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Why Is He Holding On To What I Said

Why is he still holding on to me?

Why is he still holding on to me?

Been with him for 4 months. He insists we are fwb even though we act like a couple...most of the time.
He says me misses me, wants to spend time with me etc. We have done a lot together.
He called it off and said I was too clingy. I just wanted a relationship. He didnt want the emotional attachment
So I stopped talking a week later he got ahold of me and apologized up and down. Hugged me and wouldnt let go and said I was worth fighting for. Last week when I asked about a relationship he said I wasnt his type, and that he didnt like me that way. And when I said he didnt like me he went all sympethic and said I do like you.
This week he came over late at night and was super drunk. And he wouldnt stop talking. He said he was such a dick to me. He was sorry. Said I was pretty and had problems with physical connections. He didnt want one night stands he has had so many in the past cause they were immature and easy. He wanted me to help me, and be there for him. He said he had a problem with physical attraction. And he was sorry for that. He said if I was more confident he would fall for me. (confident as in bad stuff). Im not ready for that yet. He also said he completely ignored me sometime to keep me interested in him.
When he sobered up again he said He said he could be seeing other girls but hes not, he just wants me. He knows Im mad and hurt.
The next morning he apologized in text but I didnt respond.
We bumped into eachother yesterday and said hi. Saw him today and nothing.
we were fwb and it had never been so complicated for him.
Why me? Should I believe him he was drunk. What should I do? Im so inlove with him and I wanted to take care of him. I dont want to walk away but Im emotionally exhausted. Were 20 and 22

Why is he holding back his feelings?

I've shown that I have his back. I've paid his phone bill, gave him money to get back on his feet and I even gave him my air conditioner because he said he was hot and couldn't sleep at night. For some reason the only thing he seemed the most thankful for was the air conditioner. He just kept saying that it was G that I gave him that...what does that mean?

He said that he was really feeling me although he really doesn't want to. That he doesn't need a girlfriend right now but he asked me to be his baby and I'm really confused. When I asked him why he asked me to be his baby he just saids why do you ask me that. He said he misses me when I'm not around but that he's trying really hard to hold back how he feels about me. I'm cool and everything but we're just homey, lover, friends. Why is he holding back his feelings?

How do u say ''how is he holding up'' in spanish?

As in related to health? I would just say, "Como [option to insert name here] esta?" It's the most polite way to inquire and keeps it simple. "Como aguanta?" is also an option, but I'm not sure how colloquially it is used.

Why is he still holding my license plates hostage?

Since both names are on the title, both parties will have to sign off on any ownership transfer...even from both existing owners to one of those people.
You need to get your attorney involved.

What does he mean when he says he feels he is holding me back?

My LDR boyfriend recently told me he thinks he's holding me back. We have been together just over 2 years and have been planning on marrying. There's been a few bumps in the road but we have managed to work things out. He's been very distant the last few months and the longest we went without talking is 2 months. This last time was about 3 weeks with out talking and our last conversation was that he felt he was holding me back. I assured him he wasn't and that I'm still committed but not happy with the way communication has been. What do you think he's really trying to say?

What did Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL) mean when he said holding town halls is like being yelled at by 'Orientals'?

Bost was heroically warning people that going to an American Town Hall for a Congressman was like being subjected to a ‘cleansing’ by Chinese Communist Red Guards yelling at various bureaucrats who had been purged by Mao’s government for being insufficiently zealous for The Revolution.This was during the Chinese Cultural Revolution of the ‘60s. The persons being yelled at had to wear dunce caps and apologize profusely.It was not an edifying spectacle.And everybody involved was an ‘Oriental.’So the Congressman thinks his constituents are as bad as the Chi-Coms of the Cultural Revolution.Because he does not want anybody to yell at him or bring him any unpleasant message At ALL. Congressing is TOUGH.

Why did my boyfriend of 2 months says he feels I’m holding back?

Is he talking about sex?Sex is not a commodity. It is a gift, especially if you are a virgin. You can only give that gift once.Sex has consequences:1. Unwanted pregnancy.2. STD’s.3. Single parenthood4. Lost of your childhood. You should be having fun when you are young.5. Lost of friends. You are too busy changing diapers and feeding the baby to have time for friends or a boyfriend who wants to go out.6. Schooling? Did you get a diploma or GED?Those are just a few examples. Maybe he thinks you are too quiet and not loving. Kissing is part of being a couple. However, he may not want to stop with kissing. What are you going to tell him? He will have an answer to every question you have a but to. Example:YOU: I am scared of getting pregnant.HIM: Baby, I have protection. Baby, you can get on birth control.You: Those things can break! No, I want to be a virgin until my wedding night!If he keeps pushing you, get rid of him. Tell him to use his right hand in the privacy of his bedroom before coming to pick you up. Also, tell him no means NO!