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Why Is She Doing This To Me

Why is she doing this if she broke up with me?

Ignore her and distance yourself.  She is feeding off of any attention she gets from you.  Do not talk about her or the past relationship.  Physically put space between you and move on.  If she is harassing you beyond the usual annoying looks, you should report her to the proper authority.  This should dissipate and she will be involved in a new drama soon.  She is still angry or hurt about something.  Even though she ended it, she may have felt disappointed and sad about the loss.  You already tried to talk to her, but she may have been too upset or does not trust that opening up about it would help.  Give it time.

Why is she doing this in front of me?

I can tell this girl likes me, but I can't tell if she's into my buddy or trying to make me jealous? She is fairly shy and soft spoken. When I started she would put herself around me, blush, and act really nervous around me. She wold stare at me all the time and give me this deer in the headlights looks lol. My buddy started a few months after me. Her and I have been walking and talking for months and I've never seen them do this. One time at lunch she was sitting across from me and him next to me. When we sit down she flips her hair over her head and smiles real big at him in front of me, like I felt it was blatantly obvious but it made me super mad and jealous. Another time her and I are walking and talking together, when we get to the end of the hall my buddy pops up on the other side of the glass door and she smiles real big at him. Her and I walk past him and she turns around immediately and looks at me and doesn't know which way to go, lol. Why does she do this?

Why is she doing this to me?

Pssst....You might be overlooking the obvious. Those might just have been her "girlfriends". Cough....hack....puke......arrrg......ah... Umm.....ya know??!?

Additional Details....

Those "gays""guys" in the photos......can't make it any more crystal than that.....

Please Iam confused, why is she doing this?

That's kind of cruel actually, especially since your friend just passed away yesterday. Did she delete the pictures and stuff on his page? Or just delete you? If she just deleted the pictures maybe she did it for her own piece of mind since she is going through a rough time.

Sorry for your loss.

Mean comments from a colleague? Why is she doing this to me?

Sometimes you'll meet people who are mean spirited and like to put others down. Other times,, you'll meet someone who does not think before she speaks. Still other times you'll meet people who do not especially like you even though you have not given them cause. She might be jealous because you are single and able to get around and she is tied down to family obligations. Still others see a single person with no children and think that it is odd that they have not married and have had children. Nest time "Ms. Congeniality" makes an odd ball comment, take a deep breath and ask her why she made the comment. Do not stand there and try to defend yourself and your life. turn the comment right back to her.

As a 67 year old, petite single woman, I have faced many stereotypes. I generally try to ignore comments but if they continue, I put them to rest. Recall asking to join a lunchtime walking group at work. Others were concerned that I might not make the trip even though I mentioned that I was an avid hiker (12-15 mile day hikes)and jogged every day after work. Guess they thought it was all talk and no action. Well.. being the show off that I am, I kept up the pace and even got the others to jog back to work. Come to think of it, there was a lot of talk that afternoon in the office about me and that little walk... From then on, no one tried to pin a "fragile, little old lady" label on me.

LGBT: why is she doing this... wont approach me?

similar to my story except i'm that serious, quiet lesbian. my crush and i have good long eye contact, but i always look away first. when we stare at each other, i feel lost in her gorgeous eyes. time slows down, and it seems like she's moving in slow motion. i am mesmerized by her beauty. so many questions pop up in my mind at the same time: is she judging at me? does she want to know me as a friend? does she like my clothes? is she into me? is she doing this to play the game? what if she's just friendly and straight and i might make her uncomfortable if i continue staring at her and she will stop looking at me and will avoid me from now on? that's when i look away. i don't know what she wants and i don't want to make the situation awkward. i'm afraid to approach her because i'm that nervous around her (lol) but really i don't want to make her feel uncomfortable with a wrong idea of what she wants. try to wave, say hi, make a small conversation, or even just smile. just a warning: don't be surprised if you smile at your crush and she looks away quickly. just keep looking at her and she might come around. even if my crush smiles at me, this will melt my heart but i'm really super shy so i will look away quickly but eventually look back at her. good luck!