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Why Would An 18 Year Old Girl Spend $500.00 To Get A Large Permanent Tattoo That Covers Her Entire

Would it be okay for me to get a tattoo of Noah covering my entire back?

God is one. He is the father of all souls (we are brothers) in the world, Supreme soul (point of light present in soul world - Golden reddish region above universe). Souls are immortal comes down to earth to play its role in drama cycle. Soul a tiny star, present in the center of the forehead can experience a connection with the Supreme Soul by thoughts.

Golden Age (Satyuga):( Heaven1) Only 900000 souls to start with. All are Soul Consciousness & happy, have the Power to adjust, tolerate, discriminate, judge, face, Pack-up, Withdraw, Co-operate. Everything (house, dress, flights, roads etc) is made up of gold here. No lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Child were born through transfer of soul power.

Silver Age (Thretha yuga):( Heaven2) It is similar to Golden age, but gold is replaced by Silver. The people who lived in Golden age and Silver age are called Deities.People are worshipping them, but they are also living among them after rebirth. Heaven (1 Kingdom, 1 religion, 1 language, Max population : 330000000) is the Gods gift to good souls .

Copper Age (Dwabara yuga) and IRON Age (Kaliyuga) - Hell : Soul conscious to body conscious. Peoples sin (actions out of lust, Anger,greed, attachment,ego etc) converts heaven to hell, The soul loses its purity.The peoples from heaven also take part after rebirth. Many languages, Many religions.

God comes to earth in old body and makes (3300 million) people worthy to live in heaven through spritual knowledge (remaining souls will be resting in soul world) .End of world through destuction - All souls go back to soul world and the same drama repeats again.

God - Bhagvad gita - Brahmakumaris

What is the most unforgettable sentence that someone said to you?

In my early thirties, I had been dating a guy for a little over a year and we were so in love. He asked me to move in with him. Not even fully unpacked and settled, he grew quieter as the days passed - in the home we were now sharing.One night as we sat down to dinner, I asked him if he was ok. I didn’t get the memo that we shouldn’t ask questions we don’t already know the answer to but I asked anyway. He had been stressed with work and was finishing his MBA part-time. I was expecting him to talk about that again. But instead he told me he didn’t love me anymore. Not even one month into living together, he flicked a switch. Somehow. I asked why? How? and more importantly Why the hell did you ask me to move in?? I’d given up my amazing apartment. Got rid of extra furniture. I had nothing left anymore. And I still had boxes in the basement to unpack and he dumps this on me, over a lovely dinner I had made for us. I was never the type of gal to stay with someone who rejected me in any way so my mind was racing with “where the fuck am I going to go now?” I needed to get out of there asap. That night if I could. I wasn’t going to try to convince him to not dump me. He did. Fuck him, was my rationalization. So I left the house to get some air, crying my eyes out. Crushed. Heartbroken. Confused. Feeling utterly rejected for no apparent reason.I sat on a stranger’s walkway step by the sidewalk and cried and cried. I called my sister who lived in another province. As she tried to console me, an older man was walking his tiny dog. It was late, around 11 PM. His little dog walked up to me and I petted him as I cried. The man asked me gently “What in the world could have happened to make you cry so much?” I answered “my boyfriend just dumped me. I just moved in and he dumped me. He said he didn’t love me anymore” and then the man said, something I have never ever forgotten “the only love that matters is how you love yourself”. After a long pause, as I was taking in what he had just said, I looked up at him, my face soaked in tears and I smiled at him. Thank you, I said. He walked away. I sat there thinking a little while longer. I got up, went back to my soon-to-be-ex home. Locked myself in the guest room. He wanted to talk, but I refused. There was nothing he could say that would change the bomb he dropped. The next day I was sleeping on my friend’s sofa. 4 days later, I was completely moved out.

What are the things one should consider before getting a tattoo?

The reasons for getting a tattoo are as varied in substance, gravity, and meaning as reasons for doing anything.  It's individuality at its best and at its worst.  It's the opportunity to present your body as a canvas upon which others can see what's (literally and metaphorically) under your skin.  While it's trite to say it's complicated, in this case it's very much the case.One of my favorite explanations came from a character named Jack in Bioware's Mass Effect 2:"Some are for prisons I've been in. Some are for kills. You know, good ones.  Some are for things I've lost.  Those aren't your business.  They're nobody's business.  And some are because, hey, why the fuck not?"Are prison tattoos or deployment tattoos less or more substantive than a work of art someone got "just because?"Is it bad when a young lady gets a tribal pattern on her lower back, or a shamrock on her hip?  Is it bad when a young man gets a Chinese symbol he can't read, or barbed wire around his bicep?Some societies still practice old methods for giving tattoos, and the process can be extremely painful and take hours per sitting over a period of days.  Is a Bornean traditional tattoo, a Malu, or a Pe'a more significant than one done by a tattoo artist in Seattle or Fort Bragg?I think a better question than "why do people get tattooed?" is "what is a good reason to get tattooed?"  It goes back to what tattoos are in the first place:  It's a permanent work of art on your body.  In my opinion it should be something that you can show to anybody and say "Fuck yeah.  This is me.  This is what I'm about, and there's nothing you can say that will make me feel ashamed of it."It seems to be the flavor of the day, so I'll share too.  I have two tattoos, one on each shoulder blade.  They're large, detailed renditions of my favorite species of spider.  (The Brazilian Wandering Spider and the Brown Recluse.)  I love spiders.  They kill pests, they keep to themselves, some make beautiful webs, some can jump through the air, and some can throw urticating hairs from their abdomen to blind predators before running away.  There's something frightening and noble about them that I can't put my finger on, I've read tons about them and just get me started and I'll bore you to tears with all the trivial information I know.  I want them on my back because I like them there, because fuck yeah, spiders.

My daughter wants a triple earlobe piercing, but I think that's trashy. How do I convince her?

Here's the thing....She's not asking that you get it. She wants to get the triple piercing.If she is under 18 and if in the state/province/country you reside in has laws that says she needs parental consent, then you can tell her she can't get it.If she is of a legal age to obtain such a piercing on her own body without your consent, then she is simply telling you as a matter of courtesy, possibly hoping beyond hope that you might be ok with it so she'll feel better about it.I don't like triple piercings myself. I've never found them attractive, but some men do like that in a girl. Some girls like that in a girl. Everyone has their own unique tastes.One thing to consider, and that is that this is is probably just a phase she is going through.  I have a sister who is a psychology professor at a conservative Christian University, and she has a triple piercing in one of her ears. I think it looks trashy, but then I didn't get it on myself. I simply saw the smile on her face and how happy she was with it, and I simply said "nice". That made her day. She rarely, ever, goes around with the three piercings in her ear. She knows its not professional, but she likes to express herself sometimes when she can.Odds are your daughter won't be wearing her triple piercing to her first professional interview. She probably won't wear it for her wedding photos (if she gets married). But while she is young, before she has real responsibilities, she wants to be able to use this time to try new things. And as far as new things go, a triple piercing is among the safest.If she opened up to you before she did this and you responded negatively in something small, do you want her thinking that you would respond the same way when something big happens? I'd say pick your battles. Let her know that you respect her and appreciate her asking, and find out if she'd be OK not wearing the triple piercing if you guys ever go out on father-daughter dates or just out as a family. You'd probably see one of the biggest smiles from her you've seen in awhile.

Have you ever had a ‘fuck this, I'm out’ moment?

Yes, when I was giving birth.When my water broke and I arrived at the hospital, they had to induce me with oxytocin as I wasn’t dilating fast enough. Being medically induced means the contractions are a lot more painful, faster in frequency, and pretty consistent. There is no mistake how the body reacts, exactly 30 min after oxytocin hit my system it was incredible jaw-dropping pain from then on. I had requested having an epidural right when I arrived (that’s where the anesthetist administers a needle into your spinal area to numb the pain and your nerves are blocked). Unfortunately the only anesthetist in the hospital was in the OR (operating room) at the moment and no one knew when he’d be next available.So for the next 7 hours I was in serious labour pain. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain ever, it was 1000. It was beyond terrible. I would describe it as huge rubber band snapping your interior muscles as hard it can, in waves of 90 seconds every three minutes. It felt like my insides were being ripped apart and nothing would ease it. I am not a loud person, but I was practically yelling OWWWWWWWW not caring how loud I might be. The nurses tried using alternate pain meds such as laughing gas and fentanyl. However even those medications became pretty much useless and I started protesting “C’mon! I think I’m gonna die! I really need something way stronger!” Imagine, fentanyl not even working as I had reached the max limit for that! All through this time I was pleading, is the anesthetist out yet?!At the very last moment, 7 hours into that pain when I was really exhausted and couldn’t take it anymore, all the pain and pressure in me I was going to faint as I just had no more strength and was like “I can NOT do this any longer I QUIT”, the anesthetist rushes in to administer the nerve block.Whoa, mama! That moment I will never forget. In the blink of an eye, THE absence of the worst pain I ever felt, gone, was PURE bliss. I think I said to the anesthetist “OMG where were youuuuuu” but I don’t remember what I said in those last hours, I was able to get on with pushing which was another 2 hours, but now that I felt no pain, only feeling pressure it was possible. Never mind that I had to get an episiotomy (it’s worse than it sounds) minutes before my son was born. I didn’t care, I felt like anything was great after that epidural.I believe that I wouldn’t have been able to continue and deliver without that nerve block. Whew!It was worth it!

Anybody have funny/mature jokes, like jokes of news headlines that came out today?

My Poli-sci teacher was so dead pan he could say anything and classes would believe it. He always criticized the students for not keeping up with the news. One morning he asked if anyone had read that morning's newspaper, or watched TV news that morning.
When no one had, he lectured us big time. Finally, some student asked if anything important had happened that we should know about. He looked up with a very shaken and concerned look and said "yes". "This morning", he intoned, "there was a terrible incident in Washington D.C., a disturbed young man broke into the West Wing and started a fire in the presidential library".
"Was anybody hurt",queried a concerned student.
"No! But there was considerable property damage", he continued," and the worst part of it was, that both of President Bush's books weren't colored in yet".

What are the best new products or inventions that most people don't know about?

Some of Ridiculously Awesome Inventions That Are Just Perfect For Lazy ones!!!Trust me this are the most amazing inventions I have ever seen!1. Sauce Dispensing ChopsticksAmazing these are. Undoubtedly, YES!!!2. Armpit stickersGod bless the inventor of this one.3. Clap lampI am the laziest of all lazies. *clap clap*4. Self-turning ice cream coneJust stick your tongue out and it's done. Genius!5. Pillow TiesWhat is the perfect time to take a nap? Any time, man. ANY TIME!!4. Popcorn shooterThe one that shoots popcorn straight into your mouth. Oh, heaven!5. Baby mop outfitYou are doing a great job, baby. MY BABY...Oh, you left that corner.6. Dust mop slippers and glovesLet's not judge the inventor of this one. :D7. Spaghetti twirling forkWind up...wind up...wiinnddd it up.8. Automatic dog ball throwerI like dogs but I like to sleep more (especially when my dog wants to play!).9. Banana slicerThis one will save you...uh...1...2...3..., exactly five seconds of your life.10. Electronic Spin the Bottle Game*hands at rest FOREVER* ! :p11. Salt & pepper shakersThese slaves will come to you whenever you need salt or pepper.12. Self-stirring mugBecause stirring with a spoon is too mainstream...and...takes too much energy. Uh, I am convinced.13. Body DryerTowels, what are they??????14. Butter StickMaking lives easier all around the globe.15. Stargazing ChairHow lazy can you get? - Level 109860 (Mine is infinity) :D16. Prism Lazy SpectaclesSpeechless I am!!! :DAll suggestions are welcome! :)Source : ScoopWhoop and other sites!Also read my other answers :Jay Dave's answer to Is it possible to "blot out the sun" with arrows as it was said in the movie 300?Jay Dave's answer to Will earth break if all people on earth jump at the same time?Jay Dave's answer to Can two people repopulate Earth? Is it possible?