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Why Should I Buy A Phone

Should I buy a phone for my GF?

My girlfriend just got grounded for a month from everything. Phone, iPod, Computer until October and from seeing me this weekend and pretty much until December. Her parents are really upset with us cuz we broke there trust. So my question is should i buy her a phone to use so that we can still talk during this month and if she ever gets grounded again?

Where should I buy a phone case?

In your local market as well as online, you would find a number of options available for buying your phone case. But you should know what kind of cover you should buy, in terms of quality because apart from flaunting it, its safety is of utmost importance.10 Qualities you should always opt for in your phone case1. Slim2. Lightweight3. Durable4. Good quality5. Protection to your entire device, including edges6. Accessible to all ports7. Impact-resistant8. Its colors and designs should be permanent9. It should have directly embedded colors10. Shouldn’t get affected by thermal transferBuy designer and customisable Phone casesThere are many brands available in the market, selling the phone cases, made of the finest, lightest and strongest polymer- Amorphous. Stylizedd is such an online store selling good-quality designer phone cases. Despite being slim, their phone cases are durable. Plus, they usually come with impact-resistant layer/coating that gives protection from dust, drops and scratches.Apart from the designer covers, Stylizedd also offers customization for phone cases. You just need to select your device, upload an image and design it the way you want!

Should i buy a phone or clothes ?

I haven't got any new clothes since last summer and i haven't bought a phone in 2 years. My current phone is an HTC EVO 3D. I'm getting $350 for the summer. Should i save and get a galaxy s4 or should i upgrade my wardrobe ?

Should i buy clothes or a phone?

i got $70 for christmas and i wanted to get a new phone ( a blackberry curve 8900 online ) and i have a sidekick 2008. so should i keep the sidekick and get clothes or get the phone bc my bday is feb 17. so which one??

What should i buy a phone or clothes?

Think of which you need more. If you are low on clothes then that's the way to go. If you have plenty of clothes then go with the phone