Why We Are Born To This Life

Why was I born into this life?

Hey guys well my question is why was I born into this specific life? If its all coincidence then why are some people born into lets say more fortunate lives? I'm grateful for what I have and wouldn't change anything I'm just curious as to why is my reality what it is? If it is mere coincidence then why is their children born into misery and children born into fame? thank you for answering :)

What is life? why we born and die?

I like learning new things, figuring stuff out, accomplishing something I never dreamed possible before.

Those are the things that make life worth living for me.

I think everyone needs a reason to face another day. When life becomes nothing more than an exercise or routine it no longer has any value to the individual which is dangerous for them and those around them.

You can put meaning in life with religious beliefs, friends, family, relationships, etc., but at the end of the day meaning, direction, and purpose are only philosophical concepts. If you are ENJOYING your life none of the rest of that stuff really matters!

Why are we born to die?

yah. i think a lot of us get that.

here's how i deal...

i think its because we need new ideas.

new people come into the world and have a perspective based on how it was when they got here.
they think "why not change it and do it this way"
and the world changes.
and they think ok we made this progress! we have to keep it!
but the next generation will be born into that progress and think its the "old way" and want to change it with their own new ideas... they never saw what they were born into as a reaction to older problems... the last generations new thing is their status quo.

in science, often a new idea cant get a good foothold until enough old scientists die.

if you're 18 and you're thinking "ah, im just gonna die" then you arent doing your job of having new ideas and a new perspective.
get to work slacker ;)


i guess that doesnt answer "why"...
but even if you never know 'why': you have this time...
... will you do [something] with it? or [nothing]?

i think [something] is more fun.