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Why Is Self Defense So Complicated

Some self defense moves?

locks are probably too complicated for you to learn outside of class... if you're in a school fight then learn how to punch hard and realize that always going for the head is a dumb idea because it is a small target and people will defend it.
If you're in a school fight, make the person think you're going for the had, then try and get em in the gut. if they double over then their head should be open for some shots, then go back for the body when they defend their head. don't hit em in the back of the head. in a school fight, groin shots are pussy moves.

In a real fight, anythign goes. go for the nuts, the yes, the knees, the ankles, the toes, the nose, the back of the head, and anything like that. & don't forget that real fights have no rules. hair pulling is very effective to control an opponent. not just randomly pulling it, grab it to control their head so you can slam their head into your knee, into a wall, into the ground, or just to pre-occupy them while you think of your next move. punch them in the throat... just do anything that will get you out of danger as fast as possible, and realize that when i say a 'real fight', its a fight for your life, not a fight against a bully or something

I hear you.Don't you just love modern day morality? “Run away, give up your wallet or watch (possessions), ‘de-escalate’ the situation…” Appease, appease, appease!Sadly, this seems to be the legal standard as well. If you're attacked and don't curl up into a fetal position while waiting for the police to arrive, then you're at fault. Can't hold a crackhead accountable for his actions, now can we?Why is this the case? It is because, from the state’s perspective, your individual life has no value outside of its utility in increasing their power. In fact, if you defend yourself or loved ones, your life has negative value. Self-defense represents a threat to the state. Independence must not be tolerated - the collective is all that matters.Thus, the authorities will continue to progressively criminalize any action for which they are not “needed.”I'd like to be clear though: this is an issue caused by bureaucrats, judges, lawyers, and activists. Guys in uniform don't begrudge you your right to self-defense, though they will execute their duties if forced to.In college, I came home one day and our backdoor was wide open. None of my roommates were home, so I found it odd. I walked in and was immediately confronted by a guy pleading, “I just needed to use the bathroom.” It was strange, but young and naive I showed him to the restroom. While he was in there I quickly looked around to see if anything was out of place (nothing was - I must've arrived just after he'd entered) then showed him out. I told one of my roommates what happened when she got home, and even though she wasn't missing anything she was freaked out and called the cops. The officer arrived, asked a few questions, and after I explained what happened, he advised, “Man, you should've beat his ass.”…yea, he was right. But I'm a millennial and know only the fetters of civil obedience. It's shameful, really.

its called racism when its used against one or some groups, if you will call a group with their color, religion this is racism.

….how would adding more weapons to the mix help things?Lets say that your hypothetical attacked woman is allowed to carry a gun (Theresa May has gone completely mad and legalised hand guns for self defence, and replaced Nelson’s Column with the gigantic Monument to Boris)But…..your hypothetical attacker also carries a gun - since he can now claim he’s carrying it for self defence.So, when the hypothetical attacker attempts to inflict horrors upon her at gunpoint, she either has the choice toDo nothing (same result as if she had no gun)Reach for her gunAt which point, she probably gets shot dead by the attacker.……And that’s an improvement?The UK self defence laws are pretty self-explanatory: you are allowed to use reasonable force to defend yourself. That means yes, if a man attempts to attack you in your house and you give him a good seeing to with a cricket bat, then you’re OK - but if you’re wandering the streets with a cricket bat just in case - then that’s not allowed.The belief of the majority of the British public is:If everyone has a weapon, you’re no safer than if you didn’t have a weapon - since the guys attacking you will also have access to more weapons! In fact, you’re less safe, because rather than being mugged by two blokes who might punch you if you resist - you get mugged by two blokes armed to the teeth with lethal projectile weapons.In both cases you should hand over your wallet, but if shit goes down, in the UK you’ll end up with a few broken bones. In the US, you’ll get your brains splattered over the pavement.Given we’ve got the NHS, we don’t mind taking the broken bones, thank you very much.

Dream about killing in self defense?

Background: I am a 27 year old female.

I had a dream that a man kept trying to kill me. In my dream it was the night. We were outside. Although he didn't have a weapon, I somehow knew he was trying. It went on for quite a while. Eventually, I told him I was going to kill him so he wouldn't kill me. I tried to hit him in the nose to break his nose but I was much too weak, and then I tried to kick him, uh, where it counts, but again I had no strength. So I turned around to look for a weapon and 2 girls who were my friends in the dream (I don't know who they are in real life) pointed to a stick. I think at this point we were outside of an elementary school. So I grabbed the stick and jabbed him with it in the face and then the throat. He went down and was not quite dead but pretty lifeless. There was no blood but I saw his neck, skinny and mangled. Then I got scared that I would be charged with murder when it was self defense. So my friends put the body in a white trash bag and then I helped them put it in my trunk. I kept trying to call the police but the number wasn't working. I didn't know what to do with the body, I thought about chopping it up and burying or burning it, but I knew if I did that I would definitely go to prison. Any ideas on what in the world this could mean?

What is the difference between self defense and battered woman syndrome?

This is a very good ?. I think it is also a COMPLEX ?. Nature has instilled in us 'anger'. Anger comes when we feel we have been slighted. Everyone's anger point is different & usually mellows with age as long as we are in constant contact with other human beings. Anger helps us survive when we feel threatened. How we use that anger is the key point in using our emotions effectively & our own survival depends on appropriately using our anger. If we use anger in an appropriate way--like starting a charitable organization or making a public speech about what angered us--the emotion of anger is a great thing that can be beneficial to us & society as a whole. But sometimes we act in a rash manner when we get angry. We lash out instead of finding a good resolution to the problem. Riots & gang violence are negative ways we use our violence that sets us back many years & ultimately, decreases the chances of our species survival. Now when it comes immediate violence, the lines get blurry very quickly. When someone strikes out at us physically, we immediately get on the defensive & oftentimes lash back. We don't even have time to THINK if the violence was life-threatening or not. But I DO believe that you should not dish out what you cannot take in return. Scenario: I don't care if you are a 99-pound woman. You have NO right hitting a man. A 99-pound man would be ostracized for hitting a woman. I think there should be no discrimination when it comes to this.

Absolutely. So is armed self-defence, so long as you weren’t going around tooled up for that specific purpose. The rule is that defence must be proportionate.It’s very rare here for criminals to be out to kill you, so you’re not expected to go around primed to kill criminals, because that’s a disproportionate response, when you’ll probably only encounter a handful of criminals in your life, and the odds that they will want to kill you are thousands to one against.But if somebody does want to kill, rape or seriously injure you or someone else whom you are protecting, you can hit them with anything you like and go on doing it until they stop being a threat. Ideally you should either escape from them or knock them down and tie them up, but if that isn’t practical, you can kill them.For example, a few months ago a violent burglar threatened a family, and the householder stabbed him to death. The householder was taken into custody for a few hours while the police confirmed that it had been legitimate self defence, and was then released without charge. OTOH, a black woman in the US was recently jailed for many years for firing a legally owned gun into the air, to scare off an attacker without hurting him.

Is krav maga a good self-defense course for women?

IF you have a teacher who knows how to teach women. You already seem to know that there is a difference in what a woman can do and what a guy can do and the majority of techniques have slight variations. Unless you have knowledge that a technique does not work exactly the same way for each and every student you will not be able to teach it effectively for everybody. A lot of guys can not relate to why women can not do this or that and then women get a rap of being 'not as good' as the guys. Nothing could be further from the truth if the teacher knew how to teach. The next step is women are getting cut slack and the guys go 'easy' on the girls to give them a break. Guess what, your attacker will not give you a break and your male class mate just did you a huge disservice. Krav Maga is a fairly new martial art and the latest craze. Many teachers just slapped a few techniques together and are marketing their 'skill' for a quick buck. That is the danger in a new martial art.
I am not saying the martial art is bad. Just make sure you pick a good teacher. Watch a class and watch the girls and if you find that they are being given slack and really can't fight their way out of a wet paper bag find another teacher.
Self defense courses are short term and if you really want to defend yourself you have to keep training. Martial arts is like hot water. It cools quickly if not attended to. A technique you learned 5 years ago might not work so well if you need it when you have not done it in a long time. Just something to consider.

6.6.2016 — “Why is self-defense allowed but taking revenge not allowed?”For me, the principle is minimum force required to protect yourself.If someone is about to punch you, shooting them would get you into trouble in many places (e.g. states in the US).Revenge is not necessary at all to protect yourself from attack; there is no attack against you when you take revenge. Thus if you killed the person, you would likely end up with a murder charge.You could argue that ‘revenge’ will protect you against further attacks. But the counter is that you could move away, you could build defensive measures, and, above all, you could request protection from the authorities. In any case your argument would carry zero to little legal weight.At the communal level, there was a time when individuals and families — the tribe or village — had to ‘take care of business’. My guess is that it was a harsh way of life. Today, we have moved to a different way. The positive is that ‘unpleasant business’ has become professional — armies and police. That is a benefit for many although we know that it comes at a cost. There are further negatives — we lose contact with the means of life (agriculture etc). But there is a gain in independence — the opportunity to make more of life.