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Will I Gain Weight. Im Sorta Scared

How much weight would you lose in a week by eating 600 calories per day?

You can live on zero calories a day if you have enough fat to burn, but let’s be a bit more realistic in our goals, hm?You obviously want to lose weight desperately to go to 600 calories a day. I’m guessing that means you’ve tried other, less severe alternatives already and it hasn’t worked.(Before I continue, let me preface this with: if you are not an adult - if you are younger than 18 years of age - though preferably 20 - you should absolutely not do this. Your body is not finished developing!)Think of a time when you really, really had to pee. Would peeing *just a little* make you feel better and keep you going? No. You needed to hold it until you could get rid of it all!Think of your 600 calories as trying to pee ‘just a little’ to keep your bladder from exploding. Sometimes all or nothing really is better.Rather than go 600 calories a day, try intermittent fasting. It’s where you eat full, normal, healthy meals with lots of fibers and healthy fats! Yes, avocado, olive oil, whole milk - fat is a wonder that we have demonized for way too long.Eat until you are full and satisfied. Then don’t eat again for a prescribed amount of time. I have been doing 16 hours between meals for a while now, but recently I’ve started doing longer, multi-day fasts. If you work yourself into it slowly it’s much, much easier!Once your pre-determined time of not-eating is up, eat again, but eat whole, healthy meals and be full and satisfied.Right now I am having coffee with some whole cream in the morning, and tea or water throughout the day. I follow this for about 4 days, then eat regularly on the weekends with my family since that is when we usually get together for things.If you work yourself into it slowly, let your body adjust, and eat well when you do eat, this is a great and sustainable way to lose weight. You won’t be plagued by hunger, you can be as flexible as you need to if a meal comes up you weren’t expecting but don’t want to turn down (friend shows up unexpectedly, say) and it’s easier than trying to eat ‘just a little’.Again, if you are not an adult, this does NOT apply, non-adult bodies are not ready for fasting. Also, if you have medical conditions, talk to your doctor first. Or, really, talk to your doctor first anyway.

Im scared to eat a cookie?

I am going to my freinds house tommorow and I know for a fact she will be making cookies. Probably chocolate chip or something. And I know I will have to eat them. Bbut dont get my wrong, I want to..but it the feeling after thats awful. I literally think the cookie slides down to my thighs! I used to have anorexia but recovered (Im a healthy weight and eat normally) but its that one thing I still hate-going to a party of someones house and offered a dessert and am literally AFRAID to take a bite! And its not like I dont eat cookies, I like tasty treats, but I am religiously eat and search for healthy alternatives. The other day my madre made healthy peanut butter cookies that I ate! But highly processed ones... Idk. What should I do? How to react?

I gained back the weight I need, and now all I think about is that darn cookie. I think once I take a bite I'll be unhealhty and unfit and just gain more weight!!! D: I thought I was cured. But in reality I know I wont f I eat in moderation and not over consume in calories. But I cant accept that yet. This isnt normal behaviour. IS IT OKAY if I eat my caloric neesd but have a cookie or two?

How and why does abilify make you gain weight?

how and why does abilify make you gain weight?
also i need the percentage of people who gain weight while taking the drug.

im a 17 year old female.
i have an eating disorder.... i take prozac and my psychiatrist also wants me to take abilify (for my moodiness).
i'm starting it tomorrow.
i'm really scared because i dont want to gain weight (my biggest fear at the moment).

if you can answer any of these questions i would REALLY appreciate it.

Why am I scared of losing weight?

1. What if losing fat doesn't fix anything in your life at all?2. What if it "fixes" so much, you didn't even realize people had been treating you badly before?3. What if you have new problems you never even considered?4. What if you try really hard but you fail?5. What if you succeed... but then gain the weight back? So, the first three are basically all about how to handle a new social environment you have no experience in. Remember you have friends and family who will guide you through changes, and they will gradual. If you want to, you could talk to a therapist skilled in body image issues and she or he can help you during the change of how you look to the world.The last two are more about being afraid of failure, and the answer to this is the same courage you've had to muster for any performance in anything since you were a little kid: people love you, try hard, don't get mad at yourself if things go backwards, try hard some more, reward your learning and growth and celebrate small successes with fun times.

Do transgender women ever get uncomfortable wearing women's clothing?

I used to wear a lot more of what would be considered “womens clothing” when I was younger and about 90 lbs lighter. However not everything was physically comfortable. Some of it was more “emotionally comfortable”, or just made me feel more attractive.However over time much of that wardrobe has been phased out for me. It wasn’t just simply the weight gain. Having spent a fair number of years living paycheck to paycheck, any clothing I bought had to be both practical and suitable for work. Work entailed a lot of black slacks, white shirts, for a time white lab coats, sensible shoes (spending 8–9 hrs a day on your feet will do that). My non-work clothes were primarily one pair of jeans and a bunch of polo shirts.Along the way I’ve also had 2 stress fractures in my feet. No more heels for me. Plus my shoe size went from a size 10 1/2–11 (some small degree of stylish options) to a size 12 1/2–13 (have yet to find ANY womens shoes in that size). Being larger has made finding clothes designed for women that fit across my shoulders, with sufficient sleeve length, that fit a fat waist, wide hips and ample derriere near impossible. So for the last several years the bulk of my wardrobe has been mens style khaki cargo pants, white or navy blue polo shirts, and either trail runner shoes or low hikers. Now that I’m retired, I can expand on my color options, but unless and until I can shed a fair amount of weight, my style options remain limited. Which really isn't a problem since a lot of my interests involve time spent outdoors. Mostly alone. And for that I much prefer function over style.Besides, since I’m a woman, any and all clothes that I won and wear are woman’s clothes.

I'm not afraid of dying. Is this normal?

So many people are afraid of dying and are so upset by death. I'm not at all afraid to die. If I were to die right now, it would be fine. I'm not worried about the people around me when I die because I know they'll someday die too and it will all just be a little blip in time. I'm NOT suicidal--I do enjoy life, but I have no apprehensions about death. Is this weird? Is it a bad thing?

I want to go back to weightwatchers but I'm embarrassed by my weight and am scared to go what should I do?

Maybe try the WW on line program?then only you see your weight and you still have other online members for support. I know the success rate isnt as high as the weekly meetings.
The people at WW will not judge you for your weight gain , they will be kind and understanding ..
Best wishes with whatever your choice is


Okay, first off i've been working out for 1 year, and i am sorta big 140lb. it's extremly hard for me at the gym to progress and now im stuck. i thought mabey cretine will help, but i heard its not FDA approved, and im scared to take cretine due to blood pressure risks and liver risks. i dunno. all im on is muscle milk. Im just worried. My other concern is that when i take it for 1 month and then i quit. and i just start using muscle milk instead of cretine will i lose everything?

How do i tell my my mom i m beluimic..

Girlfriend-If you can't talk to your mother about this. I would go and talk to your family doctor about it. I'm 31 years old and I have been told by many doctors that I'm both of them and I started when I was 13. And I haven't stop yet and I'm telling you I have ALOT of health prolbems. I have been told that I'm having the same health prolbems that a person in their 60's are having. That I was told by my doctors. Also just the other day my doctor told if I don't stop I'll be dead before I see my 40th B-DAY. So you do need to talk to someone. I don't want anyone, I do not wish all this pain onto someone. It has made my life a living HELL.