't party and seemed like the girl next door and was this really nice girl. Didn't have any attitude problem when she was getting older.
She didn't seem that she would head the way Lindsay did. With Lindsay you could kinda see it coming.
Then she went crazy and having some bizarre behavior in a span of a year.
I think she may have some mental problem going on with her. I really hope the best for her and hope whatever she has going on she gets help for soon.

Why is Sarah Palin trying to be a politician when she is so dumb?

Look at Ronald Reagan and George Bush Jr. Neither of them were supposed to be real smart but people thought they were good ole guys so they voted for them. At times of economic recession or threats to national security, this is the type they vote for.

She reminds me of a female politician in my country, Pauline Hanson. She used to own a fish and chip shop and had extremely right wing views about immigration, but she got a lot of attention and made the major parties sit up and take notice.

Was Amanda Bynes really like this?[Pic]?

no, that was a photoshop. Dont feel stupid at all, i didn't even know that she was ever overweight at one time. Just look at the chin and you can tell that it was photoshopped. :)

I think this is actually a misconception that many people have. The fact is very smart people use their cognitive ability on an entirely different, higher level, and because of this people misunderstand them. Here are a few specific examples that characterize the highly intelligent, which may, on a basic level appear to merely be stupidity, but in reality are not.Absent mindedness. Very bright people actually need mental stimulation almost constantly. Because of this they often will not be focusing fully on their mundane day to day tasks. People will then assume they are stupid for forgetting something or doing something the wrong way.Overthinking and over complicating things. Often bright people over think scenarios and situations and come to the wrong conclusions. Once they come to wrong, very unusual conclusions, people assume they are stupid.Mental health issues. Believe it or not almost every highly intelligent person deals with this. It often isn't evident on the outside, and people fight to hide it. These challenges can lead to a person not “living in reality”, or developing eccentric habits. As such others often assume the person is stupid.Simple things seem complex (and, on the flip side, complex things seem simple) Many very intelligent childen do miserably in school for one of two reasons: they feel no incentive/motivation to do well, or their mind functions at such a rate that they misinterpret and over complicate information taught in the school system, answer questions wrong as a result, and get bad grades. Students, and even teachers ignorantly label this as “stupidity”.Those were just a few reasons; I hope it helps explain the issue.