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Why Would You Force Anyone To Do Anything

Anyone who knows anything about the Air Force Reserves?

Air Force Reserves are just like any other military personal,
But instead of being on the base and working 24/7, they are only called when need, or during certain periods of scheduled timing.

The jobs you get depend on your ASVAB scores.
Not everyone that goes into the Air Force flies, they are Many jobs in the Air Force.
That is why you are required to go through the ASVAB testing process,
So that they can better place you in a job you will be better suited for.

You must go through the military entry process like any other recruit joining.
Interview, ASVAB testing, MEPS center, then Training camp.

If you want to fly, you must score into the jobs,
or you must work up to the job in training during your basic training camp course.

For more information, Please don't hesitate to call the local recruiting center near your area.
Hope this has answered some questions you may have.

Best wishes, and Thank You for wanting to serve our country. =-]

Who is someone you would do anything for?

my cousin amy and my best friend brian.

amy because we grew up together, she's been there for me and understands me & she's basically my ollder sister :)

& brian, because he's my best friend and he's always been there for me and he's been a real help when i was going through hard times. and as cliched as it is, i had a huge crush on him a while back, haha :D

Why do I owe anything to anyone?

I'm not a racist, I try and not be prejudice but I have an honest question. I had a discussion with an ex-roommate of mine and she believes that purely because she was born white she believes she owes other races. I'm sorry, I'm 20 years old, I've never owned slaves, never employed anyone for 15 cents an hour to work for me, neither have my parents, my grandparents, or my great-grandparents. Can someone please explain to me why I would owe any other race anything at all? Today, with equal opportunity and such, white people are no different than anyone else and companies should not be required to hire 'x' amount of minorities and have them at certain ranks within the company. If a person is qualified for a job or a scholarship, they should get it. End of story. I don't understand why we try and force minorities into things...they should earn them just like anyone else. Am I wrong?

The question stems from language ambiguity and can be resolved simply by recognizing that ambiguity."No reason" in the sentence can refer to any of several things:Without rational thoughtWithout an intended end in mindWithout a specific directed purposeIn context, it sounds like either of the 2nd or 3rd meanings apply here.Similarly, the question "why?" can mean several different things, including asking about the reason or purpose of an action.   Obviously asking the reason for something where the other person said effectively that there was no reason, is not something that will lead to a productive discussion.   It is like asking what flavor a flavorless substance has.   If someone does something for no reason then there is no answer to "why?"

Why can’t we force someone to believe in God?

its been tried, and for the most part it succeeded. Problem is now people are becoming wiser and seeing that the bible dosent have all the answers. Heck it dont even have some of the answers. Christianity is the most hod podge faith of all. It takes beliefs of faiths before it, makes them its own then tells everyone to believe or suffer the consequences.

And that part of trying and succeeding. It is called the inquisition and the salem witch burnings. Now at least here in the US most people are christian. Although it is good to see that other faiths are growing at a faster rate than christianity.

Is it okay to force someone to do something if they don't want to?

The government that doesn't use persuasion and coercion to impose the rules of civilized society on its citizens isn't worth a thing. Citizens can expect their government to attempt to protect them from all manner of perils and in return, they must obey the laws, pay their taxes, and be conscripted if called upon. That is what civilization is all about. Doing things for each other. In a Liberal Democracy you at least have some say in what laws you are going to be asked to obey. But if it were a Monarchy, you would still be born indebted to your sovereign for the protection and infrastructure you did not build, but are granted use of.

Let that person know fully how that makes you feel, don't give in to peer pressure and put your foot down. Ask them to stop and if they won't then just remove yourself from that person. If they find offense to it then let them know that's on them for being pushy and a pest. Do things to your ability. Don't let others steer you the way they want you to go. I've been here before, it was with my now wife lol. I'm open to anything but she was pushy really bad and I would get irritated. I'd try out of spite and didn't do it very civil like and I finally told her that it was pushing me away and causing me to dislike that part of her character. She understood and let me take my time with things and now I'm more prone to try things the first time before she has a chance to ask me lol. It's that comfort that you can do it on your own and they will either see that or they'll remain that kind of pesky personality that will eventually push them out of the picture. I pray this helps you out.

In almost all cases for adults, no one can force you to do something you don’t want to do. At some point, you make the choice to do that thing, perhaps to avoid a conflict or argument.So, your question might really about how to explain to someone you care about that they need to respect your time and wishes. In that case, it’s best to be honest without being critical or angry or insulting. Focus the attention on the fact that you don’t feel heard or respected. Explain how that makes you feel. Ask if you can do it at another time, then choose a time to do it and stick to it.Don’t make promises to do something and then break them, but don’t be bullied into doing something you don’t want to do.