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Why Wont My Imessage Notification Work On My Iphone 4

I no longer receive notifications for text messages on my iPhone 4. How can I best troubleshoot this?

Thanks for the A2A.If you haven’t done so already, try restarting your iPhone.Also, tap Settings, then tap Notifications and scroll down until you find Messages. Tap it and check your notification settings. Also check to make sure Do Not Disturb is not turned on. (It is really easy to accidentally turn it on in Control Center). You can tell if Do Not Disturb is on if there is a moon at the top of the iPhone screen next to the location, bluetooth, and battery indicators.If none of that works, you could try doing a Factory Restore.That’s about all you can do short of taking it to an Apple Store or buying a new phone. (Hey, it’s an iPhone 4 — maybe its time.)

How to change the iMessage notification sound?

I turned off all the notification sounds and it still has the really annoying scifi sound I tried going to sounds and it still won't change and as I said before all sound for notifications are turned off but it still makes the sound

How do I fix the iMessage “Waiting for Activation” error on my iPhone?

Do you have a imessage waiting for activation error problem on your iPhone ? So you can visit this thread and solve the problem.

How does the iPhone know when an iMessage has been read?

Read Receipts only work with iMessage, not SMS text messaging or MMS photo/video messaging.How do read receipts get sent? When you receive a message, if your device has read receipts turned on it sends the iMessage servers a minimal amount of data: that the message was in fact read on the recipient's end. This gets pushed to the sender and they see the receipt under their last sent and read iMessage in that conversation. When you send a message, if the recipient's device has read receipts turned on it will do the same process on their end and you'll see when they read your message.When do read receipts get sent? When you read an iMessage in your Messages app, a read receipt is sent to the sender if you have read receipts on; it will also send this message if you expand an incoming notification banner to read the entirety of a message or if you have Siri read the message to you. However, it will not mark as read if you view it in Notification Center or if you have message previews on and see it in the notification either in a banner/alert or on the lock screen.What about "Delivered" receipts? With both iMessage and SMS/MMS messaging on an iPhone, messages you send out will be marked "Delivered" once sending is complete. For SMS and MMS messages, this means your phone has sent it to a cell tower and the network has begun transmitting it; it has not necessarily been actually delivered to the device of the recipient. With iMessage, the "Delivered" receipt should only appear on your device once one or more of the recipient's iMessage-compatible devices with the service turned on receive the message; they may not see it on their screen yet, but their device is downloading the message from Apple's servers. (Delay can be noticeable with photo or video messages more than with text) Once delivered, your recipient still hasn't necessarily seen the message or even gotten the notification yet... whether you are using iMessage or traditional SMS/MMS messaging.

If I put my iphone on "Do Not Disturb" will my messages say delivered if someone were to text me ...?!?

I have an iPhone. If I were to put my phone on Do Not disturb is it like having my phone OFF...?!?

For example, if someone were to text (IMessage) me will it say deliverd on their phone to me ....?!?

And if they were to call would it go straight to voicemail ...?!

The iMessage and FaceTime of my iPhone 6 is stuck on waiting for activation. I've tried to toggle the on and off buttons, reset my network, sign in and out of my iCloud, I mean everything. Any suggestions?

Are you using your iPhone on a carrier that is officially supported by Apple?The iMessage and FaceTime activation process on an iPhone relies on sending an SMS message to Apple’s servers in the background in order to validate your phone number. If this message isn’t received by Apple’s servers, then the activation process simply can’t be completed.So if you’re not using a cellular plan on your iPhone at all, you’ll be unable to fully activate iMessage and FaceTime. You should still be able to sign in with your Apple ID and use it with an e-mail address — as you would on an iPad or iPod touch — but it will likely remain stuck in a “Waiting for Activation” mode in the actual Settings app.If you’re using an unsupported carrier (e.g. you brought an unlocked iPhone to a carrier that doesn’t sell the iPhone directly), there may be issues with this SMS message getting through to Apple’s servers properly, which would result in the same problem. This could be as simple as the carrier blocking international text messages — in many cases the activation messages are sent to an SMS phone number in the UK — or there could be other problems related to how the response messages are translated. WIND Mobile in Canada had a similar issue for a while, which they had to specifically fix on their end.[1]Naturally, carriers that sell the iPhone have set up their networks in accordance with Apple’s guidelines to ensure this is not a problem. Similarly, officially carriers also cover the charges for these SMS messages, where you may find yourself paying a buck or two for your iMessage and FaceTime activation to go through if you’re not using an official carrier.Footnotes[1] WIND Mobile Fixes iMessage Activation for iPhone Users

Will you get a missed call notification if your iphone is off?

So I had my iphone turned off for about an hour and turned it back on at 7:00pm and recieved a text message alert and the time of the text message showed 6:13pm. My question is: if someone had called me while the phone was off would it alert me of that missed call? Or no because there was no voicemail left? Im trying to figure out if someone who said they called me is lying...

Ios7 Imessage and Facetime activation bug?

Hey everyone. I have a question regarding ios7. I recently got my iphone 5 to update from io6 to 7 a few hours ago after a day of endless failing to do so, so now that everything is set up, I can't connect to iMessage or Facetime, which is strange because I know for a fact that it was working with ios6 yesterday. I have tried, pretty much all day today to sign into my Facetime and Imessage but I keep getting "Could not sign in, please check your network connection and try again". There's nothing wrong with my network connection, my wifi is fine. I then try to go to settings and all it says is "Waiting for Activation" on both Imessage and Facetime. Is this a problem on Apples end? because not only am I encountering those two problems, everytime I open up an app, such as facebook, kik messenger or a game for instance, a notification pops up and tells me that I have to connect to iTunes in order to get Push notifications. Anyone else having this problem with activating their FT and Imessage? As well as the Push notifications issue? Any tips or tricks I can use to Activate my Facetime? All answers would be appreciated.

So my 2G iPod Touch won't update for iMessage or any other features from iOS 5?

No, iOS 5 does not support iPod Touch 2nd Generation.

As of right now there is no way to get iMessage in Cydia. I don't know if it is possible for them to do this but if it is possible then it might take some time since iOS 5 is still new.

Right now there are some tweaks on Cydia that are similar to iOS 5 features such as:

mobilenotifier - iOS 5 style notifications
Cydia Source:

LockInfo - Notifications such tweets, new emails, events, etc. on your lockscreen
Cydia Source: (<- Not 100% sure about that source.Try searching it on Cydia.)

Hope I was able to help! :)