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Will Obama Ever Take Some Initiative And Phone Up Boehner

Whom do Republicans hate more, Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama?

Obama now, Hillary if she is elected the next president. Seriously, though, could you REALLY stomach looking into the hang-dog droopy-eyed phizog of Ted Cruz for the next 4 years? Talk about "egotistical"? How could any president work with an opposition that vowed to defeat him at every turn? "On Jan. 27, 2009, House Republican leader John Boehner opened his weekly conference meeting with an announcement: Obama would make his first visit to the Capitol around noon, to meet exclusively with Republicans about his economic-recovery plan. 'We’re looking forward to the President’s visit,' Boehner said."The niceties ended there, as Boehner turned to the $815 billion stimulus bill that House Democrats had just unveiled. Boehner complained that it would spend too much, too late, on too many Democratic goodies. He urged his members to trash it on cable, on YouTube, on the House floor: 'It’s another run-of-the-mill, undisciplined, cumbersome, wasteful Washington spending bill … I hope everyone here will join me in voting no!' "“It was stunning that we’d set this up and, before hearing from the President, they’d say they were going to oppose this,” Axelrod says. “Our feeling was, we were dealing with a potential disaster of epic proportions that demanded cooperation. If anything was a signal of what the next two years would be like, it was that.” "Vice President Biden told me that during the transition, he was warned not to expect any bipartisan cooperation on major votes. 'I spoke to seven different Republican Senators who said, "Joe, I’m not going to be able to help you on anything," ' "The Party of No: New Details on the GOP Plot to Obstruct Obama | TIME.comNo sir, the hand was extended MULTIPLE times by the Obama administration, but the Republican leadership had a priori conspired to obstruct everything the Obama administration tried to do, even when/if it was beneficial to the country and to the Republicans themselves to do so. Eight more years of Hillary might scare you to death, and I'm not too thrilled about it either. But ANY more years of the Republican status quo scares the living hell out of me!

Is Michelle Obama taking on nutrition somehow different from Laura Bush taking on literacy?

Healthy Hunger-Free Kids has to do with government sponsored public school lunch programs, not laws controlling what people can buy in the stores. If you don't want your kid eating school lunches: don't have them eating school lunches. They are free to have five Twinkies for lunch. Anyway, GW Bush signed laws for government literacy standards in those same schools, which stand today. Schools have to abide by them.

Why did executive orders become so controversial all of sudden? Obama has issued fewer executive orders than?

My God, are you really so stupid that you believe that this 0bama has issued fewer executive orders than any other president in the last 100 years????????

It is past time you stopped listening to your liberal leaders lies, and study up on the truth facts.

Shouldn't we be talking about Obama doing Oprah and attending 3 different fundraisers today?

Yes, he had those important things to do today. He's taking a break from his vacations.

Is America just about finished?

It really is starting to seem like we can't save our country anymore. It really seemed like Romney would win and we could maybe get back on track, but the libs managed to fix that election by getting a bunch of dumb people to vote with false promises and accusations. We are reaching a point where more people would rather sit around and collect welfare than work for a living. People are now calling for bans on fire arms, the debt limit will continue to sky rocket due to wasteful spending by Obama for another 4 years. Illegal immigrants will continue to pour into our borders and make the border states third world like conditions. Our military will be severely crippled and China/Russia will be able to have a chance to have a stronger military. Kids will continue to get dumber and dumber since they get all their politics from Family Guy and John Stewart, then move to college to be brainwashed by professors. Are we screwed? Hillary clinton will probably be the next president just for the sake of electing the first woman president. Droves of people who don't give a damn about politics and would never vote otherwise will show up and vote, just like Obama. Is America lost?