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Why Is Dating So Stupid Why Should I Even Bother With Women

Why do Russian women think foreign men are so stupid, like this letter shows?

I wasn’t born yesterday. I’m 50 years old and I know a scam when I see one. I get a letter from a 24 year old lady from Ukraine and it is way too good to believe, so I write back and ask only these words:

( “Hello Nataliya, thanks for your letter but you are only 24 and I am 50, so don’t you think that maybe I am way too old for you? Have a nice day.”)

Two days later I get this letter:

( “I want to thank you so much for the new sweet letter from you, that is so nice to meet you.
Oh, my dear, you are so sweet and you say such wonderful words, I cannot even describe to you how much I appreciate when a man treats his woman with respect, love and care. I have not found such a man here, so I hope we can build with you something special…
Have you been to Ukraine? So you think it would be possible for you to come to meet me if it works out good for us? How were your new year and Christmas celebrations? How do you usually celebrate it?
Dear, I need to go now but I will wait for your another sweet letter to me)
Nataliya. “)

Please tell me that was a MAJOR SCAM, because every fiber in me tells me that it’s a fake letter.

Why do Russian women think that all foreign men are so stupid to believe such letters; letters that talk about love that are sent to the guy even before the two get to know each other at all?

Or maybe foreign guys really are that dumb? Please tell me what you know. Thanks.

Why do older men date younger women?

As a man that is in a relationship with a younger woman (as distinct from girl), l can probably say the following with some confidence and in no particular order:older women tend to be set in their waysolder women tend to be less interested in sexolder women are usually more autonomous and self reliant, which is a good thing as well as being more experienced when it come to accepting differencesyounger women have less life experiences and are generally more idealistic which plays to being less accommodating or acceptingolder men can see through certain behaviours to the resulting consequences with greater ease due to their own experiences and can thus, if they’re grown up enough, chose how to respond. This could piss some younger women off of takes a particular type of younger woman, in terms of her emotional and intellectual maturity, to have a relationship of any consequence with an older chap. Some younger woman just prefer to be with someone that is more stablethe rule of thumb is, in terms of optimal age (x) difference, the chaps age (a) divided by two plus seven: x = (a/2) + 7. Anything beyond this and it starts to become creepy and frivolous. This formula can, in fact, be universally applied to any mans age (within the usual conventions of course). This is simply because women tend to mature more quickly than men.younger women tend to gird older chaps to being a little more conscious of their health on both mental and physical levels. This is not meant to say they’re in denial it just reduces the rate at which older men get too old in their heads and general disposition.some older men tend to be more experienced sexually and less inhibited when it comes to sharing and exploring in bed, which younger woman tend to like.I could add some more thoughts but the main reasons and associated issues from my humble perspective are summarised above. Additionally, I’ve just ‘sense checked’ with my significant other as to why she likes being with an older man and her response kicks some of what I've just written into touch. For her it's more about the chemistry as she doesn't necessarily prefer older men. It's just that, in this case, it happily works for her. She says it helps that I don't look my age and can engage with most people irrespective of their age, race, background. Nice touch on her part.So, at the risk of being a little trite in closing, it is sometimes said that a chap is only as old as the woman he feels!

Why should I even bother with dating if I'm ugly?

Sure, I can get a great body by working out and eating healthy... But my face will forever remain the same. I can't magically reshape the bones in my body, I can't grow taller, I can't change who I am.

Most girls want a handsome guy that's tall, rich, athletic, nice, etc. and all of those things. Most guys are just as picky. But what chances do I have with any girl at all if I don't have the exterior that most people desire? What the fvck is the point?

Why do women want the nice guy, but date the jerk?

Just look at the link below:;_ylt=Ap_FQDku21ayIESJBFHxr67sy6IX?qid=20070705101227AASnQsp

So why is it that most guys like me can't get dates? (without them cheating with the jerk)