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Why Were There Black People In The Matrix Film

Did the movie Matrix influence people in the 90s to wear black clothes?

No, wearing black clothes, or wearing all black clothes has never really gone out of style, there may be trendy resurgences from time to time, but the movie did not influence it.The clothes and styles seen in the movie The Matrix were available, especially from Hot Topic and other such retailers, well before the movie was released at the END of the 90's.

Why do some people not hate the second and third Matrix films?

In their time, these movies (Matrix Reloaded in particular) were jaw-dropping in terms of special effects and the amount of style and production value they injected into a fight scene. Yes, the story dropped off a cliff near the end of Reloaded and Revolutions was a disappointment... but the Burly-Brawl:the Chateau Scene:the Freeway battle (most movie-goers had the same overwhelemed reaction as Link once this escalating sequence concluded):Super Burly Brawl (the anticipation before the fight still sends chills down my spine):... these scenes were worth the flaws (even the anti-climax).I also think the collective influence of the entire trilogy arguably transformed the way we perceive action movies in the same manner that Star Wars did in the late-70s. I've never worried about suspension of disbelief since Matrix Reloaded. The Matrix sequels created a norm for seamless integration of high production values into fight scenes just like Star Wars cemented the 10-minute action beat. In a sense, the sequels also liberated movie-makers who followed thereafter from even trying to out-do the shear over-the-top fight-scenes the Wachowski's were able to create. Why bother trying to out do the Super Burly Brawl in terms of an epic duel? Instead, the legacy of the Matrix sequels is that their action scenes were so good that the entire genre thereafter has basically acknowledged that it would be hard to out-do them. This has led to subsequent genre titles that emphasize different kinds of action (Transformers, super-hero movies) rather than stage a climax that could go toe-to-toe with the aforementioned Burly Brawls. Instead, action movies need to be more creative or cerebral to make a mark these days, and we owe a lot of credit to the Matrix sequels for applying creative pressure to movies that came after it.

Why do you like the movie The Matrix?

I love the premise of it. What if your life, the life you thought you were leading was a simulation? We’ve seen versions of this premise in Ready Player One, Tron, The Matrix, The Truman Show, and Life on Mars. In The Matrix, it has a lot going for it. There is that Cyberpunk vibe to it. There is the unreality of being in a place that is at the same time specific and vague about the time it is in. There are cellphones, but there are also dial up phones about. The technology is sketchy and “reality” is off. My mom thought the movie had a weird “green” tint to it and she wasn’t wrong, she just didn’t understand the reason for the environmental affectation.And then, we begin to realize that things are not what they seem. That there is this zen like thing known as the “Matrix.” That there are the odd “men in black” known as the agents that almost have a totalitarian control of those around them and we want to know why, and then, the reveal.The first movie was well paced, acted, and the story was told in a superb fashion. There were some great special effects shots, but it served the story. There was a whole “video game” aspect of the movie full of great action. And with each new answer, new questions were asked like “Is Neo ‘The One’?”The movie delivered on it’s many promises, and is an entertaining watch even after multiple viewings.

I feel retarded, but; Who is the black guy in the Matrix M--?

played by Laurence Fishburne

In The Matrix, why are the inhabitants of Zion predominantly black?

If one were to merge all the ethnicities on earth, the median would likely be a light brown.  As Zion is a microcosm of the population, it seems likely that this would have occurrd over time.

Are we in a Matrix???

The most sensical answer to this question is, "It doesn't matter." This is why it doesn't matter: If we are in a matrix, we are utterly unable to escape it. We don't have the power to wake ourselves up, unplug ourselves, and get out of the pods. In order for someone to get out of the matrix--like Neo--he had to be rescued by people who were outside of it. The people who were on the outside, initially, did not become part of the matrix, I guess, since they weren't captured by the machines. So anyway, if we're a part of the matrix, we are powerless to leave it ... so what does it matter if we're inside it? Moreover, if we are awakened and rescued by people outside of the matrix, our choices become quite awful, in a sense. There are two choices: (1) Go it alone, living in a wasteland and trying to find something worthwhile, all the while being hunted and alone; or (2) Spend your life under extreme circumstances trying to save everybody else who is still plugged in. The "truth" we would wake up to would be as limiting as the "truth" we're living in while unconscious and in the pods. ... In other words, if you're plugged into the matrix, you're under someone else's control but essentially "living for yourself," in that you get to have all sorts of daily pleasures, like steak and friendship. If you're unplugged from the matrix, you're constantly evading someone else's control and essentially living for others, in that you are trying to rescue humanity. One "message" of the matrix is that while slavery to those in power is ugly, freedom can be difficult, in that it brings much responsibility.

Why does The Matrix have a green theme?

This answer is an opinion, not fact.Older computers used displays which had green font on black backgrounds. Its pretty much the only place you would encounter such a colour scheme and is strongly associated with the advent of the digital age and computers. Basically black text on white background could be a book,but green text on black background, definitely strikes a chord of old computers and calculators. I think the movie's colour scheme strongly emphasizes they are inside a digital world. So since you are inside a digital world, when you can lift the veil of the Matrix you see what's really inside, green data on a black background.