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Why Is T.o.p So Friggen Hot

I'm bisexual but I will dare to answer this anyways.Most people don't know that you are gay/bisexual unless you tell them or dress in a way that shows it quite clearly or talk in a specific way.I myself don't know when I see a straight man or a gay man, and frankly I don't care, If confident (or drunk) enough I’ll approach anyways. You never know till’ you ask, and even if he is straight one might still have a shot at it. ;-)In all seriousness though, it is hard to spot if a person identifies in one specific way or the other. If you look at me you’d have to really really look at the little details to get to the conclusion that I'm bisexual.In my case, some gay people approach me at night clubs but it's mainly because I dress a bit odd, talk a bit girly and is a bit feminine while drunk I guess, not a bisexual trait in general, but some have it, and because of this they approach me. I rarely would have guessed that the person approaching was gay or bisexual himself had he not approached. Some gay people can spot that I’m that way and my family can't even see it, so there is something, I’ll call it off as sharpened senses and a good eye for spotting ass glancing eyes or spotting the walk and arm movements of the person you are in doubt about. I sometimes spot it this way, but I also do get surprised quite often. This might be different for gay people, I don't know, but for me it is this way and I’d assume it is very much the same.

Its my brain, its not my fault.I have an intense stare, a previous employer remarked on it several times, and said that I should be in sales. They point blank said, “Do people find you intense?”Yes. And I definitely make some people uncomfortable.I’m an intense person. When I met one of my current bosses, she called me crazy, and told me that she “didn’t want any drama”.If you read through my questions and answers at Quora, I’m definitely not dramatic. I miiiight be a bit full of myself though.Some people will not make eye contact with me. So I’m either a creep or hot. Perhaps both. I can multi-task.

Can you please help me and my friend make gum? pretty please with a suitcase on top!?

yoyoyoyo! :) me and my biffle Olivia are trying to make gum....we have no idea how without the friggen gum i mean if we ABSO-FRUITLY must use gumbase....where can we get it? DONT U DARE SAY JEWEL. but um yeah so where can we get it??? and if we can do it wit out gumbase....can u givesss us the recipie? also, we dont wanna buy like a kit onlinne, cuzz we r doing this 2DAY! thanks yalll!

Female Ejaculation aka Squirting: Hot or Not?

Guys absolutely find it hot for many reasons. For one, it's a visual sign of how much he's turning you on. For another, it's an absolutely mystery to them.

But there are plenty of ways to prevent the constant laundry. Buy a waterproof mattress pad, like one you would use on a child's mattress when they are still learning their bodily queues to use the bathroom, or on an elderly person's mattress who's incontinent. If you put the mattress pad on the bed (on top of the sheets and blankets) before sex, you only need to wash that after sex. You'll still have clean, dry sheets and blankets.

Or if you'd prefer something a bit sexier than a mattress pad, look into getting a Fascinator Throe made by Liberator. One side is satin. The other is either a soft shag or microfiber. The core is waterproof. Again, throw that on the bed before sex then that's the only thing you have to clean afterward.

Hehehehe…..Oh it joys me that this question was asked.League of Legends have some of the best waifus ever.(In my Opinion)I would date AhriAhri is a Kitsune. Kitsunes are Fox deities that have Humanoid forms. This is friggin amazing. Ahri has a very playful, seductive, yet proud personality that I find very attractive.Just look at this beauty! She can make all of my problems go away with just a snap. She can use magic to protect me and I can cuddle up every night with her in her tails. OwOWe can make kit babies after we possibly get married and we would be a happy family. Maybe she can teach me magic, or how to fight.#Bestwaifuever

Who Is The Sexiest Fire Sign?

Well the hottest fire sign guy I've seen was a Sagittarius OMG. He was....mmm yummy, he looked like a friggen model, and I'm serious. He was very tall too. I hated that he was cocky though, he one time pucked his lips or something, he was trying to make a joke but when he did that I blushed LOL wow but me and him dont get along and we both helped out at the office at high school. We were treated special LOL Anyways another hot fire sign guy I know is an Aries but so immature for me. Me and him get along perfectly fine though he always says hi to me when he passed by me during passing period, and yeah I've talked to him about relationships but he was so in love with a girl who didn't like him at all she was crazy lol

Should I wear booty shorts to Disneyland?

Tomorrow I'm going to Disneyland, I'm turning 14. Its hot cuz I'm in LA so I wanna wear shorts but are there pervs? Last time I wore my shorts my dad was staring at me too much & some men were staring to. Should I wrap a sweater around my waist?

They're not that short they're this size:

Should I get high cut converse or low cut?

I always had low tops and I loved them bc I always wore them w/ jeans. But I recently got my first pair of high tops for the summer bc I wear shorts. So if u r going to wear shorts I think high tops are cuter but if you can't even see the top bc ur wearing pants.

As far as what to wear them with, it really depends on the color. For brighter colors, I would wear something more simple like shorts and a tee, but for more neutral like black and white, dress them up with maybe a brighter tee or layers:)

Good Luck! Btw: I have pink high tops and I L-O-V-E them:)