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Why Is Not Liking Dogs Considered Worse Than Being A Child Molester In This Country

Why are there so many old Western men dating young Filipina women in the Philippines?

They're a form of sexual predator, although not the worst type by far.Here's the typical story: a man in his late 40s onward (I've seen as old as 80s) comes to the Philippines (or Thailand, or Cambodia, or...). He is divorced, or plans to be. He thinks that women in his home country are terrible harpies, unfit for dating or marriage. He has been hurt by these women of his own culture many times, and has decided to break free and make his own way, with women who truly respect men. These women just happen to be 1/4 (or 1/6, or 1/8...) his own age and in desperate straits.The reality is that these men are usually the bottom of the barrel: untalented, unintelligent and undesirable. But not in their own opinion - they are deep, deep into Dunning-Kruger territory. It all boils down to self-interest, and performing whatever mental gymnastics are necessary to convince themselves that it's OK for an old man to have sex with girls in their late teens.Why are there so many? The fundamentals are simple. There is a massive income disparity between Western countries and the Philippines: a poor man in the US or UK is quite rich in the Philippines. There is free flow of information: it's easy to find out you can go take advantage of poor girls across the globe. They're allowed to do it by locals. And, there is no shortage of assholes in the world.As to why they're not the worst type of sexual predator out there, the simple answer is that many at least abide by legal age requirements (18+) and, happily, the women they choose are often smart enough to drain away enough money to improve their own lives. The smartest get their education and material needs (car, house) then move on to dating younger men.Here are a couple of fun phrases all Filipinos know:Matandang mayamang madaling mamatay (MMMM) - rich old man, ready to dieDOM - Dirty Old ManIn short, Filipinos are aware that these old men aren't particularly great, but they make no efforts to chase them away either, knowing that the DOMs are adding money to a rather poor economy.

Why did God make dogs colorblind and humans racist?

Why do animals adopt even orphaned children of different species whilst humans let orphanages overflow with their "unwanted offspring"?

Why are animals better people than human beings are?

Why do Americans keep their cats indoors all the time?

I'm sure not EVERYONE in the UK lets their cats outside to roam unsupervised. I keep mine in because I want to know they are safe and where they are. Outside cats can be hit and hurt/killed by cars, trapped, poisoned and get FELV or FIP from other cats. Or be subject to fleas and ticks all the time.

My cats are very healthy and happy being inside. You may have only had 6 lucky cats - next one may not be so lucky. I have no problem with cats outside IF you are responsible and supervise them outside with and enclosure so they are on your own property or a harness/leash.

BTW it only takes one person not liking cats on their property and sets out traps or poison to get rid of the cats that are allowed outside unsupervised. We live in a small town and just recently found out a business owner is putting poison out for stray cats (he has that right). There has been a drastic decrease in stray cats..........................

Added - to the OP - we all have different opinions - if you feel your cats have to be outside, I have no problem as long as you are RESPONSIBLE - by supervising them outside. I feel my cats are happier and healthier being inside. You respect our inside opinions and we will respect your outside opinions. Don't put down those of us who feel inside is better!

Can pedophiles EVER be cured/rehabilitated?

The truth is very much different to what most people are claiming here.

Someone compared pedophilia to an alcohol addiction, and in some way, it is true, and in fact the way addictions are treated/managed has informed the way we treat sex offenders.

Relapse prevention is a key in treating sex offenders. One goal is to teach the offenders about the situations that increase the likelihood of them offending, for example they may feel depressed to stressed due to life situations

By giving them the tools to recognise when they are depressed or to help them deal with the stress, then you are helping them to avoid the high risk situation, and thus preventing them from re-offending.

Of this is very much an over simplification of the process, as there are many are elements involved.

But can they be cured? No.

Can they be rehabilitated and stop offending? Yes they can.

Do Chinese people like black people?

I think it is just a preference. Dark skin in Asia is seen as less attractive than White skin. Just like in America, being Fat is seen as less attractive than being Skinny.I’ve been living and working in Shenzhen, China for about 2 years now, and I can honestly say that I have never experienced any racism or discrimination.Let me first say that although I am African-American, I do have a lighter skin-tone. In fact, I have come across a lot of Chinese locals who have darker skin than I do. I’ve never experienced the same issues most dark-skinned Africans, or African-Americans have face here. I have heard some crazy stories, though.I know a few dark-skinned guys here who tell me they are judged on a daily basis. Kids scurry away from them in fear, Chinese women avoid them, locals point and say, “Hey look, black person!” in Chinese. These are things I have never experienced, and I’m black (by race). I believe it has something to do with my light-skin tone. According to my girlfriend (who’s Chinese) it’s also because I am handsome, and I have a friendly face (this might be a stretch).A Chinese woman once told me that she preferred African-Americans of my skin tone. “They are usually smarter, friendlier and more cultured.” Most job postings prefer White European or American teachers, but a large majority of them also say “Obama-skin color is also okay!” Most Chinese locals are not used to seeing black guys, whites, sure. So, when they see a black guy, they are a little taken back. Some don’t know how to react. There are plenty of videos online with Chinese locals staring and taking pictures with black people, simply because they are not used to seeing them.The important thing to remember is that not all Chinese people are like this. Most are open and friendly and appreciative of all cultures. I have had some great times here. Drinking with locals, playing basketball and soccer with locals, traveling with my girlfriend and her friends. China is a beautiful country and you should never allow a small minority of prejudice, close-minded individuals to discourage you from visiting.Thanks for reading!

A few questions for former Jehovah's Witnesses?

@stranger - they are just questions.

@sweetheart - thanks for answering

@Joseph - Wow, you read into much of what I said. There is no disrespect at all in my questions nor my disclaimer. As for your quote, I believe that with all my being. We only know your side of the story. It is one sided. You are not perfect and you should shoulder the blame as much as you blame your former brothers and sisters. I am human as well. I can misread and misunderstand what people write. This is what I read when I saw your note about your struggles. it seemed to me that you tried to strongarm one of your former brothers into lending you money. You went as far as using scriptures to defend your position and you felt you were owed this money. I totally believe you are brainwashed to believe what you believe. How can anybody get that from studying the Bible I do not know. We do not strong arm our brothers into loaning us money. I do not know why he would not loan you the money. I doubt it was greed. Your