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Why My Friend Not Ready To Return My Money.

How do I deal with a long time friend who uses me for money, without losing the friendship?

I have a friend who is constantly using me for money, wanting me to buy her things whether it be makeup, food, clothes, and other things. Even if I don't say yes, she'll look at me and grab them anyways and put me in a position where I feel like I have to pay. She rarely ever gets me anything in return, and only really ever takes. I've known her for 20 years, and don't want to give up this friendship. I'm afraid if I stop treating her, she'll drop me completely.

My friend borrowed some money from me with a promise to return after a week. He won't talk about it now. Shall I ask?

My friend borrowed some money from me with a promise to return after a week. He won't talk about it now. Shall I ask? Its been months and he seems to be spending too much money. I’m afraid he won’t be able to return if I don’t ask. There’s another friend who hasn’t returned money as he promised he would. I can’t refuse when friends ask for money. Is there something wrong with me? Should I hesitate to ask them to return?I was taught something as a child that still stands today,“Don’t lend anything you aren’t willing to lose.” and “Don’t let someone use anything that is precious to you for things can break, be lost and stolen.”Either give away freely what people ask you for, or tell them you cannot spare it. You can learn from this or keep experiencing the same feelings.If you ask about your money, you might risk the friendship. Don’t keep making friends with people who want more than friendship from you. Yes, there is something wrong with you but it is not irreparable. You believe that everyone has the same values you have, and you are risking your earnings on it. Stop it! You are starting to become the very definition of a person wishing to be taken advantage of. If you keep lending money, you will just end up with more people in front of you with their hands out asking you to take care of their financial problems.Good luck.

My friend took 16000rs from me and now he is not returning it, can I sue him?

Gather some evidence (preferably on Whatsapp or email or record the voice in phone).Send a legal notice through a lawyer.

Can you return a dog from the shelter and get your money back?

It kills me that I am even considering returning my dog but I feel like its best when I went to the shelter last week the peopel at the shelter keeped on saying on how she was one of the best dogs she wouldn't bite is playful I fell in love with her . My sister would always say she's not just Ur dog but when it came down to who was to walk her or take her to pee or pick up her poop it was me . My mom rarley let me feels responsibility ( like allowing me to go out , spend times with friends, have parties ) so since I'm not used to it I feel strange with having her like I have another life to worry about and if something happens it's up to me :( but for the past day I just felt disgusted with myself because she deserves a owner who wants her I let my sister take care of her she can give her love I just can't find to give her . The only thing is that my mom brought her for me only as a birthday gift ( even though my birthday is in September ) I talked to my mom she just laughs and thinks I'm joking when I say I want to give her back . I love dogs but I feel like I'm not responsible for one and keeping her around who remind me of what I couldn't handle . ? another thing is alson I'm afraid to give her back to the shelter I got her from cuz the workers might thing bad of me that I couldent even take care of a dog and knowing how liked she was there and they all tried to get rid of her and now she's back it'll just break me . HELP !?

My friend lied about withholdings on 2015 tax return for this year?

My friend filed their taxes and lied about amounts withheld for year. They said they are getting 5,000 back and had a friend who did it last year and received there funds. What would you do with this info if you were their friend? Will they get caught

My friend borrowed money from me and now he has refused to return it back. What should I do?

1. When money comes in a relation, it aint a relation anymore.2. You should always be cautious with lending money, no matter what unless you're Ambani or Bill Gates.3. Consider this a lesson and you can legally do nothing about it, if you don't have documentation. Even going legal will be waste of more money and energy.4. Consult his family and mutual friends and tell them about this. How badly you need that money and its not a small amount for you.5. Despite having all his comforts now, he is still refusing, he was never your friend at least from his side.6. Try meeting him personally(Only if you live nearby or leave it, that'll be wasting your money itself).7. If he's married, try contacting his wife and tell or to make him understand. If not, ask his family.8. If nothing goes well, try settling for some amount, which will be fare to you too(something is better than nothing). Tell him about some emergency and this money is all you got. Try the emotional way.9. In any case, just don't be friends with this guy anymore. Once cheated is enough.

Can I file a lawsuit for not returning back borrowed money?

Of course, it is your money, and you can rightfully claim it. If the person who borrowed from you does not return it, you can drag such person to court with the help of a legal consultant.Many may fear that involving a lawyer in India, taking a legal action shall cost them double the amount they owe, added on with hassles. It is not true though. Legal procedures are not hectic if you get a proper guide in your legal journey.A legal tech company, MyAdvo, can be your guide, as they have been successful in several instances to guide people from distress to justice. Here are certain qualities which MyAdvo possesses, which shall make you trust them in filing your petition by an attorney in their connection:Success rate: One shall obviously want to get his/her case handled by a lawyer who has handled similar cases in past and been able to get favourable order and judgement from the court. MyAdvo always gets you connected with a lawyer with a good success rate.Knowledge: It is absolutely necessary to have deep knowledge of the law to fight a case before the court, as to give the best presentation of the case, it involves a good research regarding the law, regulation, case studies related to the matter. There is a concept - ‘a lawyer with deeper knowledge charges higher’, which is not true. Here, MyAdvo can get you connected to the most efficient lawyers within your budget.Analytical power: A lawyer in order to present his case in the most appropriate way, must possess an analytical mind to find the loopholes of the law, and present the interpretation of the matter supporting the client��s side in a convincing manner before the court. The cases usually take years, but it is the analytical mind of the lawyer, that factors a lot, in getting a quick redressal.Therefore, you can trust that MyAdvo shall get you connected to the appropriate lawyer for handling your case, but also sticks by your side till a solution is reached. You just need to call them or mail them, and your work will be eased.

Amending 2012 Tax Return From Married to Single?

So my ex said that we should file married joint for the 2012 year since we were married for the majority of the year. We agreed to split the money 50/50. Well that did not happen and my friend has told me that I could have filed single and can still do so since we divorced in October of 2012.

I need to know what will happen, especially if I did not receive a portion of the refund?

or would it be easier to just file an injured spouse allocation?