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Why Was Salem Known For It

Mango City - This is the name this city is called right from the earlier days. Salem (Salem is Jilla before days) is larger and biggest market in south India for Mangoes.MangoSteelAgricultureElectricityMagnesiteLimestone

The Salem Witch Trials, and the tourist industry and the neopagan community that've grown up around it. The biggest Halloween celebration on the planet, which now lasts all October long. Those are probably what most people think of. But Salem was also the home of Nathaniel Hawthorne -- the House of Seven Gables is here, as is the Customs House that Hawthorne was working in when he supposedly discovered the embroidered "A" that inspired The Scarlet Letter.

A double execution.Salem has a long history of public executions in its early pioneer days. Murder and debauchery were common occurrences through the mid 1800s, and crimes were punished to the highest order of law.But none of the executions were as infamous as the double hanging of George Baker and George Beale on May 17, 1865.Daniel Delaney was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head on January 9, 1865. There was one witness to what happened: Jack DeWolf, a twelve year old boy who lived with Delaney.Baker and Beale knew that Delaney had several thousands of dollars worth of gold coins in his home from the sale of cattle. They drove up to the 71 year old man’s house on a Sunday evening, their faces darkly painted to resemble African American complexion, and asked for directions to the home of one of Delaney’s sons. When he stepped outside he was shot between the eyes. As he fell another shot was fired at the back of his head with a pistol.The assailants were arrested on January 14 with the help of the witness statement of DeWolf were convicted of the crimes.While the murder was an upset to the community, the news of the double hanging drew widespread attention.People drove from all local counties to attend the executions. Some walked for miles on foot. Children attended and families brought lunches to picnic along the shore of the river to witness the procession. All told, it is estimated that over 1,000 were in attendance.It is uncertain if a city-wide holiday was declared on that day, but many later reported that they had attended as school children.While being led up to the gallows, Beale spit on David Delaney, one of Daniel’s sons.At the time of the dropping from the scaffold, many fell ill at the sight.No cemeteries in Salem would accept the bodies of the pair.However, an old pioneer by the name of Daniel Waldo offered his property for interment, proclaiming that all men, good and bad, were entitled to six feet of earth.There wouldn't be another execution for 20 years.Source: THE HANGING OF UNCLE GEORGEPhoto: The location where the scaffolding was built along Pringles Creek (

Probably because they were among the last to take place. Trials for witchcraft in Britain fizzled in the early 18th century, after being pretty frequent throughout the 17th century and reaching a peak in the 1640s during the English Civil War.James I and VI was pretty interested in witchcraft and had conducted some pretty hair raising trials while still just King of Scotland and in 1604 he made it possible to try people for witchcraft in ordinary courts, not just Church courts.But towards the end of the century growing rationalism and declining superstition led to a decline in the idea that witchcraft was a real phenomenon. The last trials in England were a bit of an isolated outbreak of hysteria centered on Leicester in 1717. The actual laws against witchcraft weren’t repealed until 1736, but hadn’t been used for nearly two decades before that.The Salem trials also involved a lot of executions and deaths in jail. There had been plenty of executions in England - 1 in 5 cases ended terminally for the accused - but mass hangings had AFAIK not been known since the Pendle Witch case in 1612, which resulted in ten. Salem with 25 dead was a big toll by any standards.Witch trials were still going on back in the mother country to the colony of Massachusetts, but even so the hysteria and mayhem around the Salem case must have felt like a bit of a throwback to the early part of the century.

Why is the book Salem's lot called salem's lot? I don't get the meaning of the title?

The original title was "Jerusalem's Lot" but the publishers shortened it b/c they thought the name Jerusalem had too much of a religious connotation to attract the most readers. In shortening it, they make reference to the Salem witch hunt trials.

Why is the book Salem's lot called salem's lot? I dont get the meaning of the title?

Ohh, I've never read this or know the plot but I guess it is about witches?
If it is not then I'm sorry and you can think I'm a retard xD

Anyway, Salem, Masachusetts is where a lot of violent witch trials happened.
It is very famous for it. Sabrina the Teenage Witch's cat is called Salem, remember?
Watch Hocus Pocus. It is about witches in modern day Salem.
Also, The Crucible by Arthur Miller is set in Salem, 1692.

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Tobacco. The RJ Reynolds tobacco company was founded there in the late 1800’s and continues to headquartered there even though it now a part of British American tobacco. (You have probably heard of Winston, Salem, and Camel tobacco brands.) North Carolina is the leading producer of tobacco in the US and has been since colonial times.It is also a major furniture hub. NC was also a leading furniture manufacturer for most of the century and many major companies were located within an hour of the city. Less furniture is produced there now but it is still a big presence. The High Point furniture market (High Point is a bedroom community to Winston-Salem) is held yearly and it is largest trade show dedicated to furniture in the world.

Why did the salem witch trials occur? what caused them to happen?

Over a period of 300 years the Catholic church murdered 300,000 women through out Europe and the new colonies as witches. The 1600's were the worst. If a woman was accused of being a witch the church would have her arrested and tortured.They were tried before the church not a court. Drowning them in a "witches chair" to within inches of their lives to get them to "admit to being a witch" (Just like the Spanish inquisition). If they admitted it they were burned at the stake. If they didn't confess they continued the torture until they were dead. Either way no more witch. This shows how evil the Catholic church really is. There is absolutely no evidence that could ever prove a woman to be a witch. So basically the Catholic priests knowingly murdered 300,000 innocent women. This is not the first time that so many were slaughtered in the name of jesus. It has occurred several times in 2000 year history. Knowing this I warn you be careful what you put your faith into. Any organization like that is pure evil.