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Will I Find A Good Job In My Future

Is auto mechanic a good job for the future?

I agree with #1 answer as well. I am about to do an auto mechanic job, and really hope I do get one of 2 offers on the table now.

What should I do for my Future?

Hello, I need some advice...
I'm 21 years old
After finishing college, I did nothing for 2 years. I did apply to some jobs and apprenticeships but never got accepted.
So at 20 I decided to apply to Uni and got it, but I backed out just before because I dont want to do something I woudnt enjoy.

So now I got a job as a chef , which I dont see me doing after 6 months...

I really like doing diffrent things, such as sports, arts , languages, nature, science and more. I like all these things but I dont see a future for myself in any of these, due to lack of education or dedication for one specific subject. Ive thought of doing a lot of diffrent things but I dont have love for any specific job.

My only option right now seems to be working my *** off for 5 years or more,to start a business and I dont even see that happening because life never goes the way you plan it.

I just dont see myself having a good future, I really want too for myself and my parents but its just depressing because I am stuck in this spot that makes me incredibly hopeless.

Should I go to uni? For something I would probably lose interest in...
Work a job I dont want to for 5+ years to start a business?
I just dont know... I would really like some advice.

How come I can't find my future husband?

I never been in love. I am so jealous of my friends who experience this love feeling earlier on and are settled for life.

I am 28 yrs and my biological clock is ticking now. I am getting older and I still can't find my future husband. Does everyone found love in life or ONLY lucky ones find love? I don't want to settle down with just any guy. I want to find love.

I know people say don't look for love but I was not looking for love years ago but now I am and both ways didn't find love.

Am I going to find my future husband?

Do I really have to get good grades to have a good future or at least a good job?

The general rule is YES. The exception is NO, and a big exception. Out of 1000 people that get good grades in school and college, you will find that maybe around 980 have a “good” life and satisfying jobs (nice own home, vacation home, world travel, recent model cars, cultural life, wine and dining, good insurance, college money for their kids, savings for a good retirement, etc), thus are in the middle to upper class. Out of 1000 people with bad grades and thus lower level college or no college at all, you will find that 980 do not have a “good” life. They have a decent life, they get by, but you can’t call it “good” and much less that they have satisfying jobs, thus they have a typical working-class life. Most work for the money and that’s it, and that’s not truly satisfying. So, can you make it in life with bad grades? Sure you can, but you have to be so good at whatever you do and have high-level soft skills that you make it to that elite group of 20 out of 1000.