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Why Is My Finger Turning Black

Why is my finger nail turning black at the end?

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Why Do My Fingers turn Black?

you play too much...i play ps3 with just a sixaxis and my fingers get sore and red and sometimes purple...i just take a break for a few hours or maybe even a day sometimes and they are fine the next day.

Why are my finger nails turning black?

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I struggled to find an explanation for your problem and spent some time conferring with my esteemed colleague Rhianna. There are few things that turn the nail itself black,and all of them,except possibly a local nail fungal infection,would also be accompanied by systemic (generalised,) upset as well,however fungal infections develop and progress very slowly. Wilson's disease, an inherited copper metabolism problem,tends to turn them blue as does cyanosis,but this is the skin under the nail. Excess fluoride and some other medications might discolour the nail,but again usually this is slow and cumulative.If you had liver failure,which can blacken nails it would hardly be your first symptom and you would of course be very unwell by now. I will have to fall back on suggesting that you get your GP to have a look and run some tests.If he has an oximeter he can quickly check your oxygen saturation, he should check your heart for murmurs,blood for liver function,fluoride and copper and if the nail itself is blackened when he snips a bit off,send it for mycology. If you can post your ultimate diagnosis I would appreciate it.

Ew. Why are my fingers turning black!?

Ever since 4th grade, my hands are ALWAYS FREEZING and super red or purple and my skin breaks a lot. (They basically get no circulation). They feel like ice packs ALL THE TIME. Sometimes certain fingers on my hands turn COMPLETELY WHITISH YELLOW while the rest of my hand is red and my fingernails turn blue then when the blood starts flowing back and I am gaining curculation again, my other fingers often turn gray/black even when I'm IN the warmth of my house!! This has been happening for about a year and now I'm really curious about what this is?

My finger is turning black where my ring is?

It's unlikely that your ring is "pure" gold. That would mean it's 24 karat gold, which is too soft to make into a ring.

It's probably 14 karat (10 parts mystery metal) or 18 karat (6 parts mystery metal). The mysterious "not gold" metal in the ring may be what's turning your finger black.

I'm assuming the ring really is gold all the way through and not plated. If a plating layer or a purer layer than the one underneath was worn off, that could explain it...

Black discolouration of tissue would be suggestive of tissue necrosis and death, is the feeling intact on the black area? But this usually happens with deep cuts where the blood supply is affected.get it checked!

My finger is turning black!!?? Help!?

The black can be 2 things, depending what kind of black it is. It can be dried blood under the skin, or if the swollen area looks like it, it can be also under the meat. You'll recognize this blackness from its obviously bloody edges. You can help the situation by gently rubbing the finger and keeping it in cold water, it will go away on its own.

Or it can be necrosis, dead or dying flesh. You recognize this from blueish or greyish appearance and completely senseless skin. Google pics to compare. This is dangerous, and may easily end up on blood poisoning and death. Its not very likely though from your descrption.

If the swollen area, or the coloring gets palm side of your knuckle, you risk permanent damage or death by not going to doctor. Eventually clotted up blood will also start molding and poisoning the blood, if its not removed or tiluted back into your body.

Why does my ring finger turn black from my wedding ring? but only once in a while?

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Skin blackening from jewelry is most often due to nickel allergies, electrolysis or metal abrasion. Nickel allergies are the primary cause. Nickel is often used to strengthen other precious metals like gold, because 24k gold is soft. The body's electrical currents or skin acidity can cause metal corrosion. This is especially true with metals that contain copper or nickel. A green ring around your finger indicates your jewelry contains copper. If the ring is gold plated the brass core can become exposed and leave a dark residue on the skin.Metallic abrasion occurs when jewelry is worn with makeup. Some compounds in cosmetics contain tiny abrasive particles that look like black dust. These particles form dark smudge upon contact with something absorbent like skin. The bottom line is that discoloration of the fingers is not necessarily an indication that your jewelry is fake or of poor quality.