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Why Is His Friend Making Fun Of Me

Why is my guy friend always making fun of me?

i'm a sophmore girl in high school and i have this guy friend. we've been friends since we had class together freshman year. he's nice except that he kinda always is mean to me.. like after we take a test he turns to be and says, "i bet you failed!" or anything to make fun of me. why? i'm not stupid; i get A's and i take two AP classes. he can be really nice but then he just makes fun of me. is it him being immature?

My crush's friends have been making fun of me the last 2 days? Helpp best answer will be chosen?

He probably (or definitely) likes you. If you like him back, get him to ask you out! You can flirt a little bit (or a lot) or you can just wait for him to ask you. If his friends are teasing you (especially if it has something to do with your crush) then they all know that he likes you so don't expect this to be a super private relationship if you guys start dating. Good luck!

Why does my ex make fun of me with his friends?

Heyy. Me and my ex broke up a while ago, but we seem to text or snapchat every once in a while. He's had a few girlfriends after me and he's flirted with a girl in my grade and is even dating one in my grade right now. But I wouldn't say it's because he's trying to make me jealous or anything because I barely ever see them together. Anyways, yesterday me and my friends were on the bus and it seemed as if him and his friends were mocking and making fun of us... They repeated what we would say in girly voices and some with a sexual tone. Now I get boys will be boys... But why did he do that... Why do boys mock and make fun of girls? I don't get it... :p thank youuu.

My Crush Makes Fun of Me With His Friends.?

he likes you i think, unless he's just bored and mean, but i think he likes you. i need more information plz!

My bf makes fun of me around his friends ?

You can't change anyone. They have to want to change themselves. Does he know how much it bothers you when he does those things? You say you two are perfect together, but it is clear from what you described that you're not. Calling you names and putting you down shows that he doesn't respect you. Respect is so important in a relationship. There is no excuse for him to hit you. Pregnancy is nothing to joke about, but that doesn't give him an excuse. I know you don't want to hear it, but you two should not be together unless he is willing to grow up and act like a real, respectful man. In order for that to happen, you have to explain to him how you feel. If he cares about you, he will not want to make you feel that way and he will work hard to change his behavior. If he doesn't change, that means he doesn't value your feelings enough. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't want to make you feel as best as possible? If someone isn't treating you right, it's because you're allowing them to do so. That's the hard truth.

My best friend is making music and people make fun of him behind his back. Should I tell him?

Let me tell you something.There are two scenarios how this may go but in the end you are going to lose a side!First:You keep your mouth shut and for the moment you have the friends support.In the end he finds out and than he won’t speak to you for the rest of his life!Second:You tell him.You earn his friendship and the general population sees you as a traitor or a snitch.This from their viewpoint.I have been in a certain situation even before,not once but multiple times.A part of me was telling me to bail and leave this between them keeping this just between them.The other part was to be active and to find a way how to resolve this in a way to benefit each side including here even ME!So i Did it!Yep i really mean it!Now before i proceed you should know that i started judging by myself,if you don’t find it resolving or inappropriate you feel free to ignore this whole thing!Here it goes:I was in let’s say the same situation like this.First of all i saw this from their point of view.You need a purpose to bully or joke on somebody’s back.In the end it resulted that they were just doing it because they were envious.The other guy was kinda happy when he used to see me.Well i behave like nothing happened.The situation went smooth for about sometime.Now what i did i’m just going to put it as an advice that depending from what i said above.I tried to keep it hidden from him.They kept doing that for a long time and they spread that influence.It ended that they made the same to me,when i was doing something like this.So don’t take this as a sure thing but the thing is to get a bit of distance between you and them because you will be disappointed from them in the end!Understand i don’t want to push you to do anything that might jeopardize your friendship,but being surrounded by some people that are used to tease and speak behind peoples backs aren’t a good friendship fundamentals.Hope this Helps Solve your Issues!So Long!

What do I do if my "friend" makes fun of me behind my back?

Not a friend. You get that!Next time you see this twit, tap them on the shoulder and you say: “ I did nothing to you. You certainly are not talking about me.”Walk away very quickly. Make sure there are lots of folks around. Don't trip or fall. Do not look at them. Do not smile, yell, cry, or show emotions of any kind.After that, you go to a place that you like very much like the park or coffee shop or antique store or someplace! Go by ice cream.This evil monster will not stop as they have nothing better to do. Doesn't matter. You said your piece. You had better not be talking about others behind anyone's back as this will not work. You can not do wrong and expect to get away with it forever especially if you are sensitive.You cannot sulk and skulk when and if you see that horror story. Just ignore, ignore and ignore. They hate being ignored. If they do say something and you want to say something, you say, “You certainly are not talking to me.” You repeat it like a broken record.

My boyfriend's friend makes fun of me?

Well, you know there's a saying "bro before"

Yeah.. the reason why your boyfriend doesn't care because he probably put his best friend before you. I know it sounds like a bad thing, but here what you should do:

1) Either try to suck it up and take his teasing lightly next time so you guys would get along because your boyfriend's friendship w/ that guy probably is longer and stronger than yours w/ your boyfriend. So if you and his best friend ever going to argue against each other, I think your boyfriend might pick his best friend side than to be on yours. Hey, most people value their "best friend" relationship over "girlfriend/boyfriend" relationship.


2) I don't want to suggest this, but break up with your boyfriend if you feel like this is causing a problem in your relationship. Because I don't think your boyfriend's going to change for you by do something about it. Even if he does, then that person is not the one that you fall in love with.

In the end, I think when someone is making fun of you for awhile, that person would get bored and eventually leave you alone. Also, joke can get old. Once he jokes too much about your ascent, I think you might get use to it. And I think his best friend is not getting in your way with your boyfriend. I think you can still have good times and be happy with your boyfriend. I think if you just try to suck it up a little and take things lightly then you all can get along in the long term. No need for breakup or ruin the friendship between your boyfriend and his bestfriend.

What should I do when all my friends/classmates make fun of me all the time?

Nothing, you let it roll off your back. We all got teased for various things— and I am not even kidding— they will find something, even if you are the most attractive person in the world— they will say you have big ears or a weird chin or you walk funny. There is no escaping the cruelty of bullying really, you just let it fly right over you and don’t absorb it. You can always say something back. If they are making fun of you for being short and too quiet, you can say “Yep, I’m short and quiet, what about it?” and shrug like you don’t even care. It can go like this (not that you would want to do this, but an example:)Them: “ Hey, where are you going shortie? Going to be quiet somewhere?”You: Look them in eye and say “Yep, that’s me. The quietest, shortest guy/girl in the world” and look bored and unamused.Them: ‘Why are you so quiet? Why don’t you talk?”You: “Guess I don’t have much to say. Must be because I’m so short, huh?”You basically repeat what they say back to them in a bored manner. When you parrot someone like this, it makes them look like they don’t have good material. You continue this with any and all rude remarks, and it knocks the fun out of it for them.