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Why Is There A Different Design On The Yahoo Page Very Confusing To Say The Least

Teens: Do you find the opposite gender confusing?

I'm a girl and I also think girls are more confusing than guys. As a general rule, my own experiences have taught me...
Boys are easier. They tell you what they think, don't care so much what others think of them, tend to be more relaxed and I they never ***** about each other.
Girls are hard to understand. They are too fixated on the opinions of boys, they keep secrets, think they're "really mature" and there is so much endless bitching.
I want to find some nice girls to be friends with, because the girls I described above are pretty much all I've ever known :(
If you learn to understand girls one day, let me know!

Why do people want 'Intelligent Design' taught in science lessons when, by very definition, it isn't science?

People who believe in Intelligent Design make several errors:

1. They are ignorant of evolution and its central importance to modern biology and science in general. And they don't respect education enough to resolve their ignorance. Their religious leaders encourage them to remain ignorant.
2. They believe that science is just another belief, not realizing that science is not based on belief but on verifiable theories and laws.
3. They confuse their definition of the word "theory" (unproven belief) with the scientific definition of the word (reasoned explanation of how things work or are derived that is accepted by the overwhelming majority of the scientific community).
4. They don't limit the scope of their religion and believe so that it also includes medicine, jurisprudence, sociology, science, education, civil rights, democracy. And they mistakenly think that their religion is superior to all of those areas of study and practice.
5. The languages of religions are locked into rigid superstitious beliefs that are believed to be absolute and incapable of change or improvement.
6. They are taught a superficial religion that is designed to avoid any real difficult issues that would show the limits, contradictions, and absurdities of their beliefs.
7. They are challenged by the complexity of our modern world and wish they lived in a simpler world that did not force them to think so often.
8. Most people who advocate ID are not aware that its origin was from the spiritualist movement of the mid 1850. So its origins were religious and have always been rejected by the scientific community.

Types of Web DesignFixed designFixed site pages have a set width that won't adjust when the program is resized, regardless of what gadget the site is being seen on. On littler gadgets, for example, cell phones or tablets, substance is harder to see and can bother for clients because of the need to scroll on a level plane to see whatever is left of the substance on a page, or persistently ''squeeze and grow'' to zoom into the page's content. At the point when the program on a screen is expanded or lessened, pictures and content may outwardly go into disrepair on the screen.Liquid or Fluid designWhile resizing the program, the substance on the page spreads itself out to fill the width of the program when extended, thus the term liquid Web Design, and will look expanded or just as is has contracted. The segments containing the substance on the website page are constructed utilizing rates, as opposed to fixed segments utilized as a part of fixed design, accordingly the sections increment or abatement in size with respect to each other.Responsive designThis approach means to make site seeing simpler by showing sites on various gadgets in structures that are anything but difficult to peruse and explore. This maintains a strategic distance from the client from resizing, dish or look through the site page to peruse the site's substance. Basically the site is effectively distinguishable and usable on desktop PCs, tablets and cell phones. While making a responsive web composition, designers don't have to design numerous site organizes that have been modified for various gadgets.Sites made utilizing responsive design are designed to show diverse substance as the program is extended or diminished to foreordained sizes. For instance, when the program size is lessened to 70% of its most extreme width, the website page may have been set to show just two segments on the screen as opposed to three. At the point when the program is extended past 70% of the screen, the third section of substance will come back to the screen. Mashable has been designed thusly; tap the connection and have a play around with the measure of the program for a superior comprehension..

Yahoo!'s revenues mainly come from display advertising. Answers is just another Yahoo! property that sales ads and nothing else. The cost of maintaining such site and competing with more professional services such as Quora is too high compared to the revenue they might get off of it. If Yahoo! had to revamp any products, it would most likely be mail instead.

Is this confusing to you too???

Confusion with a capital "C"!!!
He sounds as though he is uncertain of the relationship and of his own feelings.
He says you love him too hard - perhaps he wants to be the one to make the moves in the relationship and be the more dominant?
Some guys like to take the initiative as it makes them feel strong and reliable. A girl that loves too much may take away their feelings of masculinity. I think he really likes you otherwise he wouldn't email you so much.
Try easing off and letting him make the calls.
I am sure he just wants to feel more dominant.
Once the relationship settles a bit, he may calm down and not stress so much. Just let it ride and good luck!! :)

Why are women so dam confusing?

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Is it me, or are people confused about the word 'illegal'?

Yes that's why i always capitalize ILLEGAL. Some are ignorant to the difference and some are purposely using the word to twist their arguements. You have to remember there are a great many spreading propaganda at the moment that it is all about race and we do not want any immigrants here. Doing so they recruit immigrants and children of immigrants. Those recruited seem to be very slow or resistant to educating themselves any further than what is being fed them. We also have bias teachers using this wordage in the classrooms. Instagating hostility amongst our young. (which is why so many teenagers have been in here spousing we are all racist etc)
It appears that their entire arguement is being fought with diversive means to separate and conquer threw lies, propaganda, fear and intimadation, as well as a glut of their information on the air waves and News stations. Corporation funding it. That is why i emphasize the word each time i type a post and include links. Hopeing some will go and read!

Why is it that the people who say they're the most "Christian" act the least like Christ?

I am totally turned off to religion.

I used to go to mass, religiously (a little pun). But one day I saw something that really made an impression on me: inside the church everyone is on their best behavior and acts as good as they can. Upon exiting the church this family immediately begins a heated argument, totally invalidating anything they should have learned from that day's sermon.

They should just have stayed home. Church didn't make any impression on them. It would be like giving a diet book to Homer Simpson.

The worst hypocrites I have seen are supposedly "religious" people. I remember some years ago I was trying to find a host family for two friends (male and female). I got a lot of responses, but when they discovered they were a couple, no one wanted them, because they would be living together without the sanctity of marriage.

(Note to the intolerant: they're married now; they always intended to get married, but when you're 20, it's a little young)

I like helping people, and yet when I have mentioned some of the people I'm trying to get through rough times, these "religious" people comment on their personal failings and say I should stay away.

Evidently, these people think that church is for perfect people only. Religion isn't supposed to make you compassionate and truly caring, it's supposed to be a bully puppet so you can criticize and judge other people you think aren't as good as you.

Luckily, now I live in Europe where most churches are just museums, not even owned by the Catholic church anymore. And guess what? Without the "civilizing" influence of religion, people are more tolerant and kinder to one another.

He's so confusing, what should I do?

ugh...i kno exactly wht u mean.....but hav u ever thought tht maybe he feels just as confused as u do...tht maybe he might be feeling nervous and isnt exactly sure of wht to do...i mean maybe hes waiting for u to act first....maybe u should confront him or try to talk to him....or maybe he's waiting for u to tell him u lik him directly....i mean, HAVE u told him u lik him DIRECTLY yet?? cuz maybe thts where the problems coming from....i had the same prob w/ a guy...he knew i liked him from others, but all along, he was just waiting for me to tell him my feelings directly..