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Will I Have Enough Money

If you had enough money what would you do?

I like to look at houses that are for sale.I’m a dreamer at heart.I have some goals that I hope to meet in my life in the coming years. Looking at nice houses that are for sale serves as good motivation.Well the other day I found what is most certainly the type of house I hope to call my own someday.I have lots of pictures of it to share:This beauty is coming at a cool $1,559,000.So let’s hope this YouTube channel my wife and I are going to start becomes the next big thing.

Do I have enough money for a hamster?

yes, that should be plenty! i have 2 hamsters!

Why does it always feel like you will never make enough money?

Because people always accumulate more things that they have to pay for the more money they make. Think about it, if you made $2000 a month and all your expenses came up to $1900 you're not going to purchase anything new because you only have $100 left over until next month which can't go very far.Now say you get a promotion and now your making $2900 a month. At first, your expenses are still $1900 so that means you now have $1000 left over after you paid all your expenses.Then this thing happens where what we had is no longer good enough. It's psychological. Now you tell yourself that because your paid off Honda is 10 years old and is starting to give MINOR issues you now need to buy a new one. You think about what car to buy. You think about the extra $1000 a month you have left over and say to yourself I always wanted a BMW. You go to the dealership and they tell you the payments will be $400 a month you think this is great you will still have $600 left over after the payments so you purchase the car. Then your insurance goes up as well an extra $100 but you still have $500 left over.You look around your house and see how shabby your furniture is so now you decide to purchase new furniture. You use credit since it's no interest for 2 years and your payments are $150 a month. No big deal because you have $500 left over. Which leaves you with $350 a month.These scenarios keep happening until you are right back to having $100 a month after all your expenses. It's funny how we NEED things once we make more money but were satisfied with these things when we couldn't afford better.The key is to be mindful when you make more money. Ask yourself do you really need that new car right now or can you wait save some money and buy a new one cash? Being mindful will help you do better things with your money like being able to save and invest to get even more money.My favorite thing is to take any extra money I get and use it to make more money. I acquire assests.

Is there enough money in the world for everyone to have enough? If so, how would it affect the economy if everyone did?

Is there enough money in the world for everyone to have enough? If so, how would it affect the economy if everyone did?Money as owned by the common people is nothing more that ones and zeros stored inside computers. Positive and negative numbers. These positive and negative numbers are stored inside banks are the property of the bank. To the extent that negative numbers in the form of loans are stored inside those banker’s computers, future positive income numbers offset negative loan numbers.Economies will always operate. In the age of instant information provided by computer networks buyers and sellers meet one another in an electronic space. Barter economies in the modern age could work. The currency of a barter economy is comprised of products and time.The question itself masks deeper issues. The fundamental issue is human time. Is there enough demand for human time so that everyone is able to earn money. As demand for human time decreases because of automation, where will the jobs come from?Suppose we were to create an economy based upon the value of human time. I invest forty hours per week which established my value in the market. I am the producer of 40 hours of productivity. My time is banked and only converted to money when I have bills to pay. If I need extra money, I pay taxes when my time is monetized. If I need to borrow extra money it is available at zero percent (0%) interest rate.Solve poverty by lending people money and expecting them to pay it back from future monetized time investment. The book “Newland 2084” these topics and proposes a workable solution to Poverty.

How can I buy a house? I don't have enough money for a down payment.?

Bev is correct. Also FHA has 3.5% down loans (but the 3.5% MUST BE YOUR MONEY).

There is NO reason you are not saving something each month.

Recommend a part time job, or more hours at your current.

If you had enough money to live on without working, would you still want to work?

Its interesting to note that most successful and happy people work. Wealthy people who do not work at anything tend to be more depressed and often deprived as well. There are lots of studies and books about why work is important. Even most billionaires continue to work, just not at regular jobs.They work at building wealth and power, while others work to give back like Bill and Malinda Gates are doing now. Many wealthy run charities or become politically engaged.There are also studies that indicate why men used to die sooner than women, when they retired and stopped having meaningful things to do they had no reason to live either. As more women start reaching retirement age some social scientists predict that they too will begin to die sooner after retirement if they do not find meaningful ways to define themselves other than by their careers.Many people who retire young also complain of being bored, often regretting the lack of work and purpose. This is also in part why many people retire and then go back to work after a few years even when they don’t need the money. Its because they need purpose and work often offers that.The real trick is finding work you love so much that you love doing it and it no longer is work to you. Figure out what you love, become and expert at it and people will often pay you for doing what you love. Or find work you can be passionate about and let that be fulfilling for you. Time passes quickly when your having fun, it holds true when your in the right job and doing something you love.

How do you start a business if you don't have enough money?

This is a very general question, so here's my very general answer:- Start another business. One which you do have enough money for.- Invest time instead of money. If you have more time than money, try to choose a business where all you need is time. People with money are often willing to pay money to save time, so shouldn't be too hard to find customers.- Start small. Try to find customers in your vicinity and personal network. Neighbours, friends, family, people you already "do business" with (a restaurant you already visit, etc.).- Pre-sell your product/service. Try to get your customers to pay in advance. This is a real challenge, but probably one of the best ways to validate your business idea.

I want to study abroad, but I do not have enough money. What can I do?

You can apply for a scholarship …I'm from india and I didn't have any money with me when decided to study abroad . After a long search for some scholarships I found so many chances all over the world . I didn't have money and time to prepare for IELTS or any other English proficiency exams. So I couldn't apply for a number of scholarships . But I found Turkey govt. Scholarship (Home - Türkiye Bursları )doesn't need that kind of exams and it's application system is very easy . So I applied for this scholarship . After one month they sent me a message that my application was successful and they invited me for an interview in Delhi. I went there alone after borrowing some money from friends (it's like 2000km away from my home). The interview was very easy for me . After one and half month that beautiful news came to my email .. I was just jumping and dancing when I see that… then I got visa and flight ticket for free ..and ..yup I'm in Turkey… I'm getting a scholarship of 250$ every month besides the food ,accommodation and health insurance. I'm studying well…. Yea . Even poor can study wherever if he have academic caliber.. my dream is studying masters degree in Oxford or Cambridge university. I will study hard until I get a scholarship to study in the no. 1 unv. In the world..In nutshell, you can study anything anywhere if you really want to do it… good luckFind the best scholarship for you from this website