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Will Fox Studios Make A Movie Of The Zimmerman Story And Call It

What is the most misogynistic movie, video game, TV show you have ever seen?

Grand Theft Auto seriesIt pains me to say this as a lifelong player of the GTA games, but without question they are the most misogynistic pieces of popular entertainment that continue to endure.With very few exceptions, women exist in the GTA games as sex objects, irritating naggers or as people among the crowd that can be killed. Honestly, the women that work behind the counters at the in-game barber shops and clothing stores are more well developed and autonomous than any others.The writers behind the series will tell you that the series is made to show people at their absolute worst. The men in the franchise are depicted as violent barbarians. That’s fine as a statement, but at least those men are acting of their own freewill, rather than just plot objects or puppets like the women.It’s inexcusable that after 20 years and more than a dozen games, they’ve never included a playable female character or even a memorable female character.Saying women aren’t capable of the kind of behavior shown by the characters in GTA is sexist in its own right and is not an example of painting women in a more positive light than men, as GTA apologists would argue.Grand Theft Auto could truly be the greatest video game franchise ever created if the writers didn’t spend so much time thinking with their dicks. Satire only works if it feels like you’re actually critiquing the behavior you are supposedly lampooning, not if you reward the player for indulging in exactly the kind of behavior you’re supposedly making fun of.Cut the bullshit strip club lapdance mini games, add some male prostitutes into the mix, put in a memorable playable female and some new fans might pick up the series, making Rockstar and the Housers even more money than they already have.

Why haven’t we seen a movie with the Marvel Comics Character Moon Knight as the hero?

The question is…what would Moon Knight add to the larger canvas?The big problem with Moon Knight is that even in the comics he’s never really found his audience for extended periods of time. For one thing, what’s the story with him? Is he genuinely being guided by an Ancient Egyptian god of vengeance? Is he a violent psychotic? Both? Neither? Does he have powers? If so how do they work?Then there’s all the Batman stuff. In the hands of a bad writer, Moon Knight comes off like a tongue-in-cheek parody of Batman, what with his “Mooncopter” and rich-playboy-dressing-as-supernatural-boojum-to-scare-and-beat-up-criminals background. In the hands of a good writer, he’s been allowed to be used to explore some of the “vigilante superhero” tropes and concepts. In both cases, the problem lies in the fact that the Marvel Universe isn’t generally as grim or hopeless as Batman’s Gotham (which in part explains why Batman gets away with being Batman; he’s a justifiable response to the threats), and it gets harder to say it is given the density of superheroes per square mile in New York City.Plus Moonie doesn’t play well with others. Yeah he’s been on a few incarnations of the Avengers (and West Coast Avengers and Secret Avengers) roster, but his psychiatric problems result in him leaving the group on a regular basis, at which point nobody cares. He doesn’t bring anything to the group that someone else can’t do as well or better. Supernatural? We have Thor (an actual god) and can call in Doctor Strange (the Sorcerer Supreme). Powered by vengeance? Ghost Rider. Street-level ass-kicking? We have Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, the Punisher, Darkhawk, blah blah blah ad nauseum. To say nothing of characters still (as of this writing) tied up by Sony or Fox.So what does he bring to the table that builds on the greater movie mythos?I would argue “Nothing, but he’s still way too cool to pass up altogether”But a small-scale series on a platform like Netflix or Hulu could be good, especially if they get a solid writer in and play with the “is he crazy or is he supernaturally driven” aspect of things from the most recent runs of the character.

Why are people so obsessed with Marvel?

Marvel did not copied characters from DC. TBH DC has a bigger fan base and I grew up watching more DC animated series than Marvel. But stepping into early 2000s these things Happened for MarvelSpider Man 1 , 2 and 3These are regarded among best superhero movies ever made (not the 3rd one Ok). These were loved by audience and critics alike and paved the way for many future films.2. X-Men Universe aka Wolverine and DeadpoolAll those X-Men movies introduced the world to imperfect mutants who just wanted their rights. With Deadpool and Days of Future Past , A new standard was set for movies.3. MCUThen Marvel is going to make this happen , 64 characters in single movie against Thanos. Also , Marvel changed their stories to not portray them as perfect but they are imperfect.Not to Forget Civil War4. Also , there are numerous T.V. SeriesHonestly the three phases of Marvel and how it got its way into it’s Universe is mind blowing. It served critics well and attracted Moviegoers worldwide to collect Billions at the Box Office. It has generated good appeal and trust that even Doctor Strange escaped the whitewashing controversy to make much money and critical acclaim.Also , MCU is light hearted.Let’s see what DC has doneBest Trilogy Ever (Including The Dark Night , One of the greatest film ever made)2. A rather dull Man of Steel3. A Huge Disappointing Batman v Superman4. Suicide Squad , another bad one5. But really good T.V. SeriesSo Marvel Basically developed trust in a long time . Plus , Fox also make movies that are property of Marvel. Marvel has just done better presentation and market stratergy.What you call Obsession is actually Pop Culture Phenomena and you can deny it but it will be there till marvel keeps making Good movies.DC has far greater and classic heroes with wide appeal but it’ s execution is really poor. Marvel introduced us to guardians of the Galaxy to which Half of the world was unknown but ended up with $700 Million + worldwide.

Why isn't there a single citizen's death shown in Marvel movies?

Thanks for A2A. The biggest difference between Marvel and DC is that serious DC films are much darker than Marvel movies. Just as a comparison: Marvel's Avengers finale DC's Man of Steel finale See the difference? One is an exciting explosion; the other is innocent citizens running from a collapsing building. Also, look closely at the explosion in the Avengers. There is no one in there, Yeah, some cars got scorched but no one is in absolute peril like in Man of Steel. There are many reasons why these differences exist. Most of them are due to the people who have made the movies. Studios: Marvel-Disney: Producers of films such as Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians.  DC-Warner Brothers: Producers of films such as The Matrix and American Sniper. Studios are a factor. Directors are too.Directors Joss Whedon: Critically acclaimed director who was in charge of the Avengers films, as well as TV series including Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Great works that are much lighter in tone than those of Christopher Nolan or Zack Snyder. Zack Snyder:Another great director, his films include 300 and Watchmen. He is leading the production of Batman vs. Superman. His work is much darker, both plotwise and visually with his preferred color palette. On the feeling of being treated like a child without the normal loss of innocent life: I can see where you are coming from because my own suspension of disbelief only goes so far. The different tones in the films are not different euphemisms for destruction, just different points of view. They are trying to make the movies lighter and happier by attempting to ignore many of the consequences of violence.