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Why Is My Sagittarius Boyfriend So Paranoid And Let E Everything Bother Him.

Why is my Sagittarius boyfriend so paranoid and let e everything bother him.?

My boyfriend is a

Sun: Sagittarius
Moon: Cancer
Rising: Sagittarius
Mercury: Sagittarius
Venus: Scorpio
Saturn: Aquarius
Mars: Gemini

Why does he act so paranoid? It's like we go out somewhere and he's going crazy because we're either in the supermarket line waiting to check out or at a restaurant and everything someone is near him, he act like someone can't go anywhere near him and the people start to look at him like he has a mental problem. We even got kicked out of a restaurant due to his behavior problem, I've planned a trip to Las Vegas this month and now I am afraid he is going to act up. I can't handle him anymore and every time I ask his mother about this she tells me oh he is a sweet person. And I just tell myself do she know her son very well. Please help Is hate to leave him and he act like this and get himself hurt. Thank you. Oh, and iIam a Capricorn by the ways

How can I tell if my girlfriend is cheating on me?

All of a sudden she is constantly surrounded by boys all the time ( this the sign she is hunting or she likes attention ).She gets boys over to her place without telling you, or justifying that the other guy is just a friend when you confront her. ( Clear sign she doesn’t respect you, she doesn’t know boundaries and she is a “tharki” ).Starts meeting random guys over the internet and chats with them. When you say that you do not trust other guy’s intention, she will ignore you and try to convince you otherwise.She becomes blind to all the small things you do for her.All things that she loved doing with you, becomes mundane according to her.Starts comparing your relationship with others ( This should be rule number 1 for successful relationship: stop comparing folks! Your relationship is beautiful in it’s own right and in no way others words should influence you ).Thinks she is too beautiful and that she will have enough folks lined up for her ( True, she might be very beautiful in literal sense. But beauty lies within and in your thinking. Guys will only like her for her looks and what she has to offer physically. She needs to understand it ).Sounds duplicitous in the way she talks ( She may say she values something, hates meaningless flings and casual sex, but her actions and rants during fights say some other story ).If she had a past relationship and you know of it, you will see how she has changed till now with you. This will surely give you an idea of how fast she can be moulded and get influenced.She hangs on to ( and remembers only ) the negatives that you say about your relationship ( Trust me, if you break up or she cheats, she will quote you telling all this about relationship and will turn the blame on you ). Everyone has negatives in their relationship and pointing it out is good to overcome the flaws consciously, but beware! your partner will use it against you every time.P.S: Jotted down these things from my personal experience… Got cheated on by a wh*re of person. The signs were all there but I was naive and failed to address it. If it helps you fix your relationship early or save yourself an sh*t load of pain and humiliation, well and good. If not, I really wish she doesn’t cheat on you. According to me, cheating is the worst feeling of pain you will suffer in a relationship.

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