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Will Drinking A Medium Cup Of Caffinated Coffee While On Anxiety Medicine Hurt

Why do I get sleepy after drinking coffee, tea, or other caffeinated drinks?

Caffeine is a drug and needs to be metabolized to be excreted. This process is done mainly by our liver with the assistance of an enzyme called cytochrome P450 1A2 or “CYP1A2”. Since this specific enzyme has various inhibitors or inducers that can affect the production and efficiency of this process, there are many variables that may be a cause of your fatigue or anxiety.For example, if you go to a party and eat a grilled burger with a side of broccoli, are diabetic and take a dose of insulin, smoke while you’re there (not that I’m recommending, just giving an example), your effects of the caffeine may be less as these are all inducers of CYP1A2 meaning you’ll process the caffeine more efficiently.If you have the same amount of caffeine as the example above, but happen to be on cipro (nasty drug and I don’t recommend, but let’s just say your Dr. prescribed this for a UTI), while you are also taking oral contraceptives, and have self prescribed yourself some St. John’s Wort for viral or mood support. Since these are all inhibitors of CYP1A2, you may notice caffeine has an exaggerated effect on you.Caffeine may also produce different effects if you consume it on an empty stomach vs. with enough protein. Adrenal health is another factor and if you are depleted, running stressed out on “empty”, and not getting sufficient sleep, you may be experiencing some adrenal fatigue, which caffeine can aggravate and cause symptoms of fatigue and anxiety.Green tea tends to have a less harmful effect on people even though it has caffeine if you enjoy a caffeinated beverage, but are having negative effects.Here is an interesting article that may give you more insight too.Drug and Food Interactions with Caffeine

How much caffeine is in a small/medium piece of chocolate cake?

i know how you feel, i get scared when i drink caffine, it does make my anxiety more out of control, it's crazy like if you are a crackhead or somethin'... and more chances of panic disorders may happen due to that...

but anyways...
caffine in chocolate doesn't hold as much as in soda like coca-cola... the thing you have to worry about is what else is in that chocolate cake... if some one made it from scratch? i believe would be better than you buyin' it already made with all kinds of perservatives, other sugars, etc. That way you know what's in it... but a small servin' of choco cake shouldn't be that bad, but another question... what is a small serving to you? plus you need to find out, how sensitve to caffine you are, if it's really serious, your doctor can probably tell you how much you can tolerate....

i found this on the web
(Myth: Chocolate is high in caffeine.
Truth: The amount of caffeine in a piece of chocolate candy is significantly lower than that in coffee, tea or cola drinks. For instance, a 5 oz cup of instant coffee has between 40 and 108 mg of caffeine, while a one oz milk chocolate bar contains only 6 mg and many confectionery items have no caffeine at all. )

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Why has coffee started to make me dizzy and even give me anxiety attacks?

Yes, you should bring it up with your doctor, at least in your next routine checkup.  But here's my take on it:As with all pleasures in life, everything should be done in moderation.I remember back in my teenage years, I actually grew an addiction to milk.  I was drinking massive glasses ... *glug glug glug* ... gone.  Eventually I started to feel sore after drinking milk.  I developed lactose intolerance.  So I stopped cold turkey for a year straight, eventually building up the courage to try milk again.  It was fine.  Since then, I've not drank silly amounts of milk since.Guess what?  It happened again about 15 years later, with massive cups of coffee.  First I was drinking two twenty ounce cups of coffee, but I liked the ritual so much, so I joined coworkers when going for a third cup.  Every day.  So eventually I got a crash course in acid reflux.  Soreness on one side of my throat in the morning?  That's coffee leaking out of my stomach and burning away at my esophagus when I sleep.  I took a page out of my diary of dairy recovery and took a break from coffee.  Eventually I went back to it.  Now I don't drink so much coffee, and certainly not in the evening hours.Caffeine restricts blood vessels.  Restricting blood flow is certainly a way to cause dizziness.  It's doing something to your system which may not be a big deal in moderation, but if you push yourself over the edge, the system starts to not cope so well.  I personally can relate to coffee-induced anxiety as well.  Coffee makes me think quicker and be more anxious to jump on tasks and get them done, for better or for worse.  When I have enough sleep, the combined boost from caffeine makes me feel hyper-aware, and I feel I need to make the most of it.  This isn't really a big deal... unless I abused coffee and the effect was amplified to extremes.But all is not lost for you.  What I would do in your shoes... is take an unfortunate but necessary break from coffee, for at least a couple of months, so you can not only heal physically, but also get over any psychological addictions you may have developed.  Then slowly wade back into the water, when you feel comfortable, and recognize that you can't safely handle 4-6 shots of espresso a day.  Save some cash and really appreciate maybe 2 shots of espresso, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon.  Sound good?

How many cups of coffee a day can a person drink?

Caffeine is a stimulant, and an overdose can be lethal. As for other side effects, caffeine is similar to other stimulants. If you do not regularly consume caffeine, I would avoid taking more than 2 cups in any 4 hour period.The median lethal dose of caffeine is anywhere between 150 and 200 milligrams per kg of body weight in a human. A cup of coffee has around 100 milligrams of caffeine.So, you would need around 2x your bodyweight in kilograms of cups of coffee to kill yourself. There have been no known instances of lethal caffeine overdoses from drinking coffee alone. Probably because drinking that much coffee would be impractical for even the most dedicated person.Now, even at lower doses, there can be severe adverse side effects, and these are probably what you're interested in.Overdosing on caffeine can result in palpitations, twitching, and nervousness as well as increasing your heart rate. But since caffeine is a drug easily adapted to, its hard to determine what dosage would result in significant side effects for a given individual.Caffeine operates by binding to the adenosine receptors without activating them, stopping adenosine from activating them. Adenosine has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. Taking caffeine regularly will cause your body to increase the number of adenosine receptors - thus blunting its effect.As for myself? I have some form of innate resistance to stimulants including caffeine. I don't regularly consume it, it does almost nothing for me. I can fall asleep after taking a 200mg pill.

Regular coffee makes me dizzy, decaf coffee make me feel sort of weird, what could be the problem?

i do have vertigo, and i am not quite sure if regular coffee triggers it, but the last time i got really dizzy i had just got though drinking coffee, and i had been drinking it a lot for the past few days. Also i have become dizzy without even drinking coffee, due to vertigo. I tried decaf, and i felt kind of woozy but no that bad. So i don't know if i should stop dirinking coffee altogether, or is it just a mind thing, because i absolutely love coffee

Does Hydroxycut contain amphetamine derivatives?

I took hydroxycut back in 2004 when I was 18. I thought I was fat at the time, but now that I think about it and look at old picturess I was slim, just big breasted. I'm 27 turning 28 in April and getting married in august. I work out, drink water, but still can't get all the weight off that I want. I'm on anxiety medicines, Lexapro and Klonopin and I asked my doctor (psych) if I can take Hydroxycut and he said yes as long as it doesn't contain amphetatamine deriavatives.