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Why Is The Left So Upset That Hobby Lobby Pays For 16 Different Forms Of Birth Control

What is the most ethical U.S. corporation?

Among big US corporations, there's really only one answer to this question:Costco Wholesale CorporationSeriously, this is a complete no-brainer. Consider the following.Considerate of regular folks: The hot dog & soda combo costs $1.50, which is the same price as it was 30 years ago. Costco has stated that the price of a rotisserie chicken will remain $4.99 for the foreseeable future. Why? When Wall Street piled on the pressure to raise prices, the CFO replied that Costco was willing to risk erosion of its margins to keep these foods affordable for low-income shoppers.Treatment of customers 1: Amazing return policy and warranty on big-ticket items.Treatment of customers 2: Refundable membership fees, with no questions asked. Also, if you don't spend enough to justify the membership fee, Costco will refund you the difference. Old people & sick people: Costco's pharmacy has some of the lowest prices for generics of any big store, often beating the traditional guys like Walgreens and CVS.Top-notch quality: You can buy USDA Prime beef there. I can say from considerable personal experience that Kirkland brand vodka and scotch are excellent. And the high-end cheese and charcuterie selection will match Whole Foods' any day.Treatment of employees 1: It pays much better than its competitors. The average Wal-Mart employee is paid $8.81 per hour. The average Costco employee is paid $20.89 per hour.Treatment of employees 2: 90% of Costco's employees have employer-sponsored health insurance. Costco is also ranked #19 out of the biggest 1000 corporations in the US as a friendly place for LGBTQ workers.Treatment of employees 3: Thanks to Deborah, it turns out Costco promotes 70% of its intermediate management positions from within rather than externally. This means (presumably) that entry-level employees are supervised by people who've been in their shoes before. Costco also has ridiculously low turnover rates--less than 6% for all employees, less than 1% for senior staff--which suggests that most people don't mind working there, given the alternatives.And, in the thing that matters most to a ruthless, rightwing, baby-eating, blood-sucking capitalist Republican like me, Costco's return on equity since the Financial Crisis has mopped the floor with Wal-Mart's:While I like Kris Rosvold of course--great mustache and all--this just goes to show that publicly traded corporations aren't, in themselves, evil. It depends how the company's culture works.

How have you personally experienced religious discrimination?

Yes I have - the first time was in boarding school (Philips Academy of Andover - the alma mater of both Presidents Bush and JFK Jr.) in my dorm - probably around tenth grade. There was a Greek guy in the dorm who liked to refer to me as his “little kike.” Nice - coming from New York City I had never really heard the term and was completely unprepared to handle it.My college years at Georgetown University were uneventful.Quora has a few antisemitic trolls who have no issue with violating the BNBR rule - one is particularly persistent and has reached a level of infamy on Quora - and outside of Quora - I have seen some rather unusual claims and sooner or later, if you are Jewish you encounter this particular person.Others have left comments that are obviously antisemitic - I have had my last name put into the infamous triple parenthesis - and that person (whose name was easily determined to be fake) was reported to Quora, and was blocked from me.What concerns me is the frequency that it is appearing in this day and age. Once in awhile can be dealt with - but it seems that the proverbial genie has been released - and some people think that this is acceptable behavior once again. It is not. And, unlike in past times, people are not going to take it lying down.There are a few people on Quora who release intense mocking of such people - they’ve gotten banned on occaision, but it seems that humor is something that the typical antisemitic troll lacks - in abundance.

What are some interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani?

Born in Aden and raised in Mumbai, Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India and is one of the powerful personalities is the world. Besides his business interests, he has more things to be explored.Here are some facts about the Reliance Head Mr Mukesh Ambani which could make a person from a middle class family feel more close to him. After all you can't expect to see the richest Indian man enjoying fast food on a roadside stall... amazed read on.1.He likes very basic food of every indian - Dal Chawal, roti, sabzi etc.And he will eat anywhere, roadside stall or posh restaurant as far as the food is tasty.2.He is a vegetarian. His favourite place is Mysore Cafe at Matunga, Mumbai. He loves paanki from Swati Snacks a restaurant at Tardeo.3.When he has guests coming home, he enquires what they would like to have and asks it to be prepared. And he always serves a special dish with his own hands to his guests.Nita Ambani practices her classical dance everyday and he can't resist watching her dance!4.He has either his Father's photo or the family photo with his parents and siblings in every room of his house.5.He spends his Sundays with his mother and children. He loves watching movies and never misses one. His friends take his words about the verdict of a film (whether it'll be a hit or flop), and they claim he is hardly wrong anytime.6.He never celebrated his birthday except his 50th one at the Jamnagar plant with his employees. But spends huge time planning wife's birthday bashes and presents. He believes that the best celebrations are only with family.7.He never leaves home without praying.8.His colleagues claim they have never seen him shouting or lose his temper.9.He loves cars especially German. Always owned executive cars like Mercedes, Bently and Maybach.10.He wears clothes very similar to his dad; white shirt and dark coloured trousers. He has no knowledge of brands. If asked he says, "I wear anything which fits me".11.He reaches office at noon and works till midnight.12.He loves old Hindi songs and spends Sundays listening to them.13.He makes it a point to shake hands with each of his son's friends whenever they come home.14.He loves to chat and can go on for hours.15.He loves to take long walks. He often takes his colleagues along and then begins the brainstorming sessions.I hope you find this interesting:)Regards.