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Why Was He Crying In Private After He Was Told The Following

Why did my ex boyfriend follow me on instagram? (can i have a guys opinion)?

IF he is on your social network then he needs to know what is happening over there. Since your profile is private he would have thought to see what you have as new. In my view he is just jealous or nosy. Since he is not making an direct attempt to be with you other than Instagram I doubt if he has any feelings for you.
Is he just being nosey? - Yes
Does he still have feelings for me? - I doubt if he knows other methods to contact you and he is not trying that but trying only through Instagram then I doubt if he has any feelings for you.
Does he wanna contact me? - If there is no other source that he knows of to contact you other than Instagram then he may be but not so sure about that.
Hope it helps

Can someone give me a sentence with the following words?

1. Memento mori: "While the proud general achieved a victory in battle that would be talked about for ages, he should consider momento mori and appreciate his own mortality in this life."

2. Reverie: "When wondering why I spend the lonely nights remembering our favorite song, the memory of that melody haunts my reverie, and I am once again with you." (adapted from lyrics to song "Stardust")

3. Epistle: "The sixth book of the New Testament is a detailed and formal letter written by the Apostle Paul in his epistle to the Romans."

4. Conjugal: "The prisoner was periodically released for a private visit with his wife so they could renew their conjugal relations in support of his rehabilitation and eventual release back into society."

5. Fiasco: "When he leaned on the table accidentally causing it to collapse, the wedding cake crashed to the floor in ruins, thereby turning what had been a lovely reception into a total fiasco."

6. Destitute (no such word as "destitude"): "When the artist's sponsor decided to cut off all his funding, the artist was left penniless and destitute."

7. Insouciance: "After winning the big lottery which ended his financial woes, he danced and laughed with insouciance every day and evening for weeks on end."

8. Penance: "For her moral crime of adultery, she decided her own penance would be to live as a celibate for the rest of her life."

9. In retrospect: "He remembered all the times he never told his son he loved him, and cried at his funeral in retrospect."

10. Fatuous: "I've been kicked out of much better bars!" the drunkard yelled back in his fatuous defense.


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Male dog keeps licking female dog's private?

Your Female dog is obiously in heat. it seems to me that your male dog is neutered? if not, keep them seperated or else you'll have puppies! this is common bahavior between dogs whem one is in heat. if you dont know what "in heat" means, its basically the animal term for "on their period". You may also hear the term of "in season" for other animals. this is basiacally a stage which comes once a year and is meaning your dog is ready to mate, breed or have sex in other terms

Help! my female dog is crying and panting!?and licking her butt?

shes also been digging alot in my backyard she diggs my sofas i mean scratches them and piles of clothes help i am so confused!
so yesterday my female dog had stared crying and panting and cuddling with everyone shes been following me all dog always licking her private part could this mean she just started going in heat! i know shes not in pain because she runs jumps around still begs for human food and if she were in pain she will be histercaly crying she has an apponinment aug 26 to get fix so yeah could she be in heat?
shes 2 she cannot be pregannt my male dog has not ****** her lol!
she cannot be pregnant so dont even bother to write that she doesnt have big nipples or fat stomack she has a litte flat stomach i touched her tummy nada theres no pupps!dont write shes an labor because shes not peeing alot or pushing!