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Why Is It That I Have No Friends

Why is it that I have no friends and I'm 18?

Girl, join the club. I understand you, because it's happening to me. But, you know what? I discovered it's ALL US THE PROBLEM!! We think we're doing okay, but in reality we aren't! It's not the nice thing, everybody likes a nice person, but the words are (Confidence, responsible, mature, true personality) I am nice, but the thing is, we're doing it wrong on body language. If we worry to much about having friends, it means we don't like being alone, it means we aren't mature enough to be independent and do stuff alone. To be ready to leave home. We are dependant on others for happiness and that's not healthy. To people we seem desperate and make people runaway, because it shows you aren't happy with yourself on face, body language and actions. Why do people want to hangout with a depressed person who hides true personality? We want happy people to be with. My parents just laughed at me, by asking so many questions, like a kid tone, but I don't notice. I just understood this recently.

Why i have no friends?

The best way to get friends is to show a talent in something. For example. If you like video games get a mic and play online videos that you can be really good at, you will make friends in the video game community. Go to video game stores and hangout with gamers. If you like cars, learn about car inside/and out. Ask a mechanic if you can be a free apprentice and then work on cars, help people with their cars for free just to learn how to fix cars. Then get your own car eventually and make it really nice. If you like martial arts then join a karate or kung fu school, and you can make friends among the other students.ect. Find a hobby, get good at that hobby, and introduce your hobby to others. Friends will come flocking if you have good skill and similar interest.

Why do I have no friends?

I'm almost 15 years old. And I have 1 friend. Two years ago, I became friends with a girl 3 years younger than me. At first, I became her friend because I felt sorry for her, she's very awkward and probably has a social issue. The more I got to know her, the more I noticed that she was copying me, stalking me and scaring me. She would only say words that I would say, she would agree on everything, she would change her opinion if we didn't agree on something. It was scary. She was like a ghost. Then, she became friends with this girl who was ALWAYS in trouble. So, we were a trio. A bad trio. I broke away from them a year later, thankfully and became friends with a girl 4 years younger than me. I had to lower the standards. A lot. She was... Well... At times, she was a perfect friends but, most of the times, she was a stuck-up BRAT. Just the way she carried herself made you feel like she thought she was the queen and all of the rest of the world was her armrest. Just recently, The Queen became bestest buddies in the whole wide world with my two previous friends. They added a new annoying girl with a giant mouth and now they do everything together. I go to classes and clubs with them in it and I just want to kill them now. They always brag about how much fun they have, how much they're all alike and how much time they spend with one another. I now have one friend, my best friend who lives 8 hours away. I see her twice a year. I IM her every day, webcam and all that... But, I just want friends to go to the movies with. I don't scream at people, I rarely get into fights (never fist fights or anything), I'm always polite... I don't know what to do. I'm losing my marbles.


Why do I have no friends?

Don't beat yourself up, that is the message I would give. I have few friends but I have a great wife and child and the few friendships that I do have are worth keeping a hold of. I am 40 and am very independent; I don't rely on other people for my own amusement and I don't live to social pressures on how many friends one should have. I am also very confident but this comes from a position of self-acceptance which has taken many years to cultivate. The central message is that it is OK to be you, the only time this should be an issue is if your perception of lack of friendships are getting you down. It is the belief you need to tackle, not the friendships. If you see it as a problem then it is.

Oh, and I also had an orphanage background having lost my mother when I was three and my father doing an 18 stretch. This has inevitably left a dent in me, but in many ways this has also made me unique and strong and added a number of other qualities to my personality that the out-and-out socialites just don't get.

No matter how lousy you may feel, I have had good people in my life tell me that 'life has a way of working itself out'. I agree - it certainly has.

Have NO friends.... why is this?

ok, i think u should still try connecting with classmates online. if u have facebook, then u should become friends with all the girls from school u know and chat with them about whatever. i find it's easier to come up with conversation topics easier that way, i don't know why. that way, u can get to know each other better. then u should pick a nice, trustworthy girl and ask her to see a movie with u and u can have lunch/dinner afterwards. if ur a bit shy or can't think of much to say, i find it's easier to find stuff to talk about when u just relax. not all girls are dramatic, i think ur best bet for a friend is usually a girl who's quiet but seems nice. they aren't too dramatic. for ur personality, maybe u should be friendly to but not get involved with gossipy, popular girls who think they're all that when they're not. there might be some really friendly girls, like they're always playing around and laughing. well, anyways, good luck, and yeah, i find that boys are more friendly and less stuck up than girls. anyways, good luck!

Why do I have no friends?

Hey guys, I'll try to make this brief as possible. I just really want to know why I don't have any friends and why I have such a hard time making friends at school. I was hoping to introduce myself and see if I can make any friends on here, just so I can have some closure.

Here goes:

-I'm 17 years old, male and a junior in high school.

-I believe in God, go to church every Sunday and pray every night.

-I go to bed at 9:00 every day, 9:30 to 10:00 on weekends.

-I like to go for walks in the park, feed the pigeons and do yoga.

-I do gymnastics and I used to take ballet dancing

-I like to play croquet in my spare time.

-I love watching musicals. My favourites are High School Musical and Hairspray.

-My favourite artists include Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Kelly Clarkson, Donny Osmond, The Bay City Rollers, Nickelback, Hootie and the Blowfish, Cher and Ace of Base.

-I don't watch movies such as Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption and any movie that has lots of swearing, inappropriate messages/behaviour and violence.

-I don't play video games because they are a waste of time, rot your brain and go against God.

-My favourite TV show is Spongebob Squarepants. Kim Possible is pretty cool as well.

-I love doing homework, even in my spare time.

I can't understand why I don't have any friends. Are there seriously no teenagers in the world that like the same stuff I do?


Why am I a loner? I have no friends?

There is NOTHING wrong with you.
I'm not lying when I say that i know EXACTLY what you are going currently going through your same situation right now as in matter of fact. I don't have friends even though I'm friendly and nice to everyone (alone at lunch here). People could care less about me even though I'm helpful to them.

I'm new at my high school.
It's not easy to make friends at my high school because I'm "freakishly" new (which means I'm from out of the district...don't get why that's "freakish"), everyone has known each other since elementary, and bullying tends to happen a lot in the high school I go to (just ask the piece of gum some idiots thought it would be so damn funny to put in my hair the other day). I also try to make friends, but I too am shot down because of how close everyone apparently is. It's the worst feeling isn't it?: to want to make friends, but feeling like they don't want to be yours.
It's worse for me because my nature is a quiet, not-really-outgoing one, and for some reason, I think that's why it bothers me so much,

What's getting me through this are two things I have going for me: my ambition (which can be a powerful thing, believe me), and the confidence I am literally FORCING myself to build.

Friends or no friends, I still have that. And I refuse to let anyone take what I have away from me.
If you can (or if you want to) you could try doing that to help you through this.

Look to the upside of your situation: you're a SENIOR. You're SO close to freedom, whereas I still have some years of "high school hell" to go.

I congratulate you on surviving this far, because I think doing so is incredible.

(ignore the jackass who said "lol." being in this situation isn't funny.)

Lots of issues here. I’ll just look at 5 of them to begin with …Friendships require conversation skills. Maybe you have not yet learnt the social and conversational skills that are needed to build lasting friendships. There are skills an INFJ (and many other introverts) must learn to be accomplished at making conversation, whether in social situations or work functions. I have spent years teaching conversational and networking skills and have seen shy people, and introverts (they are not the same) go from feeing totally awkward talking to people to being very skilled, interesting and confident, so make sure you know what to do. Why? Because conversation forms the basis of all relationships and friendships.Ask yourself are you a good friend to have? There is no point in expecting or wanting people to be friends with you if you aren’t a good friend to have. Do you initiate activities, invitations and contacts? Do you call to find out how people are? Are you generous and kind to people? Do you celebrate people’s successes with them? Do you remember their birthdays and special days? Are you thoughtful and invite them to things of interest? It actually takes time and effort to be a really good friend. People who are really good friends attract friends. It surprises me, sometimes, how little effort some people put into friendships and how they don’t initiate contact.INFJs can have unrealistically high standards of people and want, and expect, others to live up to and keep the same high values they keep for themselves. When people fall short they can dismiss them. Accepting people for who they are and enjoying their differences can be of great value in an INFJ attracting and having friends.The INFJ needs quiet time, therefore, they need to have a balance between being with people and being on their own. This leaves less time for friends.The INFJ wants people who are authentic - this is a core value for an INFJ. This makes it hard to find people they totally trust and like as not all see authenticity as important and some are false and superficial and of no value to an INFJ. The INFJ can often see through people and their motives and thus they may weed out many people from their potential friendship list.I hope you find a good friend soon - start today. It’s in your hands.

Why do some people have no friends?

I'm always nice to people. I'm never mean, I don't gossip, I don't bully, and I'm always the shoulder to cry on when someone needs me. but as soon as they don't need me, I'm friendless. I'm not invited to parties or sleepovers, or even to hangout! I'm always bullied and talked about by people behind my back even though somebody usually ends up feeling bad for me and telling me what they're saying. I''m always picked on.

Now I've had a bad childhood. I didn't used tot be shy but I've changed. My mother abused me and my brother when we were little, my uncle does it to my cousins, and, even my dad has said it, I have ended up with the role of "parent" to 3 young children, a job I never asked for but was pushed into by adults who wanted out. I don't fit in with people my age at all. I fit in with adults and children mostly.
I've tried getting help from a therapist but my mother pulled me out. I've begged for one but nobody seems to care enough to follow through with it.
I've had lots of health pproblems since I was 8. In and out of the hospital for years. It got so bad last year that I actually have to repeat my freshman year. I cried for 2 weeks non-stop.

I turned 15 yesterday and I celebrated with my family. I haven't celebrated my birthday with friends since I turned 11. I do have one friend I've known since I was a baby but my mom won't let me have her over or let me go to her house because she "hasn't gotten around to asking her mother yet". It's not fair. I feel so depressed all the time. No guy has ever truly liked me and I've turned into this shy shell of the person I want to be, and feel I would be if it weren't for my past and my family now. My aunt and uncle are going through a hard divorce now and my cousins are calling me 4 times a day sobbing their little hearts out and even my aunt complains to me. I have no one. I'm all alone except for these children. I guess I'm a loser but I don;t even know why!

I'm used and then thrown away.
I don't fit in with people my own age.
I'm essentialy a mom of 3 at age 15, which is sick.
I'm always bullied.
I'm a victim of abuse.
I'm being refused help.
I have lots of health issues.
Yet I'm nice to EVERYONE! Why is it nobody cares enough to even notice how depressed I am?

Why is it that people have no friends?

Sharing the experience of going to college should draw you and others together. You can suggest a study group or join one.....Colleges have all sorts of 'clubs' find one that interests you and join, thus you will be with people with a common interest. Don't sell yourself short. And work on the need to keep doing that throughout life because people come and go and you'll find yourself at the other end of life without the support of a circle of friends (unless you have a large extended family to embrace you and be there)
I'm borrowing another's account so I can leave this post. I'm 'mature' now and find myself without friends (or friends who live in other states or UK so not likely to drop in) I look back on days when I was busy and had people calling me and having spaghetti/wine parties and road trips etc, when I chose to be social.
Now I'm renting on property where the others are those that use drugs and drink to an excess so I choose not to interact with them except for a wave as I pass by so no hard feelings are made. I had first thought the chance of starting a new circle would occur when the landlady interviewed me before I moved on the property...but it has turned out she is demanding and acts like the Queen to be served by those on the property and (tho as little info as possible) I have explained I have an anxiety disorder thus why I need quiet and don't want to join the so-called parties she holds for her 'servants' (tenants). I'm expected to join in on people she takes on whom she thinks will create a cash flow for her....I'm NOT going to trim mary jane or weed the pastures or put up with the newest addition who thinks it is her right to delve into everyones personal lives. So I'm living uncomfortably with people I have nothing of interest with and limited due to my disorder. So...sorry for the TMI but I know what it is like to yearn for good conversation and the occasional call or visit and the future holds fear for don't let time slip by without getting out there and working at making friends and then working to hold onto them. Friendship like marriages have to be worked at.
I hope some of my suggestions will help you and the tale of my life now will inspire you to get busy making I said, time goes quickly by.
Good luck.