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Why Would An Unwed Mother Make Her Newborn Daughter Live

Would you date a single mother?

I have had relations with a beautiful girl a year older than me. We just spoke today for the first time in about a year. We were doing well and at the time she had one kid. She is a wonderful mother and her kid is a sweetheart. She is everything that I wanted. We cooked some kick ass dinner and played with her kid until he went to sleep. Once he would go to sleep we would watch movies and go to sleep. With as much as I work, I couldn't picture a better Saturday night.Things kept going well until the father of her child wanted a second chance. She came over one afternoon and cried her eyes out telling me that she was sorry but it's the best for her kid. I was upset but I fully understood and encouraged her to do what is best for her child. We stopped talking until she called me about 2 months after she got back with the father of her child. She called to tell me she was pregnant. Normally I am all for sex. I'm a man, that's all we care about right? I told her that I wouldn't have sex with her until I knew we were exclusive and her child wasn't around. Because of this we never had sex so I knew the child wasn't mine. She was pregnant with the boyfriend she has just got back with. Now she has 2 kids and wants to pick up where we left off.I'm not sure the exact reasoning behind it, but I do not have desire to continue pursuing anything with her. Nothing past friendship level. I honestly don't know if it is because she has two kids now or if it is because I'm worried she will just cut me off again.I would date a female with 1 child that wasn't planned. Any more than that would be iffy, but I am a 20 year old trying to figure life out. I need to worry about my own life before I worry about a woman with 2 kids.

Can a mother disown her 16 year old daughter?

My stepdaughter, age 16, just found out she's pregnant. Her mother, my ex-wife, threw the girl out of the house when she found out. So my stepdaughter is now living in her boyfriend's house. My ex has already hired a lawyer and is going to Social Services to try to disown my step-daughter. My ex has given the girl an ultimatum: "Either come home and don't see the boyfriend, or, stay at your boyfriend's mother's house. But if you decide to stay with your boyfriend I am legally disowning you because I don't want any responsibility for you or your future baby." Can a mother legally disown her 16 year old child? Ironically my ex herself got pregnant when she was 16 years old, and she always told me how cruelly her parents treated her, when she got pregnant. I'm worried that if she goes home, my ex may try to hurt my stepdaughter. She's taken down all of the pictures of my stepdaughter from the house. What are my stepdaughters rights in this situation, and what would you advise her to do?

What is your reaction about unwed mothers?

I'm an unwed mother, but me and my boyfriend have been together for 7 years and have 2 kids together, just because we are not married don't mean i'm by myself raising kids, we even live together, and both take responsibility as a married couple would ,so the only thing separating that is a marriage certificate, so whats wrong with unwedded mothers?

Why do unwed mothers give baby the dad's last name?

In my area there are a lot of unwed parents having babies. In the paper they publish new baby's names and they almost always have the dad's last name. Why do women not seem to understand that if he didn't marry (or at least set a date) the moment the second line appeared on the pregnancy test, that he probably won't (that's just statistics)? Since the mother's still generally end up with custody, it would be so much easier to share the same last name with their child(ren). Imagine, every time the teacher calls you from school, they will assume you have the same last name. When you make doctors appointments or pick up prescriptions you will have to explain your relationship. At most they should hyphenate both last names together. Why are all these unwed mothers still giving their child(ren) the dad's last name?

Do fathers have the same parental rights as mothers?

The idea that mothers get custody over fathers is really based on the model that 90% of split families (parents don't live together because of divorce or unmarried parents living apart) are households with mothers having primary custody of the children. But that 90% are cases where custody was undisputed. When parents break up, the father usually doesn't want to be saddled with the kids full-time. They may want to have the kids with them some of the time, but it's rare when they want primary custody.In the cases where custody is disputed by mother and father, however, fathers win full custody about 70% of the time. So it isn't true that fathers are less likely to gain custody of children. It's only true that about 90% of the time, mothers end up with the kids because custody is undisputed, or the fathers aren't even around. When custody is disputed, though, fathers get it more than two-thirds of the time.

Mother needs a place to stay, should I let her stay with me until she fixes with her husband?

Sorry doesn't change the fact it happened, and it might not change the future on if it will happen again. Do you trust your mother? Did you forgive her? These are answers you need to think about. If the answers are no, then maybe it's not a good idea to allow her to stay there. Especially if she's in a bad place and it's just you and your daughter. It absolutely does NOT make a bad person for telling her no. You are looking out for the welfare of yourself and your child. THAT is most important at the moment.

Can a single mother move to Dubai (to work) with her child? What is it like in terms of the law, sponsorship, immigration and stigma (if any)?

Yes, single mothers can sponsor residence visas for their child. For that you should first obtain a valid employment visa for yourself and can sponsor the visa of your child if you meet the minimum salary requirement to sponsor your dependents in the UAE. You should make an application as a special case to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in the UAE and attach the birth certificate of your child stating your name as the mother. This birth certificate should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign/external Affairs in your home country, UAE Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.A minimum salary of 10000 Dirham or a salary of 7000 Dirham plus accommodation provided by the employer is required to sponsor a dependent visa.Now as far as stigma concerned people are not generally judgmental here, everyone is busy in their own professional life and barely gets time to give a space in their mind about the other person and their status so I think you would not face any problem regarding this issue.Note: It is best to contact the Immigration Department to find out the exact requirements, as these may change or you can ask your employer about it.Thank You for A2A.

What would be better for a baby: to live with his/her single biological mom (dad) or to be adopted to a married couple?

And here comes the comment from a child who was adopted at 8 days old: Adopted by stay at home mom & child psychologist father with a 6yr old brother who adored me. Parents (mainly father) decided they would NEVER tell me I was adopted. Parents divorce when I'm 7. Dad immediately leaves country for new job. All I remember is crying all the time & thinking “What did I do wrong?” I remember being an extremely lonely child. My brother was older so we basically grew up separately. I'm a very emotional person & I've always been a “talker”-my parents never talked that I remember. It was always quiet. When I was 20, just after the birth of my 1st child found out by accident that I was adopted. WTF?! Found my birth mom at age 30. Didn't want to bother her just wanted to let her know I was ok & say “thank you for bringing me into the world. She was great. She was 20, got pg couldn't take care of me so did the only thing she knew, tried to give me a better life. And she did. I had food, clothes, a roof over my head & I'm blessed to be alive.

Should a mother encourage and allow her fourteen year old pregnant daughter to keep the baby?

I don't believe a baby is a toy to play with or experiment with, it's a human being that requires a lot of knowledgeable care and attention. I have never met a fourteen year old who could competently raise a child. It's unfortunate when an unplanned pregnancy occurs and this doesn't need to be compounded by expecting someone who is unable to meet the demands of being a single parent to become one. Fourteen isn't even old enough to get a job or a driver's license.With life expectancy spanning many decades it seems cruel to deliberately deny the teen mother the opportunity to become an adult prior to endeavoring to do one of the most difficult of adult tasks, raising a child. Algebra isn't taught in kindergarten because there is a necessity of understanding many other math concepts first. No amount of effort or desire or willpower will replace the lacking knowledge, maturity and skills.A fourteen year old who is saddled with a child and missing out on normal teenage experiences is likely to resent the child; a child she would be much more likely to cherish if she had it when she is an adult.Since the question asks only about the mother of the fourteen year old, not the parents, I'm forced to make a judgmental observation that many people will probably disagree with. I believe that children should be raised by two parents. In this scenario the potential grandmother has set a poor example for her daughter, that being a single parent is ok, when it is certainly not the best choice. With birth control being available, potential grandma additionally lacked foresight and failed to make sure her daughter had knowledge about it and access to it.Once pregnancy occurs there are three alternatives. Abortion, adoption or keeping and raising the child. A fourteen year old child isn't capable of properly raising a child alone and frankly I don't believe her mother is qualified to provide what the child needs.The options are difficult and painful to make, but being an adult involves having the ability to do what is best for everyone involved even when it is difficult and painful to do so.

Is Italy considered a safe country for a single unmarried mother with baby girl to live and work in?

As long as you are a citizen and are qualified, I’d say yes. As a country we have our fair share of a*****s, but for the most part there is a huge respect for motherood. In a big city you will not be bothered by countryside gossip and you will have more opportunity for work. The real problem is the kindergarten for your girl: in some area it may be really difficult to get her into one, because there are few places. Still, if you have to apply for unqualified jobs, lie to your employer. Many will ask you if you have kids, and some could even make you sign the famed “dimissioni in bianco”, that is a letter in wich you declare that you quit, where just the date is to add. Lie, and you’ll be fine. It will not be a piece of cake, but still you will have free-or with low fees- healthcare for the both of you, no problem with public breastfeeding- the worst that can happen is that some a** tells you something, and then someone with common sense proceeds to shut him/her up and to coo over your girl- and, in case you need it, help from the Church. You will find some good priests, some of the people you really hope Heaven exist for, but beware of beasts. I saw stuff when I was a child, and I won’t forget. Just keep an eye on your girl, and if you see something strange get her away: those case are rare, but they still happen.Good luck and be strong.