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Why Wont People Admit White Females Are The Most Attractive

Do non-white men find white women more attractive?

Three reasons:One, the heart wants what it wants. We all have our different preferences.Two, the more prosperous and non-threatening a race seems (regardless of whether either perception is based on fact), the more attractive that race will be to those of other races.Three, Hollywood.

Why do people think white women who date black men are trashy ? Honestly.?

Why do people think white women who date black men are trashy ?

I'm not saying YOU think that, or ALL people do...

But a vast majority of people think it, even if they won't admit it for fear of looking racist.
Just go on some website like Omegle and ask what their opinion of it is, or ask someone who doesn't care what people think...

They automatically see her and assume she is trashy, or nasty.
Yet when you see a white man with a black woman people don't assume he is scum.

What's the difference, and why is it that way?

Why is racial purity so important to white people?

They are the most attractive, do you realise how rare natural blondes are these days?

It's like all that lovely white is being bred out. I honestly am only attracted to white people and I think it is natural because I am white.

Why do people say "you are pretty for a black girl"?

You are correct. I think it's very rude & crude.

However, I would not spurn them. The fact that they can admit that one black person has the ability to be beautiful is an opening to make them see all black people are as beautiful as white people, or even better, that we are all ONE people.

Each incident is as unique as every person, pick your words carefully and I'm sure you'll make a convert, possibly a friend out of them.