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Why Is It Hard To Not Have Enemies In A Work Place

What should I do if I have 90% haters and enemies in my workplace? How do I stay there without caring about my enemies?

Are you sure you aren’t a sensitive individual, and just taking too personally the actions of others where you work?The reason I ask that is, 90% is very high, and “haters” and “enemies” are very strong words. Besides, we are there to get a job done, not to make close friends.Do you have a trusted friend, in work or out of work, with whom you can share your thoughts and perceptions? Would you be willing to see a licensed mental health therapist, just to make sure you are not in some way taking things too personally?♡Sometimes when we come from a traumatic lifestyle or a home of origin where we have had to protect ourselves daily, we carry those beliefs into new situations where they do not apply at all.We can misperceive.I speaketh from hard experience.Here are some thoughts for you:Your workplace climate may be due to management, which sets the “atmosphere” of your entire envirornment.It may not be you at all.Watch how they treat others, too. They may treat others the same way as they treat you.I learned that people are mainly concerned with their own lives, and many are simply thoughtless of others.On the other hand, however, we do need to train others how to treat us. If they are rude, simply do not hear them until they are respectful. “Oh, excuse me—were you speaking to me?”(We need to also be respectful in return, too.)I have also learned not to share personally with people at work, and maintain courtesy yet remain quietly professional.I kid around, but keep the talk to current events, sports, or grandkids, something everybody can relate to.If your perceptions are indeed accurate, I would ask management for pointers about what the heck I’m doing wrong. Before finding a different job, I would find out what on earth I was doing to “cause” that, and make sure not to repeat that behavior in your next job.But in my opinion, it’s unlikely that so many people dislike you. I hope you can work through this with a trusted friend, or a licensed mental health counselor would be even better, to discover how you are misperceiving things.♡I am sad to hear this, because I don’t like to see others suffer. Please ♡ take care and love yourself and find out.

What are the best ways to make enemies in the workplace?

The team I was working with was transferred into a different building. As is the norm, we had no say in where or when we moved - those decisions being made by people far more *ahem* intelligent and further up the pay scale. Purely by chance, I was given a desk next to a window. We were on the 50th floor, so I had an excellent view across the city.We were in the middle of our tour of our the area when one of the women who worked on the same floor came over and demanded to know who I was and why I as getting a window seat. This person then made it her mission to make my working life as difficult as possible, leaving my name off group emails, ‘forgetting’ to notify me of things that I needed to know, and complaining to anyone who’d listen (and many who didn’t want to) that she deserved my desk.I think the office manager wanted an easy life, because after a month or two, I was moved to a different desk, immediately next to the complainer, and someone else was given the window.So that’s one way to make an enemy - be given something that they feel they deserve.

When you have to work with your enemy, what do you do?

(If by enemy you mean someone with whom you had a fight)Either I'll clear my matters with that person and make peace or leave that place and do some other thing. The later option I gave you because people tend to have a big fat ego and won't make peace even after you are ready to talk. There is no point in working with someone or trying to do so when you guys are enemy, it won't ever work out. (You can also try freaking him out and make that person leave the work, but I won't advice you to do so). Now you might also be in a situation as I am. I live in a room along with three other persons. I live in college hostel. Now one among my other three room mate has gone rogue(only with me) but I am completely happy with my other two room mates. So I just think like I live with only two room mates and a dead body(rogue one). In this way, theoretically I'm living with three persons but practically there are only two persons. (Try to setup anlogy)I'd advice you to watch SUITS. SUITS taught me a lot.

Is hope the enemy of hard work?

Completely in my opinion, hope is more of a motivation for hard work. I mean, you work hard because you want something, right? And that would mean you think by striving hard to that something, you will eventually reach it. There is no guarantee you will. Aren't you basically hoping you'd obtain your goals through hard work?

Have You Ever Felt Sorry For Your Enemies..??

Of course, enemies seem to in general be people who are unhappy within their selves, I feel sorry for anyone who cannot or will not forgive, forget and move on.
Life is to short to hoard up resentment and negative feelings.
Yes, I do feel sorry for my enemies, although I must admit I have very few.