Why My Signals Wont Work

Why wont my blinkers or turn signals work?

The first thing I would try is operate the Hazard Light Switch, If the Hazard lights operate cycle the switch OFF and ON several times then shut them back off and try your turn signals again ( ignition ON ), why you ask? because the turn signal circuits pass through the Hazard switch and sometimes the contacts become corroded and cause the turn signals to fail.
No Hazard Lights either? Get a test Lamp and start checking fuses.

Which Fuse?

Invest in a test light 5-10 $ at your local parts store. Using the test light check both sides of each fuse with the ignition on and the headlights on, the fuse which only lights the test light on one side is the bad one. I do not recommend the "pull and peer" method because I have encountered fuses which were physically broken but not visibly blown.

Why are my turn signals not working at all?

Most likely answer is that your flasher relay is busted.Go to your neighborhood parts store and buy a flasher/turn signal relay for your vehicle for cheap money. Around $10, so that’s all you’re risking by listening to me.Now, get your head under the dashboard of your vehicle (darn! I forgot to tell you to park it and turn off the engine!) and find the thing that looks like the thing you just bought.Replace it. You’re done.Other possible causes would be a bad switch in the steering column, but it’s really two switches, one each for left and right, so that’s not as likely. A bad bulb, likewise, would kill one direction but not both.Or the fuse could be bad or blown. You can pull the fuse yourself and test it for continuity first if you want to save the $10.

'93 Dodge Dakota Turn signals wont work?

More than likely your multifunction switch is bad.

I've had to change out two in the last two years, one a '94 Acclaim and the other a '90 Shadow. If I remember correctly the Acclaim had no high beams and the Shadow had no turn signals, when the usual checks indicated no problems I went to the wiring diagram and it showed both of these functions as well as the hazard flashers share the same wiring in the multifunction switch.

Why do my hazard lights work, but not my turn signals?

Hazard lights and turn signals use the same bulb, so it is not the bulb, the lamp, or the cables to them. Turn signals only work when the ignition is on; hazard lights work whether the ignition is on or not. The two systems have separate power supplies, so they have separate fuses. You may have a blown fuse.Different vehicles use different circuits, and it is not possible to accurately diagnose the fault with the small amount of information provided. You need a circuit diagram and a voltmeter, and a continuity tester. First locate and test the turn signal fuse. Do you have voltage to and from the turn signal switch?The hazard light switch is not a simple on/off switch. In the “on” position, a fused battery feed connects to left and right turn signal. In the “off” position, the left turn switch wire is connected to the left turn lamp and the right turn switch wire is connected to the right turn lamp, so there are 3 inputs and 2 outputs.The fault could be a fuse, turn signal switch, hazard switch, flasher unit, or a broken wire or connection.

My Ford Taurus' turn signals won't work, how can I fix it?

The blinkers worked fine to start with, I tried the hazards and they didn't work, I checked all the fuses they are fine, I wiggled the hazard switch and now the hazards work, but the turn signals still dont, so i know its not the bulbs, or fuse, or relay, maybe the switch? but i dont know how to work on that, anyone familiar with taurus' or know how to solve this?

My left turn signal won't work ON my Honda XR650L?

Exchange bulbs from left to right. If condition reverses itself the bulb has insufficient amperage draw to initiate the flash/ interrupt (include Chris's exception: the amp draw on turn is greater than park amperage / ARE we talking one or two element bulb here?). Also check ground on bulb to see if it will carry that amperage (or jumper to good frame ground to see if left blinks?) ?

Why won't people in New Orleans use their %*!@ed turn signals?

C'mon, we've all seen it in New Orleans. The person driving in front of you just throws on brakes and turns without signaling. Why does it seem so widespread throughout the New Orleans area?

1997 Ford Thunderbird...turn signals and hazards won't work!?

I've been having intermittent problems with my turn signals not working. They sometimes will work fine and the next time I try to use them, they won't work at all. My boyfriend helped me check the fuse panel and the fuses are fine. All the bulbs are relatively new. The only other thing I can think of is the flasher relay, but I don't know where to find it. Can someone point me to where to find it? Thanks!

My 1999 Ford Windstar left rear turn signal wont work.Flashers and bulbs are good.Please help!?

replace the turn signal switch