Will Buying A New Router Increase My Bandwidth/connection

Will buying a new router increase my youtube upload speeds?

Probably not. The more likely culprits are either a weak wifi signal (if you're using a wifi router) or a slow internet connection.

To test your internet speed, go to www.speedtest.net. You'll want around 1Mbps upload and download to easily handle your 10 minute videos (maybe around 50 Mb files?).

To test your connection reliability, go to your command prompt (or run>cmd) and type "ping www.youtube.com -n 100". This will say "hello" to the youtube server 100 times, youtube should reply 100 times too ("reply from xxxx, bytes: xxx time: xxxx ttl: xxx", xx are numbers). If it occasionally says things like "request timed out" then you may have a problem with either your internet connection or your router. If it says "hardware failure", it may be a network card communication problem.

Do some computer maintenance (check http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10things/10-things-you-can-do-to-boost-pc-performance/2712?tag=content;siu-container.) to make sure it isn't a problem with your computer.
Get a faster internet provider - at least 1Mbps speed.
Configure your DNS server to a good one like google's public dns ( or, http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/ for instructions).

Only If those do not work would you want to replace your router. Unless your 'ping' replies are bad, cisco is a pretty good brand and there is no reason for a 50mb file to take an hour even for an older and slower router than what you have.

What would my internet speed increase if i buy this new router?

A faster router will not make your Internet faster.

Let me explain,

A router connects two separate networks and manages the traffic between them.

In most home network applications the router connects your local group of computers and devices known as the LAN with the Internet, commonly called the WAN or Wide Area Network.

Your WAN speed is determined by your ISP and is measured in Mbps (Millions of bits per second).

For example, If you pay for a 3 Mbps Internet connection, you will get 3 Mbps.

No router or connection type or speed will change your 3 Mbps Internet speed. This connection bandwidth is shared by your entire LAN via your router.

If you have a 3 Mbps Internet plan and one user is utilizing 2.5 Mbps of the bandwidth to stream a Netflix movie that only leaves 0.5 Mbps for all of the rest of the users on the LAN.

Fast wireless routers and connections are designed to stream large files on your LAN quickly. The high speed routers permit fast transfer of files between devices connected to your LAN, however WAN speed is still limited by your ISP.

You can test your Internet (WAN) speed here: http://speedtest.net

Only way to speed up an Internet connection is to get a faster plan or ISP.

So unless the WAN speed from your ISP exceeds the LAN speed of your current router then you will notice no difference while using Internet devices.

Good Luck...

Will buying a new modem increase internet speed?

Ok so I have trash internet, I get around 8 Mbps last time I tested and I want to increase it. I was thinking of buying a high end modem like this one: https://www.amazon.com/RT-AC87U-Wireless-AC2400-AiProtection-Complete-Security/dp/B00MPI5N7U/ref=sr_1_6?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1484151346&sr=1-6&keywords=asus+modem

anddd I was wondering if that would increase my internet speed. Thanks for your help!

How do I increase internet speed without buying anything?

Its never the internet speed that decreases,well not unless your service provider is having problems on his end,but otherwise internet speed always remains constant,its your computers performance that decreases the browsing speed,the best solution for this is to keep your computer clean,go to START-PROGRAMS-ACCESSORIES-SYSTEM TOOLS and perform "disc cleanup" and "disc defragmenter" at least once everyday,it cleans all the trash on your computer,if you have a anti virus,perform scan once everyday as well if you use your computer often,now i know you dont want any external help but i am giving you a link to a small but efficient tool that really helps,just in case you need it,BTW its for free(winks)and safe.

Can I buy a new router to increase my speed?

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There are too many reasons why this might be happening.The router could be crashing and rebooting.  Observing the status lights on the router might help determine whether this is the case. (Find the manual for your router - it ought to be online.)Some component of your router is crashing and restarting - this'll be harder to determine.The link between your router/modem and your ISP is marginal and the router re-negotiates the link. (I had this happen with AT&T "high speed" DSL in Michigan, USA - with multiple modems.)   Status lights might help.  Googling for the modem model might help you find similar behavior.  For a while, I was able to get better service out of one modem by providing it better cooling - by raising it up off the table on a wire framework and pointing a fan at it.I've used both cable modems and DSL modems - they're different technology (on the ISP side) and I've been lucky to have competitors - even if the competitors are AT&T and Comcast.  For cable modems (with Comcast), I've had to register the cable modem with Comcast (over a phone call.)  Comcast was willing to do it, but it involved spending a long time on the help-line to get to the right technician.  For the DSL modem, I was able to replace it myself without interaction with AT&T.  With luck, your ISP will have some documentation about how to configure a modem you bought yourself and perhaps even what models of modems have been tested.  (Other models might work too, but you'll be taking a risk there.)When I was struggling with AT&T DSL service, I discovered that I could buy a very cheap used DSL modems at a 2nd hand shop.   Before buying a new DSL modem, you might want to try that.  (Of course, there's a risk that a 2nd hand modem is broken too.)  DSL is such a terrible technology that new or used isn't going to get you much difference in speed - the technology is maxed out, unlike cable modems.There could be signal/line quality problems with your ISP.   Your modem MIGHT have information about signal quality, if you can query it.  Again, check your modem documentation.  If you can prove poor signal quality, you might be able to convince your ISP to fix the lines coming into your residence.

A high-quality router will provide you with the best possible wireless signal when configured correctly.The speed of the connection is directly related to your ISP’s Level of Service, the Connection Method used such as Cable, DSL, Optical Fiber, the quality of the Modem, Router, Ethernet Cable & Wireless Signal, and finally your device.Literally the speed at which your device conne ts to your router is called the link-rate, and is the theoretical upper-limit the two devices communicate to each other at.When you ask “Will a router improve the speed..?” I am assuming you have a router already and are considering and upgrade, Or, you are using a wireless modem as a signal source and are considering the addition of a router.If you are asking if the addition of a router will improve the wireless internet connection speed over a wireless connection to the modem, than it depends in the quality and configuration settings of each device.A router is a device which assigns one or more devices a secure internet connection by handing out I.P. Addresses, Implementing Security measures (passwords and encryption protocals), and routing data traffic to and from your device to your ISP server.If you do not need service to more than one device, do not want the safety of password protection and encryption, and are close enough to your modem to receive a wireless signal directly, a router may not increase your wireless internet speed.

My internet speed is really bad. (.8 mps). If i got a new router, would it improve the speed of my internet at all???

lo que te recomiendo es desconectar todos los dispositivos después de ello reiniciar tu módem y conectar solo con el que aras la prueba y utiliza alguna pagina de chequeo de velocidad como


si aun sigue lenta llamar a tu proveedor e informar de dicho problema , ellos atenderán la causa

algunas de las causas pueden ser
.que abites en una sona donde para los servicios de red es complicado llegar
- que tu servicio de red este mal configurado desde el servidor
- configuracion de tu módem

cambiar el módem no te ara tener mayor velocidad , en todo caso aria una mejor difucion de eso 0.8mbps pero nunca mejorara la velocidad , debido a que esa seria tu velocidad contratada .

por el contrario en algunos casos se baja la velocidad contratada al cambiar el modem ( esto aun no se la razón )

No router takes care of distribution while Modem takes care of decoding the discrete multi-tone (DMT)..DMT is a way data is transmitted over telephone lines in wave formats at different frequency than a standard voice call.. This means that the speed of transmission depends on the capability of the telephonic line does not even depend on the modem..So adding router to standard modem will not increase internet speed.. It does increase Local network speeds for transmissions among connected devices.