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Why Is My Teacher Constantly Making Fun Of Me

What to do when a teacher keeps making fun of me?

I'm basically that quiet girl in class (10th grade). I struggle with social anxiety and shyness so speaking in class is definitely not easy for me and makes me really nervous
one of my teachers is a outgoing, "funny" guy who likes to make jokes about his students, especially about their weaknesses which is obviously my shyness and he keeps picking on me because of it constantly

he says things like:
do you even know how to speak?
i cant remember what your voice sounds like
you seriously need help
are you also that quiet at home?
oh i cant joke with (my name) because she never talks!

those are some of the comments he said to me last week and it only resulted in the whole class laughing at me and making fun of me
also last week he called on me to read out my work and when i tried to answer he pretended that i wasn't talking and kept looking up. he told me to repeat like 7 times and even though i raised my voice he just laughed. i was tormented by him and the whole class for straight 10 minutes...

on friday i finally decided i will talk to him about this issue and it took me a long time to build up the courage for that. so i went up to him and asked him to stop making these jokes about me in class because my anxiety is a serious issue and these jokes are no fun at all for me and make me feel really uncomfortable. guess what, he just laughed and said theres nothing wrong with some teasing and i shouldnt take it so seriously.

i dread going to school every day. what can i do?

What would you do if your teacher is constantly but not officially trying to make fun of you in front of class?

Document those instances , and go talk to your parents about it. If it is as you say , your teacher shouldn't be doing that. Make sure you are an excellent student , and always do your homework on time , so you can contribute in class . You don't need to be perfect. If there's something you don't understand about the material, then ask your teacher after class. Most teachers really do want to help their students learn , and teenagers can really be a pain in the *** sometimes.A good attitude means a lot to a teacher , so try that first . Hope this helps

My teacher constantly makes fun of me. I am the type who takes a joke but she once saw an embarrassing picture of me on my friend’s phone that she took and told every class what she taught. What should I do?

She is unprofessional, and has breached student/teacher confidence. It sounds like she wants to be “one of the kids”, but her behaviour has crossed boundaries and displayed a marked lack of respect for your privacy. Not to mention her making fun of you. That simply isn’t how a teacher should behave!Talk to your parents about this. I know you probably don’t want them to see the pic, but your teacher’s seen it and so have half the students in your school. Get their thoughts on how to sort this out.She needs dealing with quickly before she does more damage.

My teacher is always making fun of me in front of the whole class. What can I do without her getting mad at me and giving me lower grades?

Anonymous , going by the example you wrote , it doesn't sound exactly like your teacher is making fun of you at all . I can speak as a teacher because it's our job to be explaining … For what ever reason a learner does not look like they paying attention , and remember we are not mind readers PLUS there are a hundred things learners can be doing at the time … If it regularly looks like even you may not be totally focused , then it is your teachers job to bring your mind back into the present lesson , especially if it's an important piece of material .Speak to your teacher quietly at the start or end of a lesson , apologize if it appears like you are not listening and ask if he or she can find a less embarrassing way to get you focused . Maybe you have internal thoughts and often hear something your teacher says and off your mind goes - it isn't the best for you , as you will miss something important -In my class , if I have a learner like you - and j merely am assuming you may regularly look a little phased out - while I am walking around and explaining I just put my hand on the learners shoulder for a moment . That helps .If not , and the comments are not humiliating , then you may just have to take it from them .Hope that helps even a little ?Shalom X

How to handle the insult by teachers? Recently my teachers made fun of my stuttering during a viva-voce.

Some teachers are so stupid. They actually only think about themselves,they are pure evil and have no quality to be a teacher. Especially, a senior teacher or professor, is the one to blame. They have nothing to fear as they are now senior members of a department. Insulting /humiliating a student in front of a class, is a child's play to them. They never regret.Even you know you do nothing still he forced you to get out,you can't say a word against his will. It seems only they have dignity and the students are here only to be insulted. You don't even have the chance to ask why your teacher insult you or what is the cause? He will simply say “How dare you question me?” Get out of my class. They will never listen to you nor ever try to realize your situation, your mental condition. You are humiliated, you are crying, so what? It doesn't affect him. All you can do is to be silent and do nothing. I know it's difficult but you have no other way but to show at least some fake respect. And just pray to your creator and hopefully, this kind of things will never happen again. Just hope that your bad senior teacher get retirement as soon as possible before it's too late. Ironically show him /her some respect but truely you should never forgive him/her if he/she is truely guilty.Sometimes, I think who made them teachers? Do they have good teaching abilities? Perhaps, they do but without having a good character and kindness or ethics, they can't be said the builder of a nation. No way I will respect those who insulted me so badly.

My teacher made fun of me for being shy?

wow what a biotch! you should tell your parents, the principle, her boss! Thats just uncalled for..

im a shy person too and if my teacher did that i would actually tell her off

try and get her in trouble

edit: evaohell, shut up. That teacher has no right to make fun of her student like that. You obviously don't know what its like to be embaressed and made fun of. And in the real world, you usually dont have immature bitches who make fun of you and get everyone to laugh. Things like this can be traumitizing to some people. You dont know how that feels to be in their shoes

Why does my teacher make fun of me?

Teachers are there to educate you, not humiliate or criticize you. There are two ways you can handle this situation:

a) Tell him that his comments make you feel uncomfortable and ask him (politely) to stop it.

b) Make an appointment with your school Principal and/or School Counselor/Social Worker and inform them that your teacher is bothering you and they will handle it.

Good Luck!

What should a teacher do if a student made fun of them?

Use humor if the joke is relatively harmless. Go along with the joke :)If it’s a very bad joke, don’t overreact and just calmly say that it’s not a very nice thing to say.Making fun of a teacher (especially in a mean and angry way) is a form of disrespect and therefore should be punished according to the code of conduct of your school.After the joke, get the class’s attention back to the task at hand.Let the joke go and go back to teaching.If student continues to make fun of you in future classes, it’s time to have a chat with them so that it can be addressed.

My pe teacher made fun of me in front of the class help???!!?

Well we got a new gym teacher (I'm in 8 grade BTW) and are old one used to makes us do 10 push ups and here's the thing I can't do push ups but he let it slide we got a new gym teacher cause r old one went into surgery and are new one instead of making us do 10 push ups he makes us do 20 and he doesn't let them slide on me he looks at me while were doing them and just laughs then at the end he calls me out in front of the class and says we need to get those recorded so I took it as a joke (but why pick on me theres other kids who do push ups way worse) so the next day a teacher come in with him he points me out to DA other teacher who
While were doing push ups and I just give a dirty look were on like 14 push ups and then he makes us restart I know it might not sound bad but it he mad me feel bad inside I'm thinking on skipping that class what should I do ????

My teacher made fun of me?

I'm a 13 y o girl. My teacher hates me because I'm shy and quiet nd rarely talk. She's my math, elective, and homeroom teacher -.- i usually arrive late to homeroom bcuz i wake up late or my sis takes forever waking up. Everytime I arrive late she says "Evelyn! Come to my desk i told u when u arrive late come to my desk!" So i went nd then she said u have to tell my y ur late. Then i shrugged buz everyone was staring nd i got nervous. I have a small pimple on the middle of my forhead. Then she said "you have to say Mrs. Rey IM late!" When she said "IM" she pointed to the middle of her forhead(where my pimple is). Then she smiled nd I just walked away. She always gets me introuble EVERYDAY. I told my parents nd they got mad. So tomorrow after math ima tell her "mrs. Rey my parents want a parent conference with u". Then when she says y ima say idk. In the parent conference wat should i say? She hates me for no reason. Can she even make fun of students?