Will I Be Able To Travel To Philippines Coming From Japan While Holding A Saudi Arabia

Can a filipino in saudi be allowed to travel to israel?

Bad advice from Crystal, caution. You don't need to bring to anyone's attn in Saudi or any other Muslim country that you are Christian and esp. one travelling to Israel. Lots of nice people out there to Jews and Christians both but some bad ones too, and you're talking travel between countries and you don't know who you're going to come into contact with, so caution on that. Just nobody's business where you go and who you are on your vacation, remember that.

How to get into Israel isn't problem with Philipines passport. You want to make sure passport not stamped Israel so you can re-enter Muslim country from Israel and that isn't a problem either. Last I heard Muslim countries do not accept any passport stamped with Israel on it no matter what nationality person is. Rude of them, isn't it.

To find your route go from Israel airport out. I don't know where the various airlines fly to, you have to check. It won't be that bad that you'd have to fly back to Philipines.

It's who is providing security at Bethlehem you need to be concerned with. "Jordanian staff" isn't providing security and controlling the place so they aren't the ones to say it's impossible. I would look at answer within Israel. Good luck, have fun and wishes for early Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Is it true you can't bring a Bible to saudi arabia?because it's forbidden why?

Fulla is correct.. I suppose you people up there have never been to SaudiArabia and only spreading rumors you "heard" from someone else without authority.. This is why people think negative of us..

Look at Vatican City in Rome, no other faiths are allowed to be practiced there also..

SaudiArabia is NOT open to tourism.. So anyone that comes to this country, comes cause he wants to, not cause he/she is forced to, and you are informed of the rules before coming. so if you get a job here and you are a christian, you will be informed/briefed of the customs, rules before coming, otherwise dont come.. There are no churches or other faiths openly practiced here because Islam is the state religion.. BUt having said this

if you are a christian, you can bring your own bible for your own purposes, just not propagate your faith to others and not openly hold services. You can ( and they do) hold private church groups in private housing compounds here.

and if you have access to the internet (which you obviously do) you can download over a million online bibles.. no problem there.

let me give you a scenario here.. If you are invited to someones home as a dinner guest and the homeowner does not smoke, do you just light up anyways in their home or do you honor the rules of the homeowner/host?... Same with in SaudiArabia.. you honor the rules of the country you are a guest of, if you dont like it, dont come.. No one forces you to come here..

Also there is NO death penalty for this.. the person above is misinformed.. And the person who said no non muslims are not allowed in hotels also is misinformed.. All the new hires coming from outside are put up in hotels before the company settles proper housing for them.. This included people of non muslim faith..

Is it possible to travel to Saudi Arabia?

good points said above.. legally yes you can as long as you've obtained the job from where you are at.. If you went to a hiring agency or applied and were hired, then you work with the company and the saudi embassy to get your proper paperwork done and you come.. You would be housed in a dormitory like place or home with other woman who probably work for the same agency or employer and will be bussed to work daily and back.. your movement will be limited cause you dont have a man with you who can take you here and there.. More than likely though, your housing compound will have a shuttle bus that would take you into the town markets or malls during the day for normal shopping.. I wouldnt recommend someone as young as 18 to come to saudi to work.. you need a tiny amount of life experience under your belt and age to be able to handle the culture and religious style life that is here.. but feasably it can be done...

Saudi Arabian Human rights Abuses????

I totally understand what you r getting at but you have to realize that Saudi Arabian law is more cultural. It's culture, not religion. Most people don't realize that and automatically assume that Islam is how Saudi culture is. You just have to seperate the two.
Islam belives that all ppl should be equal therefore a woman does have a right to voice her opinion, palestinians should be treated equally...
On the other hand, whe you say "we stopped south africa.." who r you referring to? If you are referring to the US, then the US should police itself, ppl are dying of hunger and there are areas where ppl live below the poverty line but the US decides to invade and "recreate" someone else's country (only cuz they will have access to a large part of land that is equipped with oil). If youre talking about the UN, they also need to look amongst other nations where ppl are dying and blood runs through the streets (palestine) and they continue to support the Isreali government.
One good thing about Saudi is that you really can live here in peace, no blood runs through the streets. They do have very strict rules but remember, most of it is CULTURE, not religion (there's a way where you dont have defend your religion)
And women can walk through the streets and can get examined by any doctor they want, I dunno why you think they can't. Women can also work in businesses and at banks. Saudi Arabia is more of a women's world, haha, seriously cuz if a man even bothers a women and she reports it he will be thrown in jail no questions asked. And i have a question for you ... why r you sooooo bothered about it? do you live here?

I have a flight ticket to dubai from saudi arabia without taking visa, can i get visa at dubai airport?

As an Saudi resident you will be able to obtain a visa up on arrival only if you are a degree holder and your iqama states your right profession. Means, an engineer whose iqama shows "mechanic" as occupation isn't able to get a visa up on arrival.

In case you do not fall into the degree holder catagory, you have to apply for an UAE visa in advance through a hotel or travel agent.

If you are transitting via Dubai you can apply for a 96 hrs visa unless you are an Afghan or Yemini national.

Good luck!

Saudi Arabia...working as a nurse.?

@A condition called PWNIN NOOBS - what do you mean by saying where none muslims are?
are you kidding? Jeddah have musques more than any other city in saudi arabia, and you said your mom was in mecca? obviously you're a liar! Because none muslims are banned from entering mecca.
anyway you wont get into troubles in saudi arabia, saudi arabia lives in total peace and the security is dominating in every corner.. But you'll mess dancing, drinking & all that stuff. If you're single you'll probably end up bored as hell. If you have the passion for the job I suggest you come to Jeddah. You can have slightly more "freedom" there. Saudi laws respect the way others live long as you don't disrespect the laws of the country and the law of sharia, I don't find a reason you would you disrespect the laws, I know you wont.
Yahoo answers should ban the rating systems because most of the answers above have zero knowledge in them, they're just answering to boost their internet popularity and leveling up! I suggest you all to focus on MTV and us weekly since you know these stuff better than what you know about middle east.
If we offered you good money you shoould come and join thousands of american-english nurses that already surving in Jeddah, Riyadh and other major cities.. If you have other opportunities I suggest you put them first if you care about party life, friends, etc...
Good luck

UPDATE: Oh I'm sorry I didn't know that you're a muslim, forgive me and forget what I said above, and you're 100% welcome here, god bless you

Why is Saudi Arabia depicted so badly in Western media? Is it a good country? Is the Western portrayal biased?

I have been told the story, true or not of the 6 GIs (US troops ) who were accused of raping a moslem girl, in Saudi.They were arrested and the US Embassy quickly got to hear of this, and made advances to get them back and punish them in the US.The Saudi response was: Don’t bother. We have dealt with them. They have been tried, found guilty, tied down on the ground, and a bulldozer rolled over them and buried them……… I think the elapsed time from arrest to burial was a very few hours.The banker who told me this was honest, but he died a few years ago. He was sufficiently competant to run a large part of one of the biggest US banks, so he was no fool.Another story of his was that his driver was up in the High Court in Riyadh. His pleading got the driver off.As he was leaving, a Court Usher asked him to come and see the Judge. He was, you may believe somewhat apprehensive.He was ushered into a large very ornate office, and the Judge removed his wig. It turned out the Judge had been in my friend’s house at school…The Judge offered my friend a drink. Saudi is a dry country, and he was in the High Court. So he asked for an orange juice. The Judge said:“I mean a REAL drink and pressed a button. One whole wall disappeared, and there was an enormous, well stocked bar, in the High Court in the capital of Saudi Arabia.2 days later , my friend was delivered home, held up by 2 Saudi police men. He was well and truly pissed. The wife was terrified. Penalties for drinking and drunkenness are and were draconian…..The only penalty was that he had to buy his drinks from the High Court Judge in future.Should you think this a fair or equal country, think again. What racial grouping you are matters more than anywhere else. If you are a Saudi, you can walk on water. Lesser Arabs are second rank, Westerners are a gullible over worked third. Chinese and Indians are a despised and put upon fourth, and God help whatever your snowballs want to call very dark skinned people now.You play by their rules and you will be OK, and indeed well treated. Transgress and may your god have mercy, as they play very hardball. It is a very different culture from the West, with its own rules and attitudes, and a tremendous amount of self belief.

Why Saudi Arabia is extremely backward?


Westerns can-do understand the mantality of other cultures. However, the Saudi issue isn't cultural based, but rather about political formation. The political flaws, and the greed of those royal family members, are wrapped together under the name " culture " or " Islam" , when in reality, the only issue about Saudi Arabia is that it wants to hide its backwardness behind religion.

Many Saudi activites, who are coming from religious background, have said the same thing I am saying right now; The gov is extremely backward.

Not to mention, that this " what so called islamic country" is pro West against other Islamic nations, which is highly forbidden in Islam. Not to mention also, its secret ally with the illegal state " Israel."

Finally, Saudi Arabia does not have a constitutions at all. The Sharia is only a cover up. The Sharia doesnt allow usury in banks, but Saudi does.

Finally finally, Saudi Arabia is NOT ONLY backward in the stand

Where can I find the cheapest plane tickets to travel 1 way from the US to Saudi Arabia?

one way!!!! it seems you got a job there
check this website it is a search engine
but from my experience ask at local travel agents specially owned by Arab or Muslims they will have better deals.

What should I know to be able to accurately represent Saudi Arabia in Model UN?

Well as others have mentioned you should do research on this matter. For the first part you must understand trade and bilateral relations between ksa and China, In 2005 alone, trade increased 59%, allowing Saudi Arabia to overtake Angola as China's largest source of oil for the first time. Saudis also have invested (nearly 1/3 ) in Chinese oil company and refineries. This way ksa is economically dependent on China, thus ksa elicted support on Chinese stance regarding matter of south China Sea.So here is what ksa would do, ksa wouldn't express firm support on the China stance on south China Sea, but would rather encourage peaceful dialogue between Philippines and China, and not recognize PCA for arbitration since it does not have jurisdiction but would support disputes should be settled by the parties directly concerned in accordance with the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC).You should read these article to understand better. Who Supports China in the South China Sea and Why