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Why Is Racism Always Dragged Into Everything In Sa

Do you think it's racist for someone to call me Somali?

I feel you because as a black American I heard some dumb unitellengent people say we are mix
And not full black. BS we are full black if you claim that rape blood you mentally ill
I HATE blacks when they claim rape blood.
If someone called me mix I will be utterly offended

Signed"sir black mamba"

In the US, why is blackface offensive but straight man doing drag or playing gay roles isn't?

Most importantly:Lexa Michaelides's answer to In the US, why is blackface offensive but straight man doing drag or playing gay roles isn't?Also good information, in other questions on Quora:In the US, why is blackface offensive but straight man doing drag or playing gay roles isn't?Is it fair to compare wearing blackface and dressing in drag?Why is drag OK and blackface isn't?Is it fair to compare wearing blackface and dressing in drag?Do drag shows differ from blackface in terms of appropriateness? How so? Feminists and queer perspectives would be greatly appreciated.Why don't people see drag, particularly of the vulgar variety, as being akin to blackface considering the history of female oppression?Why is Drag not considered as insulting toward women as blackface is toward Africans?Why is drag not seen as offensive by the majority? Aren't most drag queens making fun of women/femininity?

I'm a black woman married to a white man. I feel that he's racist and it makes me act racist too. What to do?

I've been married to my husband Alex for 5 years. I love him so much, I really do. We have a two year old son together. He's a white man who grew up in a racist, hick town in Texas and I'm a black woman who grew up in the rough, urban streets of Harlem. But we are college educated, we have jobs and we live in a NJ suburban area. Alex is a wonderful man but our backgrounds clash at times. I can't even vent to him about the struggles in my family such as my brother being in jail, my sister being on drugs...the list goes on. His answer is always "black people bring it on themselves".

In my frustration, I call him a cracker and a white piece of trash every time we argue. But yesterday, it got worse. Alex and I were riding in a car with my coworker/friend Nick and his wife Emma. Nick and Emma are both white by the way. I always felt that Nick could do so much better than Emma because Emma comes off as a stuck up, self-centered HOE. Plus, I can just sense that my husband and Emma want each other because they act too flirty. Anyway, the four of us were in the car coming back from Maryland. Nick was driving with Emma in the passengers seat. Alex and I were in the back. Alex and I had a huge argument because he refused to answer my question if he was interested in going back to white women or not. I called him a cracker and I told him that my BLACK ex boyfriend was more of a man than he will ever be(in and out of the bedroom). I also told him that I'm having sex with other men and they're all black(I lied but I said it just to piss him off). I proceeded to call him his RACIST mother right in front of him and call her every b*tch and whore in the book. But Alex grabbed my cell phone and then I lost control and punched Alex in the face. We had a huge physical fight in the car. My nose was bleeding and Alex had scratches all over his face, neck and chest plus I blacked his eye and ripped his shirt. Nick and Emma had to pull over in the middle of the highway just to break us up. They were PISSED. Now, it's been over 24 hours since Alex and I talked. I'm crying because I love him. I'm expecting Alex to pick our son up from his godfather's house tonight, so I'll see him then. I know I was wrong but did I come off as racist or is he racist? Who was wrong and what should I do? If I didn't love this man so much I wouldn't even need advice.

Why do White guys love pick up trucks?

6'6" 225Lbs try putting that in a car my 2500 dodge crew cab does with no problems, I have seen blacks in f150's hell they are all over the place here