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Will My Sandwich Still Be Ok To Eat

Tuna sandwich left out, safe to eat?

Okay, so i left a tuna sandwich that is still vacuum sealed in its pouch (its those sandwiches u get already packed from a convenience store) out at a rather cool room temp here in San Francisco for about 24 hours. I know it may be stupid to ask, but it looks okay...and I don't think any air can get in there since it is sealed so tightly by the factory. The sell by/expiration on there is November is just the 5th now. Is it still okay to eat? I'm hungry now and it is too late to go out for food lol... :D Thanks. Please just answer the question with some reasoning and not unrelated answers or spam.

Is it safe to eat a tuna sandwich after one day?

If the sandwich was refrigerated, it's still safe. If it was left out for more than two hours, throw it away.

Added: Would you be seriously ill? Oh, you have no idea...

Food poisoning is not to be taken lightly. Even when one does not contract salmonella or botulism, run-of-the-mill food poisoning still sucks...

If you eat that sandwich, there is the strong possibility that you will spend the next three days on the toilet with a bucket between your knees. At some point, you will become so badly dehydrated that your lips will crack and bleed, which just adds to the fun. You will chug a Pepsi, knowing full well it's going to make you throw up... but at this point you won't care. No Pepsi will ever taste as good again. No amount of hunger is worth so much misery.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt...

How long can I leave a jelly sandwich out and still eat it?

I made a jelly sandwich yesterday (just bread and jelly) and brought it to work but didn't eat it and left it there overnight, unrefrigerated. Do you think it's still good to eat today? I know that bread can be left out for days, so the bread should be fine - what about the jelly?

If a rat bit my sandwich bag and took a small bite of my sandwich, will the whole sandwich become contaminated? Is it not safe to eat?

If a rat bit your sandwich, the sandwich is the least of your problems!  In all seriousness, the whole sandwich should be discarded. You cannot be certain the rat did not crawl up on the rest of your sandwich with his little rat paws or his little rat tail didn't rub up on your sandwich as the rat scurried away in search of the other goodies in your lunch bag.

Is it ok to eat a Subway sandwich that has been sitting out all night?

I would not eat that. Anything left at between 41-135 degrees for more than 4 hours can produce pathogen (illness causing bacteria) at a rapid rate. Meat is very prone to doing this. Chicken is the worst so my advice is I would not eat it. If you do you might have a long date with your toilet all night. You can go on ServSafe to check my info. I'm a culinary student and we have to learn food safety in college.

Is it okay to eat a subway tuna sandwich, a day later?

The sandwich may be a little bit soggy, but it should still be edible, especially if it's been refrigerated. Also, certain condiments that you may have added to it, like peppers or olives, will have developed a stronger taste in the sandwich, or lettuce which may have gotten soggy. Eat up though! Don't waste a sandwich! It definitely will not be hazardous to your health, even if ti's been left out.

What would happen if I only ate sandwiches for 30 days?

If they contain lean meats and not processed lunch meats, if you use whole grain breads for your sandwiches and you stuff them with tomatoes, various greens, sliced cucumbers, etc. you should be fine.  Max out with four slices bread. If you opt for a grilled cheese add bacon and tomato.  Don’t just eat a protein, condiment and bread.

Is a 2 day old tuna and mayo sandwich safe to eat if its been refrigerated?

I would agree with all of the responses below. If you made it and it has been refrigerated then its OK.However, your bread may turn mushy.Be certain to smell the sandwich. The mixture of fish and mayonnaise if it smell funny or is foul smelling then NO DO NOT Eat it.Any store bought sandwich I would toss it if you didn’t eat it on the same day. Better safe than sorry.

How long can I keep a Subway sandwich before I eat it?

If it was a cold sandwich and you refrigerated it within two hours, it should be good for 48 hours max.

If it was a hot sandwich, it gets kind of tricky and I wouldn't recommended eating it after two hours.

For it to be safe to eat after that, you would have had to make sure all of the contents went from being hot to refrigerated temp (below 41 degrees) within two hours and would have to reheat the whole thing (veggies, dressings included since they touched the hot meat) to above 140 degrees, which would taste pretty bad.

These are the FDA recommendations and are therefor the most cautious times.