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Why Should I Buy This Laptop Urgent Help

Can anyone lend me a laptop?? its urgent pliz?

am thru with college an i am jobless, want to start making simple website 4 sale, but i have no pc. so a laptop, however old, as long as dreamweaver and flash will run in it will be much appreciated. I will return as soon as I establish myself, +interest. So pliz help

How will i overclock my laptop graphics ...urgent?

my laptop specs are:
Hp pavillion dv3 2105ee
4gb DDR2 RAM
intel core 2 duo 2.6ghz
Nvidia geforce G105M GPU
i have a laptop cooler
please tell me how to overclock in order to play assassins creed brotherhood in full graphics.

Will Star wars battlefront 2 run on my laptop? HELP! URGENT!?

Hp pavalion dv5t-1000
here are the specs!
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz
Windows vista x64
Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family- graphics card

Video RAM 1.7 GB
Hardware T&L Yes
Pixel Shader version 4.0
Vertex Shader version 4.0
Directx 11

Please Help!

also i tried this on system requirements lab, but it failed, but i dont trust it!!


Help i ruined my brother's laptop?

Most likely the laptop was installing a windows update, turning it off during the configuration could corrupt the update and the windows files. This is fixable, by doing a system restore which can be done from a restore partition ( if you laptop has one ) or by using a restore CD. If you don't have a restore CD you can let a local computer guy / repair shop look at it. Fixing it should approximately take 1 to 2 hours ( 3 hours max) depending on the laptop speed.

The data as in files won't be erased the only problem will be in the windows files.
Don't worry it's fixable.

Urgent laptop help: loud humming, chirping, and running slow!?

So I've been abroad for several months now- I have a T60, IBM Thinkpad. I've had it about three years now. I downloaded skype before studying abroad which made the computer a little slow but no worries. However, a few months ago it sounded like the computer was humming. Like the fan was REALLY loud. It has been that way for a long time now. Today I heard a faint chirping noise and thought it was a bird outside or something until I realized it was coming from the computer. I put it on sleep and started it later, but the noise only lasted a few minutes before it went away again. The humming fan is still going.
Even more recently, a little sign came up in the right hand corner saying: Low virtual memory. I spent most of last night getting rid of old pictures, and stuff and emptying the recycling bin.
Went to a computer help shop. They want to remove McAfee and other antivirus programs. They want to remove a bunch of other stuff from my laptop. I do not know what they have in mind. They never said. They also want me to look at a hard drive as a backup device. And lastly they want to check the fan on my computer.
Does this sound reasonable? Does anybody have any advice of what I can do to fix my own computer? Any advice on whats causing the humming or chirping?
Thank you!

Hewlett-Packard: Urgent! How do these laptop specs compare?

Thanks for the A2A. We actually got the HP model that you have mentioned for our team of sales managers. I cannot really compare it with Dell since I have myself never used a Dell system. However, I can give you an idea about the HP one from the experiences of my colleagues - 1. The build quality is pretty good. In fact, I think HP laptops have the best build quality (except Mac). 2. HP service is also really good. One of the laptops had a minor battery issue but they changed the unit and were prompt and efficient about it. No follow ups were required. 3. The graphics processor in HP is NVIDIA which is way better than the AMD one with Dell. 4. The battery in Dell seems to be better than HP. I don't know whether the 6 cells which Dell has will actually lead to a longer battery life but on paper it sounds better. 5. The HP one comes with 8GB RAM as opposed to 6GB RAM with Dell. From my experience with windows until a year back, more RAM is always better. Our systems in office run Windows 8 on 8 GB RAM and we don't see operating troubles too often. The systems rarely hang and are fast. 6. The thing I noticed - you are getting a printer at a low price with the HP one if you buy from the link you have pasted. That seems like a good deal. I hope this helps. I don't claim to be an expert on this. That is why I have tried to give a user's perspective rather than a technical perspective. :)