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Will India Be Able To Save The 3rd Test Against England

Who will win the 2nd test match between India & England?

Right now the first day cricket of second test match between India and England is over. Right now India is 319/4. Now the pitch will start breaking and will start spinning more which can favor India. So yes the odds are favoring India right now but will depend on how much India can score in the first inning. Also when India bowls how much the pitch assist with the spin and how much England score in their first innings, whether India will be able to take a lead etc. So there are many unknown factors. So its not safe to say who will win? Probably after third day situation will be more clear.Edit:After second day it is clear that right now India has the upper hand. Spin played its role and also some luck. Right now one thing is clear that toss was important in this match. The pitch will break more and will assist spin more in the coming days. India is in a very good position. So India may win this match unless England do something unexpected.

DEBATE on who is the greatest Indian captain ever:Dhoni or Ganguly?

MBIOF I easily have answer to all your questions.

1.Why ganguly failed to win world cups?
Lol ,in how many world cups did Dhoni captain?answer is 5 so far.And in how many world cups did ganguly lead the team as captain?answer is only 1 & he took the team to finals in that after 20 long years,& as I said that World Cup was in RSA(not favourable conditions for India).

2.Why ganguly failed to make India no.1 in tests & ODIs?
Again u can read this in answers of class of jaguar or desiboy,India were #8 when ganguly became captain,he took them till #2.When Dhoni becomes captain India were already #2,he takes them till #1 but those whitewashes against oz & eng bring them down to #5.

And as far as u saying that ganguly team had great players,no that's totally false.Again read desiboy answer,dravid & Laxman had done nothing of note before he became captain(compare their average before he become captain & after he become captain),& Sachin too was in lean patch.He installed aggressive atti

I need help with a part on my english test 10 points to best answer.?

Im not asking for people just to tell me to "do it myself" or "look it up"

15. What problem does Della face at the start of “The Gift of the Magi”? (Points : 3)
She has wasted all of the money she earned.

She has been able to save very little money.

She owes a woman a great deal of money.

She does not know where she placed all her money.

16. Della’s actions in “The Gift of the Magi” can best be described as (Points : 3)
self-centered and unkind.
generous and thoughtful.
cheating and deceitful.
confused and bewildered.

17. In “The Gift of the Magi,” Della sells __________ in order to be able to afford Jim’s Christmas gift. (Points : 3)
her hair

her watch

her soul

her jewelry

18. In “The Gift of the Magi,” what prompts Jim’s “peculiar expression” when he first returns to their flat on Christmas Eve and sees Della? (Points : 3)
Jim wishes that he had kept her from cutting her hair.
Jim has decided to return the expensive combs.
Jim wonders whether Della knows that her hair has been cut.
Jim cannot believe that she has had her hair cut.

19. At the end of “The Gift of the Magi,” Della learns that Jim (Points : 3)
sold his watch to buy her combs.
does not like Della’s gift to him.
cannot love Della because of her appearance.
likes the way his watch looks with the chain.

20. In “The Gift of the Magi,” why does O. Henry compare Jim and Della to the magi? (Points : 3)
Like the magi, they give selflessly and without thought to receiving.

Like the magi, they are the first people to give Christmas presents.

Like the magi, they have traveled great distances to reach their destination.

Like the magi, they want more than they can ever logically hope to have.