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Why Is There Someone Pretending To Be Me On The Yahoos

Somebody pretending to be me and texting people! Help!!?

So some person is texting all my friends off of an Ipod number. They are saying it is me and asking some people to buy weed. It is on an Ipod number so I can't track it? I just texted them saying I was a girl. How can I find out who this is? I will get the police involved if necessary because people are asking me for weed now and I could get in serious trouble.. Thankss

Why is Yahoo asking me to pay $199.00 USD to have my password recoverred/re-set?

@Arthur Dent...

THanx for yuor reply, but yuor information was of no help.

The links you sent are useless because when I attempt to use them I am told the information I am entering is not correct - WHEN IN REALITY IT IS CORRECT!

Also, I called and spoke with Yahoo's "real" support on multiple occassions and no one can help me... the differetn "real" Yahoo reps have told me to call AT&T (who in turn tells me to call Yahoo), one person disconnected me, another person never picked me back up after saying she would be right back after she looked into something, and another person suggested the same unhelpful links you did.

Can I sue someone for impersonation pretending to be me on Facebook and using my picture?

Yes, but first I’d report them to the local police, and then press the issue with Federal or State authorities, which will enforce it.Once they’ve identified the person, you can try and go after them in a civil suit. Hopefully they have some kind of actual physical assets that you can seize.

My yahoo calendar does not send reminders anymore, I need them?

This stopped working at the same time as email alerts. Yahoo decided not to fix these and pretended it was a deliberate decision to move on to their "core" business - i.e. mobile. OOPS IT AFFECTS CALENDAR, TOO! This makes me so mad - no one ever responded to my ticket even though I waited 2 hours on the phone for tech support. And the phone person said NOTHING about a shift in Yahoo's core strengths: - Dudes, you just dumped your core strength in favor of chasing mobile fairies in order to cook your books for a few more months. Ridiculous.

What happens to emails sent to a terminated Yahoo email address? Does the sender get any notification?

The SMTP standard (think of this as the way that mail servers talk to each other) has an explicit error code for User Not Found and this is the 550 error. A correctly configured mail server will send this response code to the sending server (your email address) and it will ususually have the subject of Undelivered: and your subject line.This is your way of knowing that the account is no longer accepting emails and to find an alternate way of communicating with the person.To echo some of the other statements:Yes Yahoo knows that you sent a messageYes Yahoo logs the messageYes the sender gets a notification

Why are there so many people asking questions that seem to equate "coding" with "programming" when coding is just a very small part of programming? Has everyone bought into the fiction that "anyone can be a coder and thus anyone can be a programmer."

Doesn't matter.At the moment it seems “programmer” is again an a bit more favorable term again, some time ago it was more like this: I agree that “coder” sounds even more like “gruntish codemonkey nerd kid happy with pizza and coke”.Then there are the discussions about the “software engineer”. Is it engineering?I don't get it why our field can't stabilize the nomenclature. When I started out it was EDP (electronic data processing), then Informatics, suddenly IT was the rage until it got that helpdesk touch. Now it's often CS it seems.In the meantime electrical engineers were always called electrical engineers, physicists are still physicists, lawyers are lawyers and job ads for mathematicians still ask for mathematicians.Our job ads went from programmers to code gurus, to ninjas and pirates, software architects, software engineers, software developers, coders, wizards, hackers, implementors, computer scientists… while they suggest different things, they're all extremely fuzzy and it gets worse when combined with technologies and specializations. Like the Java Gurus, Full-stack ninjas, ethical hacker developer wizards and unity code gardeners. Not to forget the IoT block chain big data engineers and the good old IT consultants.Well, but still better than what's happening in Data Science ;).In the end… it doesn't matter. Pick the one you feel comfortable with and brings you the most respect and money at a given point in time.

554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account.?

I can login to online mail on yahoo's site with my account, but can't receive email. I can send from online mail.

However, if I send an email to myself, I get a mailer-daemon error saying user doesn't have a yahoo account.

Please help.
It's been 3-days, my communications vendor request that I contact yahoo, but this is the only method I can find to contact them for residential email.


Tips for first time giving a hand job?

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