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Why Is Soul Calibur Ii Acting Weird

What are the best video games with playable female characters?

I’m going to second the Portals and Beyond Good and Evil, and then add:Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EPIt is my second favorite game to date. For the art, for the music, for the rhythmic boss battles, for the story, for the sheer creativity. There really is not a single game out there like this one.Life Is StrangeUnlike many other games with playable female characters, this one doesn’t have a protagonist who could just as easily be hotswapped with a male character. The whole game would have to be written, as this game is at least partially about the experience of being a teenage girl. Sure, she can time travel and change the past and stuff, but I think the focus in this game is on character conflicts.American McGee’s AliceI wouldn’t bother with the sequel, but there is just something so charming about Rogue’s take on Lewis Carroll’s timeless legend. Sure, the graphics are nothing to speak of anymore, but there’s something fascinating about the droll way Alice delivers her lines before going on a murderous rampage. If you like action platformers, it’s worth spending the few hours it takes to beat it. Unfortunately or fortunately, it’s old enough now that the only way to get it is to steal it.Sanctum & Sanctum 2Okay, it’s not really consequential here that the protagonist is female. Heck, I don’t even think her name is ever stated. It’s just what the developers felt like making. The gameplay, on the other hand, is definitely something novel. If you like tower defense games and you like first-person shooters—well, maybe you’ll like this too. The games proceed in phases, alternating between building and upgrading towers and weapons and sending enemies through the maze you’ve built will running and gunning and sniping and racking up money to spend on the next phase. All the traditional tower defense elements are there: pathfinding enemies with different traits, ground and air based enemies, free-form maze building, etc. But there are other elements only possible in a fully 3D explorable world as well, such as items you can collect by exploring and doing some technical platforming. Plus, it supports network co-op play. I say give it a shot. It’s not very expensive.

Can somebody tell me can PLAYSTATION_3 (USA Version) play Japanese game?

Yes yes it can.

If you could host your own award show, what would be the categories and who would get nominated?

First I wanna share. if quora have its own Bollywood award in different categories. according to my observation.1.Quora People Critics Award - Rajkumar Rao2.Quora People Haters Award - Salman khan3.Quora People Over-acting Award - Katrina kaif4.Quora Villain Award - Sanjay dutt5.Quora Crush Award - Disha Patani6.Quora Praising Award Male - Nawazuddin siddiqui7.Quora Praising Award Female - Radhika apte8.Quora People Choice Award Male - Ranveer Singh9.Quora People Choice Award Female - Deepika Padukone10.Quora People Choice Starkid Award Female - Alia Bhatt11.Quora People Choice Starkid Award Male - Ranbir Kapoor12.Quora People Choice Hypocrite Award Female - Priyanka chopda, Anushka Sharma & Sonam KapoorNow my award show, winners and categories :-1.Best eyes expression and Best dialogue delivery Award - Ajay devgan2.Best comedy expressions Award - Akshay Kumar3.Best powerful Voice Award - Sunny deol4.Best Emotional expressions Award - Govinda5.Showoff Award - Ranveer Singh6.Silence award - Emraan Hashmi7.Best dance Award - Govinda and Hrithik Roshan8.Over-Expectations Award - Shahid Kapoor9.Patriotism Movies Award - Akshay Kumar10.Best punches Award - Sunil Shetty11.Best kicks Award - Akshay Kumar12.Best entertainer Award - Salman KhanThanks for readingYoursMR.2693( Dil Se in Hindifrom heart in english )