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Why Is Hate So Alluring

Why do so many women dismiss the allure & attractiveness that so many men find in pantyhose or stockings?

Because women tend to choose outfits, often subconsciously, based on what their girlfriends will think of it, not what will cause men to pop instant erections. Ironically, this is especially the case when you and a couple girlfriends plan on hitting bars/clubs with the mission of picking up a guy and having a one night stand.This starts from a very early age with girls - essentially the moment when we start to dress ourselves. We measure our outfits amongst our peers and this thought process becomes very deeply ingrained when we choose what to wear…and pantyhose has not been acceptably trendy for quite some time. While I’ve loved pantyhose for as long as I remember, there were times where I felt peer pressure to omit pantyhose from outfits that I wanted to add them to.I discovered fairly early the effect wearing pantyhose with my outfits could have on guys, but that’s not enough to overcome social fashion norms. Thus, many women miss out on the beauty of wearing pantyhose, and there is a learning curve to selecting and wearing pantyhose. I am sure the arcane knowledge of the art of hosiery was traded among girls in the 70’s and 80’s, but not only is this knowledge no longer passed amongst peers, but also the art of hosiery has become much more complex with advances in technology and a far broader palette to select from.So steeper learning curve + lack of education = less women wearing pantyhose.

Why do I hate the day, but love the night.?

Its weird how everything is depressing during the day. Its hot, its too bright, and its just ugly outside during the day. During the night everything is perfect. The lights are beautiful, everything is just great. I even admire traffic lights. Why?

Why is the Dark Side so alluring?

Because the dark side have cookies?"He became so powerful, the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which, eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew. Then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself."―Palpatine, relating the tragedy of Darth Plageuis to Anakin SkywalkerActually. Dark side offers even more powerful than the light side does. Why? They use their emotion and anger to fuel the Force. The power of the dark side is even more wide. Example :Darth Plageuis can control midi chlorians and create a life form. Can keep his beloved from die. Darth Sidious can create a lightning shock using the ForceThese are some example I can show that how the Sith use the dark side. Most people seek for power. Something than can make him or her even more powerful. If could, the most powerful Force user in the universe. That's why a lot of Jedi Knight fall to the dark side. Example, Count Dooku and Anakin. Fear is the path to the dark sideFear leads to angerAnger leads to hateHate leads to suffering-YodaJedi Knight can't control their thoughts and feeling until they fall to the dark side. Such as Anakin Skywalker. He love his mum. He left his mum at Tatooine and went away just to be a Jedi. He misses his mum and that's a path to the dark side. Another one is he scared that Padme will die on childbirth. As he visualized in his dream and Palpatine offered him dark side that can save his wife life. Padme died eventually when she know Anakin turns to the dark side. That's why the Jedi must control their mind and thoughts so that they won't fall to the dark side. "Good. I can feel your anger. I am defenseless. Take your weapon. Strike me down with all of your hatred, and your journey towards the dark side will be complete."―Emperor Palpatine to Luke Skywalker This all I can explain. Dark side offers more powerful power than the Light side does. Something that Light side can't do.

What should I do? A jealous girlfriend? An alluring friend?

Hey so I have a girlfriend of 4 months called Zoey. We’re 16, and in junior year. She’s really clingy and the jealous type. But other than the whole possessive thing, she’s ok.
So there’s this one chick-friend I’ve been hanging out with a lot lately named Taylor, also 16. She hates Zoey, cause Zoey always gets pissed if we’ve been hanging out alone. They shout at each other, “You stay away from my boyfriend!” “Stop being so jealous, we weren’t doing anything!” “Shut up, you skank!” And on, and on.
I think Zoey’s worried cause Taylor, truthfully, is more attractive than her. Taylor’s boobs are a lot bigger, and they bounce when she walks, unlike Zoey. And Taylor has many more curves than her. I mean yeah I think she’s hot but Zoey is being really paranoid I’m not cheating on her and she’s being annoying, like she can decide who I hang out with. Plus she’s totally out of line calling Taylor a skank cause she isn’t and it‘s rude. Not to mention Zoey isn't such a faithful angel herself, she has plenty of guyfriends she hangs out with alone but I don't complain.
There are these little things Taylor does that secretly drive me crazy: flipping her hair, putting her hand on mine, kissing my cheek or neck, giving me hugs, I’m not going to flirt with her even though I’m interested because I’m already in a relationship. Zoey’s a wonderful girl, but she’s got to stop putting me on a leash. And lately Taylor seems so much more understanding and helpful with my problems. If I’m feeling depressed, and I text people asking them to come over, Zoey’s always busy, but Taylor’s there in a flash with her soft arms around me, her lips on my cheek, and her soothing words being whispered in my ear. I mean we can talk about sex or something for hours but Zoey never wants to cause she’s afraid I’ll seduce her (wtf?) but not with Taylor. And whenever we talk about Zoey, Taylor always asks what her problem is, or tells me I should break up with her, because we’ll never be able to spend time together without her hounding us. She also says that Zoey’s nothing but a ***** to me in our relationship (Which, is kinda true lately) I know I should feel bad, getting this close to Taylor, but I don’t. But now idk what to do. What should I do about Zoey? Taylor?

I hate being a Virgo , we are so week ,not confronting ,not man enough like Taurus ,Scorpio ,Leo ,saggitariou?

I love beeing a virgo - because what you see as our weakness, is actually one of our strongest traits - when we ARE weak/sick/uncomfortable/shy/ETC, we can hide it and "overcome" it - not many other signs can do that - they react on impulse, which I believe is a more weak trait - we are mostly in control of ourselves and our emotions - that is strong. Be proud to be a virgo - we are pure-hearted, honest, creative and realistic and very strong - Just take me as an example - been through A LOT of crap - still standing - stronger than ever, because I learn from it and take it with me - I'm strong! Off course I feel weak at times, but that's mostly when I am in situations and not in "control" of it and just have to "go with the flow", but I don't tink it's a weakness just because it feels like that to me..

What makes Scorpio rising so attractive?

Because we're simply amazing. jk
People tend to love or hate us, and feel attraction/curiosity or disdain. Scorpio rising can also give a sexual appearance/attitude, and it's the most powerful ascendant to be born under. People with Scorpio rising can seem shy/innocent too.

Do Scorpios really get all that attention?

Do Scorpios (male and female) really get hit on as much as I've read they do? yes

Do they always have to be careful about leading people on?
Sometime, if I saw those peoples nice n sincere.
But if I saw fake-untrustworthy, :d I enjoy to lead them fall apart.

Do Scorpios "know" they are that intriguing, alluring, sexually attractive to the extent that people go NUTS? Yes, very much. I discussed this with scorpios fella, n they also been stalked by loony.

Can they go throughout their whole lives NOT realizing their magnetism? At the young age, not really realize has such power. But this mesmeric power more likely a cursed than a bless.
So most scorpio just laid back as dark angel, don't really like to be notice, lil bit introvert, speak less, wish to be invisible, and just watching everyone n observe them all.

Why are mysterious people seen as attractive?

It is for some people. I can’t speak for everyone but it is for me. I don’t find it attractive when girls act like thots or give themselves to guys so easily but I also hate the play hard to get shit. When girls play “hard to get,” what it says to me is that they aren’t interested and so I should stop wasting my time. However, being mysterious is that middle spot. Just right. It’s not throwing yourself at any guy in your path but it’s not being the holy grail for anyone who pursues you. Feedback (meaning any acknowledgement from the girl to the guy either acknowledging that she knows he’s flirting or even flirting back) is needed and appreciated, because without it how are you supposed to know if your feelings are reciprocated? Just like talking to someone who doesn’t give eye contact, you have no clue if they’re listening or not. Too flirty shows that you have little self respect and you may be less loyal and more willing to date other people or cheat or what not but too little feedback comes off as cold and uninterested. Being mysterious not only gives just the right amount of feedback to the guy but is also in itself very attractive. If I crush on a girl who is shy and mysterious and keeps to herself, it invigorates me to want to dig deep and know her like I know myself. It poses as a challenge to me and intrigues and attracts me because I want to learn more about this book of secrets. That’s why I can’t stand girls who post on insta or snap every 5 seconds. Girls who keep to themselves are not only attractive but modest and humble and most likely realize that the whole world doesn’t revolve around them and that not everyone cares what the hell you just ate or what not. Also girls that keep to themselves have less friends (which means less intimidation if you have anxiety like I do), they’re more friendly, they’re actually really cool and usually tend to be smart and/or creative, and would most likely tend to be more loyal in a relationship. That’s why I tend to only find those girls who stick to the sidelines and keep to themselves the most attractive. It’s so intriguing and I absolutely love starting that endeavor of meeting them and digging deep into their life and learning all about them and having them open up to me and all of that. Sorry if I rambled, I just haven’t met any people like that in months and I’m just dying to form a relationship with one of those types of;dr yes. very.